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Request for Acceptance letter for Ph.D.

Respected sir/mam
his/her name

I am XYZ from Pakistan. I have done my M.Sc. (Hons.) in the field of XYZ from
University XYZ D I KHAN a well-known University in Pakistan and in the World.
I’m interested in pursuing Ph.D. at your prestigious University. I hope you don’t mind
getting in touch; I would like to inquire if you currently accepting students in your research group
for PhD. I have gone through your profile and found that your research areas are well matching to
my interest.
I am solely interested in doing Ph.D. under your supervision, all the expense of my research
will be sponsored by Chinese government scholarship or any other available scholarship at your
university or if you have any research funding’s. So kindly guide me about those too.
I have prepared all the required documents. It will enhance my chances of scholarship if I
am able to get the acceptance from you, If you need any other information please let me know, I
would be glad to furnish the same.
Thanking in Anticipation.

University name
City name, Pakistan