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Puruple Notes 3.0

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A.National Territory 1.What are included in the national territory
1.Archipelagic of the Philippines?
Doctrine 2.By dropping the phrase belonging to the
Philippines by historic right or legal title, did
the Constitution in effect drop the Philippine
claim to Sabah?
3.What is the archipelagic doctrine?
4.What are the methods in determining the
territorial sea?

B.State Immunity 1.Discuss the principle of state immunity.

2.May this principle be invoked by other
3.What determines if the suit is against the
4.May there be a waiver of state immunity?
5.How may the state give its express consent
to be sued?
6.How may the state give its implied consent
to be sued?
7.What is the scope of the consent that may
be given by the state?
C.General Principles 1.What is the foreign policy of the
& State Policies Philippines?
2.May the Philippines declare war?
3.Discuss the methods of adoption of
general principles of intrnation laws into the
local laws of the Philippines.
4.What is civilian supremacy and basis.
5.Are members of the AFP triable by regular

D.Separation of 1.Doctrine of separation of church & state &

Powers its consequences.
2.What is blending of powers.

E.Checks & Balances 1.What is the principle of checks and


F.Delegation of 1.Rule on delegation of powers.

Puruple Notes 3.0

Powers 2.When is delegation permissible?

3.What are the tests for valid delegation?

G.Forms of 1.Classification of Government as to

Government legitimacy.