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Offshore oil and gas

Services and solutions

Where will our knowledge take you? Contents 1: Environmental assessment
and consenting
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2: Environmental information services

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3: Offshore design support
4: Metocean information services
5: Marine integrity monitoring 7
6: Managing technical risk
7: Specialist vessel design

The BMT group is a leading to support each major offshore BMT’s success. Operating as an
international multi-disciplinary region, BMT provides offshore Employee Benefit Trust affords
maritime engineering, science oil and gas companies and their us the opportunity for equitable
and technology consultancy major contractors with insight distribution of rewards, ensuring
providing a broad range of and solutions to the engineering staff engagement and our
products and services across and environmental challenges of independence.
the energy and environment, operating within, upon and around
Striving for service excellence, all
defence and transport sectors. the world’s oceans and seas.
BMT companies implement and
Building on more than twenty BMT invests in its people and the maintain management systems
five years’ experience, BMT development of the company to compliant with internationally
supports the oil and gas industry provide solutions to customer recognised standards covering
in safe, reliable, cost effective and requirements in a technology health and safety, quality and
environmentally sound activities driven environment. As a company environmental management,
through all phases of offshore founded on the core principle of in line with the BMT Group
exploration and production. innovation; pioneering research Ltd accreditation to ISO9001,
With offices strategically located and development is key to ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

Offshore exploration Field development Concept evaluation


Offshore facilities Construction Engineering design

Infrastructure & Production Asset integrity

pipelines operations management

Field abandonment
& decommissioning
Environmental Assessment and Consenting Environmental Information Services
The offshore oil and gas industry faces ever increasing regulatory scrutiny with environ- BMT provides specialist consultancy services related to oil and offshore
mental issues at the top of the agenda. BMT provides a comprehensive range of services discharges. Our services help gain insight into risks and guide actions needed in
in support of monitoring the environment, understanding environmental impacts and the event of an emergency.
satisfying regulatory obligations.

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1: BMT prepared an Environmental Statement

for the Rochelle Development. This
presented the findings of an environmental
assessment of the effects of developing the
Rochelle field in Block 15/27, as a subsea
tie-back to the Scott platform in North Sea
Blocks 15/21 and 15/22.

2: As part of its Environmental Impact

Assessment approval, Chevron is required
to conduct long-term monitoring of the
environment associated with developments
offshore East Kalimantan. BMT is providing
detailed monitoring of water quality,
air quality and ecosystems over a three
year period.

3: BMT is providing ongoing environmental

support to Shell for the Brent Environmental Impact Decommissioning Studies Oil Spill Related Oil Spill Information
decommissioning project including the Assessment BMT has particular expertise in Consultancy Systems
secondment of a senior environmental supporting the environmental needs of
advisor into Shell’s project team. BMT has many years of experience in Knowledge of the movement, behaviour Building on 30 years of research into
preparing high quality Environmental decommissioning. We have undertaken and shoreline impact of an oil spill oil spill behaviour in the lab and at
Impact Assessments and Environmental environmental studies covering all is fundamental to the planning of a sea, and coupled with over 15 years of
Statements. Our experience includes aspects of the decommissioning of successful response. BMT provides oil modelling experience, BMT supports
assessments related to seismic surveys, a variety of oil and gas structures. spill modelling consultancy services, sophisticated tools for predicting oil spill
drilling programs, new platforms, new and a range of related environmental transport and fate.
pipelines, platform upgrades and Statutory Compliance consultancy associated with identifying
modifications, subsea tie-backs, shore volumes and locations of beaching
Delivering documentation in support
approaches, shoreline crossings, events, concentrations at sea, slick
of statutory environmental compliance
terminals and terminal modifications. trajectory and thickness, and oil sheening.
can be complex and requires specialist
Environmental Monitoring knowledge. We have completed many
hundreds of statutory risk assessments
Our scientists are experienced in
and applications as well as providing
conducting marine environmental
comprehensive consultancy advice
surveys including studies of water quality,
on environmental, legislative and
atmospheric emissions and noise as well
compliance issues.
as the provision of habitat assessments
in tropical and temperate waters.
Offshore Design Support
BMT’s wealth of experience and knowledge of naval architecture, marine engineering,
hydrodynamics and aerodynamics gives us a unique capacity to contribute to improved
safety, reliability, performance and economics of all types of offshore oil and gas assets.

