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hausse on the stock market and almost all
a stockbrokers become millionaires over a

anustova (noun) anus knot NOTE Means a night.

twisted knot of ass hair and shit keeping it

together. Example: "I wanna suck and chew
your anus knot and taste your dried shit to cola (noun) Coke NOTE Cocaine.
make you horny." Often used in fore play in
cruel in the sky ‡ something really good NOTE
The phrase are actually the name of a well

b known rock-group from sweden, and they

were really really good.
baconpugga (fem. noun.) ‡ piggish fucked-the-
shit-out-of bitch NOTE Used frequently in d
Västerbotten in northern Sweden.:- Satte du
dajmkryss. † Anal entry NOTE Something to say
verkligen på den djävla baconpuggan?:- Did
to a person you don't like: -Ditt jävla
you really fuck that bloody piggish fucked-the-
dajmkryss!!:-you fucking anal entry!!
shit-out-of bitch?
ditt jävla såll you´re fucking behind my back
bajdyna (noun) † Bottom NOTE Literal
DMFare ‡ a very positive word for a person(i.e
translation: Shit-cushion. Originates from the
intelligent, good-looking, nice, cool etc.) NOTE
Swedish word for seat-cushion (sittdyna).
Originates from a group of youngsters in
bakmusad back pussyed
Lund who had these traits.
brass marijuana (n.) NOTE Commonly used by
teens. See also: majja f
bryna på (verb) † have anal sexual intercourse
fan † devil NOTE used frequently as an
NOTE Unknown origin. Used about the active
equivalent for everything from "damn" to
part. Eg. Han bryna' på'na (He fucked her
"shit": Vad fan gör du? What the hell are you
brön (noun) † Tits NOTE Literal translation:
fesljummen fartlukewarm NOTE En fesljummen
Bread. Unknown origin.
vodka - A lukewarm vodka
bög (m., noun) gay, fagot NOTE male
fingerpulla (verb) † finger fuck NOTE example:
fingerpulla hon (fitta)/ finger her (pussy)
bögslunga (noun) Handbag for men NOTE
Literal translation: Fag-sling. Orginates from
the idea that homosexual men swing their fitta † pussy

handbag (as if heterosexual men doesn't). fittafis (fittafis) † queif, pussyfart NOTE The

börsmoppe (noun) Porsche NOTE Literal sound of air going out of her pussy during

translation: Stock exchange moped. sex, especially doggystyle

Originates from the 80's when it was a

fittansikte † pussy face NOTE You don't need göka (verb) † Sexual intercourse (vaginal or
one. This is not polite. anal) NOTE Unknown origin.

fittslickare! † pussy licker NOTE Use when you göra en Persson (phrase) To lie about one's
want to insult a male person: -Din jävla academic examina two weeks before one is
fittslickare!Du är helt körd! -You fucking pussy to be elected leader of the Socialdemocratic
licker!You are totally wasted! Party and become the prime minister of

fittsås (noun) ‡ Secretion from hypogastrium Sweden NOTE Literal translation: To do a

NOTE [fitsauce] Mostly used as an Persson. Originates from the Swedish

interjectional swear-word. Literal translation: minister of finance Mr Göran Person.

Pussy-sauce. göra en sahlinare (phrase) To buy Toblerones

fjolla (noun) Gay NOTE The word originally and napkins with the government's credit

means a foolish (silly) woman, a goose. card. NOTE Literal translation: To do a Sahlin.

Nowadays it's also used about a homosexual Originates from the former vice prime minister

man who acts feminine. Mrs Mona Sahlin's affair that caused her
resignation two months before she was to
fladdermus A female bitch who fucks everyone
become the prime minister of Sweden.
NOTE Originates from the word mus=pussy
Direct translation: A pussy that flies around
and fucks anything. Used by male friends
about questionable girls. hala trappor (phrase) slippery stairs NOTE

flata (noun) Dyke NOTE Homosexual woman. Refers to the snail-tracks that occur in some

Unknown origin. Eg. Flatan slog ner killen nightclubs. Eg. Det stället har hala trappor.

som bjöd upp henne (The dyke hit the guy That place has slippery stairs.

who asked her to dance with him). handjobb (n.) hand job NOTE also:

flänsost dick cheese NOTE What you get when masturbering

not had a shower for a long time. handtralla to jerk off NOTE Archaic. Used in

fulla helvete (n.) † fucking bitch; ugly bitch 'Dra en handtralla'. Lit. means (railway)trolley.

hane hane (weener) NOTE It´s the thing that

g sometimes sticks out of your underwares
when you think of Pamela Anderson's titts.
giftbrun ‡ toxic pussy NOTE Use when you want
Det rycker lite i hanen (my weener is
tell a male person to not touch a girl. Whatch
up! She have an toxic pussy = Akta dig hon
är en giftbrunn! Its very insulting to say that helvete hell NOTE Used as in: Dra t helvete! Go

word to an female... to Hell!

