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-12/F- /D- dated 17/02/2019

Regional Office(Gujarat
235-239,2nd Floor,Supermall-01
Above HDFC Finance,Infocity

Subject: Four laning with Paved Shoulder Porbandar-Dwarka section of NH8E (Extn.)
from km. 356.766 (Design chainage km 379.100) to km 473.000 (Design
chainage km 496.848) in the State of Gujarat through Public Private
Partnership (PPP) on Hybrid(Annuity) Mode – Regarding New-construction
of existing Medha Creek Bridge @ Ch. 433+347 (CA Ch. 433+276)

Ref.: (1) PIU Letter Ref: NHAI/PIU-Dwarka/2018/Por.-Dwarka/Tech./Vol.-10/F-

149/D-802 dated 19/11/2018
(2) Concessionaire Letter Ref: PDEPL/2018/PO-DK/1556 dated 16/11/2018
(3) Our Office Letter Ref: NHAI/2018/PIU-Dwarka/Porb.-Dwarka/Tech./Vol.-
08/F-277/D- 614 dated 18/09/2018
(4) IE Letter Ref: AA/PBDK/PIU-Devbhumidwarka/2127/18-19/615 dated
(5) Meeting at Vadodara on 08/09/2018 with MoS,MORTH,S,C&F and
Member (P)
(6) IE Letter Ref: AA/PBDK/PIU-Devbhumidwarka/2127/18-19/417 dated


This is regarding the existing Medha Creek Bridge (RCC arch type) having
span of 831.1M.The bridge is in dilapidated condition and load restriction as well as
speed restriction has been imposed on the bridge after NDT test result
Further with reference to IE letter cited in Ref. no. (6) the existing Medha
Creek Bridge (RCC Arch type) having span of 831.1M needed immediate attention to
ascertain the structural condition of the bridge. This issue was discussed at a
meeting with MoS and Member (P) at Vadodara on 08.09.2018.

IE vide its letter cited at above cited Ref. no. (4) submitted its Senor Bridge
Design Engineer’s report on the condition of the existing bridge, found all structural
parts in dilapidated condition and advised to go for full scale NDT to ascertain the
capacity and its effective function in near future.

PIU advised the Concessionaire vide its letter at Ref: (3) to carry out full scale NDT
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as suggested by Bridge Expert of IE. Concessionaire conducted NDT tests by an
Independent Agency and submitted its results vide its letter Ref: (2). NDT tests
indicated that the life of the existing bridge is almost over and that a new bridge
should be constructed at the earliest.

The construction of new bridge at Chainage 433+267 was discussed in the meeting
held under the chairmanship of Hon’able MoS,MORTH,S,C&F, at Transport Bhawan
0n 27.12.2018 and attended by Member(P),CGM(Tech) Hq
NHAI,CGM(Tech.)/RO(Gujarat) it was directed by Hon’able MOS,MORTH,S,C&F to
construct new bridge at that location.

In the meeting held at NHAI HQ on 11.1.2019 it was agreed that the construction of
new bridge in place of existing bridge shall be taken up through a standalone work
through separate tender.

The cost of construction of new bridge is approximately 62.70 crores and the
concessionaire is working on the same location constructing the bridge on upstream
side of the creek. It would be better to allow the same contractor to work on this
bridge under COS and the total COS cost (including the bridge) is within 10% of the
bid project cost..Contractor is ready to do the work and expected to complete the
work within the time frame given to him.
Inviting tender for construction of this bridge as stand alone project will be
time consuming process and project may get delayed and finally toll collection will be

Keeping in view of the above and satisfactory performance of the Concessionaire,

the bridge may be constructed by PDEPL and may be included in final COS.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully

Pankaj Kumar Roy

Project Director

Copy to:

1. Shri S.S Jha ,GM(Tech.) NHAI HQ,G-5&G-6,Dwarka,New Delhi-110075:for

information please.

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