Wind Tunnel Testing of risers, using CFD. These studies have (see image 4). Narrow shore and
provided a comprehensive insight into draft clearances meant that accurate
Offshore Structures the behaviour of oil-sand down-hole hydrodynamic resistance values for the
Aerodynamics is an important aspect flows. Results have enabled completion towing simulator were vital.
of the safe and reliable design of an engineers to make informed decisions
offshore installation. BMT operates about perforation and operation
large in-house wind tunnel facilities to
Operational Simulation
strategies aimed at preventing excessive
help designers assess wind loads and BMT’s Simulation of Longterm Offshore
sand erosion and costly well damage.
helideck wind environment. Wind tunnel Oil Production (SLOOP) software is
testing can also be used to quickly used to investigate the operational risk
investigate remedial and mitigating
Ice Engineering and economic performance of entire
measures should problems be identified. BMT has specialist expertise in ice offshore developments. At a facility level
engineering. We provide consultancy in BMT’s Single Point Monitoring (SPM)
BMT was commissioned to undertake a understanding the interaction between software is used to simulate the motion
wind tunnel study for the installation of ice and structures such as ice loading on response of turret moored FPSOs in
a new pipelay system for the CSO Deep floating and fixed structures. We design six degrees of freedom. In combination
Blue; the world’s largest, purpose-built, infrastructure for safe operations in sea with our Metocean information services
ultra deepwater pipelay and subsea ice and iceberg environments and have we determine the equilibrium orientation
construction vessel (see image 2). particular knowledge of ice impact on and workability of FPSO’s. Manoeuvring
Conducted in BMT’s wind tunnel test pipelines both offshore and onshore. simulations, made with our REMBRANDT
facilities, using a model built to scale, system, are carried out to determine
conclusions from the study were used BMT supports a range of customers
limiting wind, wave and current conditions
to identify the most effective ways of including Enbridge, Exxon, Conoco,
for safe arrival and departure of LNG
changing draft and reducing drag. Chevron, AGIP, BP, Shell and others
carriers. We also make recommendations
(see image 3). Projects undertaken
for tug support and procedures to be
include the design of an offshore jacket
Consequence Modelling structure; analysis of pipeline integrity;
followed, including navigational aids.
BMT’s experienced Computational and providing design support for LNG/ BMT completed a major SLOOP study
Fluid Dynamics (CFD) teams undertake CNG structures and platforms. of a number of development concepts
consequence modelling to provide for potential Arctic sites in areas
quantitative information on structural significantly constrained by pack ice.
1 2 3 & thermal loading and personal safety
Hydrodynamic Analysis
The study looked at site development,
resulting from accidental loss of The prediction of current and wave
platform installation, drilling and
containment such as dispersion, loading is a key component of offshore
production operations. The operations
4 fire and blasts. engineering design for station keeping,
were simulated taking into account a full
mooring design, vessel stability,
range of metocean conditions.
structural integrity and safety. BMT’s
Flow Assurance specialist knowledge and experience in
BMT has extensive expertise in multiphase
numerical modelling of vessel response
flow assurance analysis using CFD. The
1. Wind tunnel testing for offshore helidecks. and physical model testing provides
results of simulations are used to provide
2. Wind load assessment for the CSO Deep Blue. an unrivalled analysis and consultancy
an evaluation of flow assurance issues
3. Ice engineering for customers including Enbridge, capability.
such as flow uniformity, erosion, slugging
Exxon, Conoco, Chevron, AGIP, BP and Shell.
and hydrate formation. BMT was called on by BP America
4. CFD Hydrodynamic analysis of an in-shore to supply a full simulator package,
tow arrangement. BMT has completed studies for a
including hydrodynamic analysis, for the
leading oil and gas operator seeking to
tow out of the Thunder Horse semi-sub
evaluate different perforation scenarios
through the Corpus Christi channel
for sand erosion on completion
Metocean Information Services Marine Integrity Monitoring
Drawing on state of the art capabilities in data collection, data management, data Monitoring and understanding structural integrity is vital to offshore safety. BMT provides
analysis, numerical modelling and forecasting BMT is able to provide comprehensive complete systems, integrates new sensors to existing recording and display equipment
Metocean information for all offshore oil and gas basins. Our metocean information and provides data acquisition and display systems for all types of integrity monitoring.
services support safe and cost effective design and operations at all stages in the field
development life cycle.