Goastocken i köttarännan The big dick in the Helvete † Hell

flesh-entry Hon är inte helt ny She isn't very new NOTE If

gummihatt (noun) rubber NOTE literal you are drunk and meet a the most beautiful

translation=rubber hat
girl and the morning after you realise: this kronjon (noun) idiot, moron NOTE Used to
bitch is a hundered years old! describe a person who is extremely stupid.

hora, Victoria ‡ prostitute Ex.

hynda † bitch/female bad dog NOTE Used kuk † cock

mostly by males to express their disliking kukhuvud (noun) ‡ Dick head NOTE The word
about a female. is used for glans or as an insult. Eg. Ditt

hövmäl (noun, c.) Stupid man. dumma kukhuvud! (You stupid dick head!)

kuksås (noun) ‡ Sperm NOTE Literal

i translation: Dick-sauce

innerfitterött Inner pussy red NOTE Shade of kåt † horny NOTE It´s when you need to take

color, refers to the deep pink color inside your lady/man no reasons what, you´re just

vagina very, very horny

j l
java (noun) Coffee NOTE Originates from Java Lok (noun) Pederast NOTE Literal translation:

where coffee is grown. Railway engine. Originates from the

incredible popular TV host Loket.
jidder † crap, bullshit. NOTE slang to describe
what a "bullshiter" is shiting out.
jonna (verb) bike NOTE Old Stockholm-slang.
Unknown origin. majja (n.) marijuana NOTE Commonly used by
teens. See also: brass
jonne (noun) Bicycle NOTE Old Stockholm-
slang. Unknown origin. mus † vagina, "pussy", lit. "mouse" NOTE Used
by both men and women.
jucka (verb) † to fuck NOTE Old Swedish word
for jolt, jog, bop, rock, jump up and down or a mutta cunt

movement back and forth.

k noll-åtta † Bad word for a person from

klitta (noun) † Slang for clitoris Stockholm NOTE Originates from the
phonecode for Stockhom which is 08. You
knulla † fuck NOTE This word has only the
say "noll" as written and "åtta" sounds like the
meaning of the physical act.
first part of "Ottawa". Example: -John is a
Knulla Handen Fucking the hand NOTE
Masturbating. To fuck your own hand.

knöllare (knoellare) † fucker, dick NOTE o

nickname for dick, like in: it itching on my
orre Babe (good looking) NOTE kolla orren.
Check out that babe. "Rinkeby" slang.
konkelbär NOTE See: anustova
Rena Jurasic Park! † Fuckin' Jurasic Park
p NOTE A girl besides you after a nights heavy
packa skit (verb) Having anal intercourse NOTE drinking. See also ²Hon är inte helt ny.²
Literal translation: Pack shit. runka to jerk off
parkera bussen (verb) fuck NOTE Literally rännskita (noun) † diarrhoea NOTE Literal
meaning; Parking the bus. Eg. Parkera translation: Running butt. Ränn is dialect for
bussen i pastejköket. Parking the bus in the rinna (run, flow, stream etc.)
räpa (noun) ‡ bush bitch NOTE Equal to
pippa Sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal) Jurassic Park, or what you might find there.
NOTE Unknown origin.
röv (noun) ass
pissa taggtråd (verb) To piss barbed wires.
rövgöka mig för fan Get your cock up in my
NOTE Means that one has clamydia. As
chocolate highway, damn it
example: "Fan, nu pissar jag taggtråd igen.
rövhål (noun) Anus NOTE Literal translation:
Jag skulle inte satt på räpan."="Damn, now I
Ass hole. Can also be used about persons.
am pissing barbed wires again, I should not
Eg. Han ar ett rövhål (He is an ass hole)
have made love to that darling".
rövskägg (buttbeard) A furr of hair that´s
PKHS (abb.) † Tit-fuck with chin-spray NOTE
hanging out of your butt.
Abbreviation of Pattknull med haksprut.
Rövskägg A furr of hair that´s hanging out of
plurret (noun) The sea/ocean/water NOTE Old
your butt.
Stockholm-slang. Unknown origin. Eg. Han
ramla' i plurre'! (He fell into the water). rövsmör When you are hot in your pants, and it
feels like butter NOTE or like, when you're
Pojkros (noun) A young boy's ass hole NOTE
having problems whith your digestives and
Literal translation: A boy's rose. Used among
you tryes to fart and somethings quite
different than air comes out in your
pugga (noun) Old homosexual male NOTE
Mostly used among gay people.

