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The domestic sale of Chemical for Southern Region was approximately MT during August-2018

Sale of Chemicals in August 2018:-

(In MT)
AH-10 CA-10 NSPH NSPL Total
2156 1163 526 0 3845

Pending DI of Southern Region as on 01.09.2018 is approx. MT

AH-10 : 436 MT

CA-10 : 334 MT

Special Hydrate : 122 MT

M/s.Saint-Gobain India Pvt Ltd, Glass division has tested our AH-10 sample and satisfied with the product
quality. They have scheduled visit to our refinery during September-2018 1st week. Upon successful line trial
AH-10 can be used manufacturing of glass. Their initial monthly requirement will be 100 MT and the same
can go up to 300 MT per month with full capacity utilisation.

The sale of Chemical will be highly difficult to increase substantially with the existing despatch capacity
because of delay in despatch and lack of assurance for supply of material within stipulated time. Unless the
despatch issue is addressed proactively, it’s very difficult to retain existing customers and to approach new
customers for supply of Chemical.

Due to continuous delay in despatch of material, customers are highly dissatisfied with our service. Regular
customers have started sourcing part of their requirement from Hindalco to mitigate the delay in despatch of
material from NALCO.

Unless the despatch issue of Refinery is addressed proactively, we may not be able to retain domestic
chemical customers for long and end up losing all domestic customers to our competitors and it will be very
difficult to reverse the same.