Design Criteria Forecast Services Metocean Measurement

BMT provides metocean criteria as BMT’s forecast services are designed to Where insufficient existing data is available
an input to FEED and detailed design. help customers minimise time lost waiting to meet a design or operational need we
Our specialist metocean consultants on weather and to ensure operations are can provide a full range of capabilities and
have experience of supporting design conducted within safe working limits. Our resources for the measurement of winds,
teams for projects in all of the world’s forecast services are customised to meet waves, tides and currents.
offshore regions. requirements and are available globally for
both offshore and near shore locations.
Metocean Statistics
BMT provides high quality satellite and
model derived metocean information
using advanced global, regional and local
numerical simulations. Our experienced
consultants use these data to deliver
operational criteria and workability

1 2 System Maintenance Instrumentation Systems 1 2 3

and Upgrade Our instrumentation systems are provided
BMT’s experienced engineers and on a custom or semi-custom basis
technicians provide service and training tailored to the specific needs of a project.
1: BMT has placed remote marine monitoring
for operating systems and instrumentation. We provide a turnkey service, with our systems on 14 Gulf of Mexico floating
3 4 personnel completing system design,
Our services include on-site maintenance, production facilities, in support of marine
expedited trips to troubleshoot, repair assembly and programming, obtaining integrity management for major oil companies.
and bring systems back to full health, approvals from government regulatory In addition to the permanent systems that
and training to ensure operators are agencies and classification societies, support ongoing operations, separate
1: Metocean Measurement. Pearl Oil’s performing installation, calibration and standalone systems are installed and
knowledgeable about our systems.
development of a new oil and gas field in operator training. maintained to permit limited monitoring during
the Makassar Straits requires the design of We also upgrade systems as platforms evacuations for hurricanes.
a 350 km pipeline to deliver product to land age, as the regulatory environment
facilities safely and with minimum risk. BMT changes and as technology improves. Structural Data Analysis 2: BP tasked BMT with the implementation of a
comprehensive Hybrid Riser Tower Monitoring
completed a metocean study to gather the Upgrades have ranged from the addition and Consultancy System for the Greater Plutonio Block 18
data needed to develop pipeline and jacket of new sensors or channels of data to full
BMT provides data management and Hybrid Riser Tower offshore Angola.
design criteria. replacement of old or outdated sensors,
technical analysis of data acquired by our 3: BMT provided an Integrated Marine Monitoring
2: BMT’s specialist consultants work computers and software.
integrated marine and structural integrity System for the Murphy Malaysia Kikeh Dry Tree
with customers to provide detailed
forecasting services.
systems. At our Client Data Center we Unit. BMT was commissioned by Murphy to
automatically transfer data from offshore assess the endurance level of a critical lashing
3-4: Operational Forecasts. BMT’s specialist platforms to a secure server for post line which showed more wear than anticipated.
consultants work with customers to provide Using BMT’s data, two factors were identified
processing, visualisation, trending and
detailed forecasting services that had increased dynamic tension in the lines
reporting. We also conduct special
and a re-design was undertaken to reduce this
studies and forensic analysis. impact. This subsequent re-design reduced
wear by a factor of four.
Managing Technical Risk Specialist Vessel Design
BMT provides an extensive range of engineering consultancy services BMT offers a portfolio of specialised vessel designs and associated consultancy
targeted at minimising risk and optimising system design and through-life services. We also provide bespoke vessel designs optimised to provide high
performance and cost. performance solutions for challenging requirements.

