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Want to build better commu-

nity with your neighbors?

Come to the table! Here are
some suggested reads around
this subject:

The Turquoise Table:

Finding Community
and Connection in your
own Front Yard

by Kristin Shell

A Meal with Jesus: Dis-

covering Grace, Com-
munity, and Mission
Around the Table

By Tim Chester

The Art of Neighbor- –

ing: Building Genuine
Relationships Right
Outside your Door

By Jay Pathak and

Dave Runyon
Making Room: Recov- -
ering Hospitality as a
Christian Tradition

By Christine Pohl

The Simplest Way to

Change the World:
Biblical Hospitality as
Way of Life -
By Dustin Willis and
Brandon Clements

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· Sharing the Love of Christ with the least, the lost, and the left out… immigrants, displaced peoples, the
lonely, the abandoned, those who need a friend. Walking alongside our neighbors.

· Nurturing and developing people to be healthy spiritually, physically, emotionally, and relationally - because
“care” is not just an emotional feeling word, “care” is a verb - an action. That’s what we’re about - developing
and caring for people so they can live into their unique design and God-given purpose.
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