pälsbiff (pälsbiffen) pussy NOTE Fur-steake,or a s

pussy with very much hair on.
satan † devil NOTE Used like "damn" or "fuck".
pälsbiff (pälsbiffen) pussy NOTE Fur-steake, or
Stronger than "fan". Can be used alone as as
a pussy with very much hair on. Commanly
interjection, or in combination with other
phrase connected with the other female parts.
curses, e.g. "Satans helvete!"
Pälsbiff pussy NOTE Fur-steake,or a very hairy
SFCare ‡ Equivalent with "DMFare" NOTE
Another group of youngsters...

r skit crap NOTE Sounds like "shit" but only as

strong as "crap".
skita (verb) crap; don't care NOTE Jag skitar i stolle-bocke-fjong (noun) giant hard on NOTE
vad han säger (lit., "I crap in what he says") / no need to make a comment.
I don't care what he says stolle-bocke-fjong (noun) giant hard on NOTE
Skitpackare ‡ Shit-packers NOTE Used to no need to make a comment.
homosexual men. strumpa (verb) masturbate NOTE Strumpa
slatcha † fuck NOTE Killen slatchade bruden. really means stocking, and refers to where
The guy fucked the babe. "Rinkeby" slang. you sprout your sperms when masturbating.

slyna † bitch NOTE -din djävla slyna! in case of Example: Jag gjorde en strumpa i morse. I

need to insult girl/boyfriend or slow busdriver did the stocking this morning

like:-Kör fortare din jävla slyna! Can be used stötarröv push butt NOTE Tjean Stötarröven!
also between near friends who like to call Hello Push butt! When you talk to someone
eachothers something else than their real and just want to call him/her something not so
surnames. polite

snaska kotte penis-sucking NOTE speaks for subba (fem.noun.) Fat fucking bitch
itself! Sug min kuk! (phrase) Suck my dick!
snopp (noun) Dick NOTE Mostly used among sur-fjas acid pussy NOTE Used for calling girls
children. Unknown origin something bad. "You're a damn acid pussy
snoppfälla (snoppfällan) pussy NOTE dicktrap, (surfjas)". Also good for addressing men.
or a female person that's very horny(or sätta på (verb) † sexual intercourse (vaginal or
prostituted) anal) NOTE Literal translation: Put on. Used
Snorbobba snot NOTE (Snoor-Bobba) about the active part. Eg. Han satte på henne
Pronounced as two words The green and (He fucked her).
sticky version that's nearly impossible to get
rid of t
sprutluder cum whore NOTE Sometimes used tagg (noun) Cigarette NOTE Literal translation:
for describing a a worn-out horny whore Prickle. Old Stockholm-slang. Unknown
leaving slimy snail tracks behind her. Like: origin. Eg. Har'u en tagg? (Can I have a
"Ditt jävla sprutluder", which you address cigarette, please?)
your bitch you picked up, after you fucked her
tokjucka fuck crazily NOTE Tokjucka så
up, and threw a towel at her.
skinkorna går i hundraåttio = Fuck crazily so
spännbög ‡ strap faggot that the cheeks of your butt goes in 180 km/h.
stjärt, rumpa Butt, ass NOTE Common word This can be used if you want to tell a friend
especially when you want say something to a how you fucked.
girl named Victoria Torrjucka † Dry fuck NOTE Speaks for it self....
Stjärthål (noun) NOTE See: Rövhål traskpadda (noun) swamp frog NOTE example:
stock (stock) log, timber NOTE nickname for Håll kaften traskpadda
dick, like: bend over bitch and taste my log
trugpitt ? NOTE penis not gettin' inside (male

tulle ‡ Homosexual NOTE A very strong word.

Originates from the family- name of a famous

tuttar (noun) Tits NOTE Unknown origin.

tveksamma handleder (expression)

Homosexual NOTE Literal translation: Doubtful
wrists. Used about male homosexuals.