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[08:03, 1/28/2019] +91 76489 02658: As I see , this group is named young army...

An army is needed
both for deterrence and fighting your enemy... But does this army of Sanatan dharma dhwajis know who
it's enemy is?

Are they just semitic people or a bunch of leftists, dayanandis, pseudo buddhist, pseudo babas ,and all
those trying to demean our dharma??

Let's start with the enemy within, first the dayanandis.(famous as Arya samajis)

These dayanandis are followers of Dayanand. Dayanand managed to achieve what ghaznavi and
Muhammad ghori failed to achieve.

[08:14, 1/28/2019] +91 76489 02658: British tried to divide India and Indians at every possible point.
South -north, dalit-uppercast, Brahmins-untouchables , Congress-non Congress, high born-low born, rich
upper class , middle class ,lower class and what not.. (the concept of first class, second class in education
etc was also introduced in India for the first time by them)

In same line this British stooge Dayanand further divided the deshbhakta Hindus. The traditions
defending which our ancestors sacrificed their lives, families and everything those very traditions were
declared avaidik by that British stooge.

[08:31, 1/28/2019] +91 76489 02658: Even after losing everything Brahmins upheld the Vedic Achar, the
shraut smartha parampara and kept the ved shastras intact for the future generations to come. Those
very Brahmins were deemed as avaidik by this British stooge.

He made his own books in name of vedas and propagated them as true veda like a semitic Book!!! Firstly
Mantra means "manah trayate iti mantrah", every body has a different manah that's why meaning of
Mantra would be different for every individual depending on satva,rajas and tamogun , which can only
be known through personal Anubhuti. For this personal Anubhuti of mantrartha , Acharyas have
presented bhashyas on veda Mantra in archaic sanskrit language but never translated them. Because
vedas can not be read as if a book but could only be learnt through gurumukh. This is shraut parampara.

Dayanand in garb of a Sanyasi successfully killed this shraut parampara and made our Shruti a mere

Dayanand invited theosophical society ,a mlechha Cristian organisation to India, to work for upliftment
of fallen indian idol worshippers.

[08:48, 1/28/2019] +91 76489 02658: Dayanand refused to eat food touched by Idolator Brahmins but
preferred to dine with gobhakshi mlechhas!!!

In name of satyarthpraksh he blabbered only asatya! He said that vigrahopasana started due to Jain's
and buddhist after Gupta Era!! But now we have archaeological proofs with us. In 1920s shivlingams
were found in what we call Harappa-mohanjodaro Dated 3000-2500BC ,a Vishnu idol is recently
discovered in Vietnam dated 2000BC, we have now ruins of underwater dwarkapuri and a lot more.

This exposes the asatya of dharma dveshi Dayanand.

He said ShrimadBhagwat mahapuran was created by Brahmins after Gupta era to lure Jains and bauddh
towards them, but now we have Garuda stambha of Vidisha the heliodorus column, proclaiming the
conversion of heliodorus the Greek to Bhagwat Dharma dated 200BC (discovered in 1980s). We have
Mauryan age Balram Murti (at harisingh gaur University archaeological dept., Sagar), quotes of Vasudev
balbhadra Upasana by Panini Chanakya bhasa Dandi bhavbhuti etc etc along with our enormous puranik
and sutra literature.. but murkha Dayanand deemed all these things untrue!!!!! Just because his British
masters wanted that. He abused exalted Vaishnav Acharyas and all sanatani Brahmins, traditions of
Sanatan dharma, in 90%of his works.

All sanatani bandhus need to know this and should be beware of their propaganda.

[08:51, 1/28/2019] +91 76489 02658: These are some books in hindi very well exposing dayanandis

Pratyaksha needs no praman miss😂😂. It is self evident. But One thing I find absurd with dayanandis
that they don't study their own literature and blindly follow that dharma dveshi.

Ask yourself why Dayanand propagated asatya in name of Satya that vigrahopasana started after Jain
and buddhist during Gupta era??

Why he went against age old tradition of treating Agam-nigam as equally important , prevalent in our

What made him abuse all previous Acharyas??

What made him abuse all Brahmins who have preserved vedaadi shastras sacrificing their lives???



It's documented that British helped him in that !!!!!

He vomited poison against Bhagwat purana and Vaishnav Acharyas and called it a creation on Brahmins
during 5th century to lure jainis and bauddhs but now we have historical proof of Bhagwat Dharm!!!
Ask your self what made him spit such venom???

What made him call theosophical society a Christian missionary organisation to India ?

Read his letters...

Beware of dayanandis. They are no Hindus but mlechhas in garb of hindus.

Unity with mlechhas is of no use Swamy. What we are defending, what our ancestors died defending,
dayanandi mlechhas are against that very thing.

For this dayanandis must accept that their beloved dayanand propagated asatya in name of Satya Arth

For this dayanandis must accept that Dayanand was against age old Bhartiya tradition and was utterly
wrong to abuse Brahmins defending it!!

They must accept that dayanand was a dharma virodhi and parampara virodhi liar.

Let dayanandis accept the SATYA first that Dayanand created "theosophical society of Arya samaj" ...

They must accept that satyarthprakash didn't have anything against semitic religions till dayanand was

They must study their own books first.....

They must accept that dayanand was a shrauta parampara virodhi and tried to present Shruti parak
vedas as mere books!!!(similar to Bible of his masters)

[10:47, 1/28/2019] +91 76489 02658: They must accept that dayanand was at fault to abuse Vaishnav-
shaiv Acharyas, Purva bhashyakars of vedas...

[10:50, 1/28/2019] +91 76489 02658: Otherwise they can not be and should not be accepted as hindus
but only mlechha praya!!!

Mlechhas being polluter of dharma can not be included in dharmik sambhranta samaj.
These people should be out rightly boycotted!!!!!

No other way available....

We don't need mlechhas to fight for us. Our ancestors stood for Satya all alone so should we...