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IOT Based Online Messaging System

Our Project Online Messaging System is based on IOT in which sender sends the data through remote over
Internet and benefits of this Messaging System are Real-Time Communication, convenient ,cost saving and
team building. Online Messaging System is a type of online message display system that offers real-time
text transmission over the Internet. The Internet of things means a network of physical things sending,
receiving or communicating information using the internet or other communication technologies & network
just as computer, mobile, tablets do and thus enabling the monitoring, coordinating or controlling process
across the internet. IOT is a vision where things become smart and function like a living entity by sensing,
computing & communicating through embedded system.

Hardware Used:-
1. Arduino UNO Microcontroller Board
2. 16x2 LCD
3. Buzzer
4. ESP 8266

IOT , Online Messaging , Arduino UNO , Physical Things, Communication Technology.

Technology Used:-
 Front End
1. Embedded C
3. Web Services
 Back End
1. My SQL Database

Team Members:-
1. Sheetal Gupta(0829CS161123)
2. Simran Yadav(0829CS161139)

Guide Name:-

Mrs. Poonam Khandelwal