Reliability Assessment BMT provided a detailed reliability 1

assurance assessment to Cameron as
We work with suppliers to the offshore oil
part of a longevity evaluation on the
and gas industry in provision of reliability
development of a deepwater electronic
assessments, design consultancy and 2
control system. BMT also provided
design audits for subsea and topside
reliability audit support to assist
components and systems. We support
Cameron in its implementation of BP’s
our customers using a comprehensive 1: BMT has designed a broad range of crew
KP-13 subsea reliability strategy.
range of techniques including reliability, transfer vessel designs for the offshore
availability and maintainability predictions, energy industry.
failure mode and effects analysis and 2: Support Vessels. MV TULPAR, the Shallow
fault tree analysis. Water Ice Management Standby and Supply
vessel (SWIMSS) was designed by BMT and
built at Ulstein Verft AS. The vessel supports
exploration and exploitation work in the north
Caspian Sea, operating in the harshest of
environments with temperatures ranging
from plus 40oC to minus 30oC, combined
with sea temperatures ranging from minus
1oC to plus 32oC.
Risk and Safety Technology Qualification
Engineering Technology qualification is the process of
BMT is able to identify hazards providing the evidence that a technology
and evaluate associated risks by will function within specific limits, with
conducting studies such as Quantitative an acceptable level of confidence. BMT
Risk Assessments (QRA), Hazard supports the achievement of world-class
and Operability (HAZOP), Hazard standards in technology qualification and
Identification (HAZID) and fire and gas deployment. We can integrate technology
mapping studies. BMT can advise on qualification into your business, delivering
mitigation measures to help customers tools and processes to enable your
control and manage risks to an project managers to manage the risks
acceptable level. associated with introducing, enabling or
enhancing technologies.
BMT provides a wide variety of safety
engineering services from Safety Integrity
Level assessments on small systems and
Maintenance and Integrity Crew Transfer Vessels Security Vessels Vessel Selection
components, through to health, safety Management BMT has designed a broad range of crew BMT has extensive experience in the and Operation
and environmental technical activities and BMT undertakes a wide range of transfer vessel designs for the offshore design of high speed patrol craft with BMT uses its broad experience and state
auditing support at a field level. maintenance and integrity management energy industry. The designs range in speeds of up to 57 knots. These designs of the art computational tools to provide
activities, aimed at maximising system length from 16-70m and cover a range are being utilised by the oil and gas advice for the selection and specification
BMT supported Agip KCO with its Contractor activities. Safety, reliability
availability, optimising maintenance and of transfer speeds up to 40 knots. The industry to provide surveillance and of vessel types. This includes route
onshore development of the Kashagan and risk analysis related studies were
ensuring quality standards are achieved. company has particular expertise in the protection of offshore installations. analysis to determine optimal vessel
oil and gas field. BMT has undertaken performed to respond to partners and
These services include reliability centred design of hull forms to provide excellent configuration and design, as well as
Health, Safety and Environmental governmental authority specific requests
maintenance, spares and logistics seakeeping characteristics, and has
(HSE) technical activities and auditing/ without having to deviate from the main
modelling, and use of our proprietary provided a number of designs based on
Platform Access technical and economic assessment of
verification required to confirm the objectives of the FEED Contractor different candidate vessels with respect
RAMtr@ck software to deliver accurate the highly successful ModCAT hull form, Safety aspects of transfer of personnel
conclusions of selected FEED activities. to passenger numbers, transit speed,
feedback on the performance of developed for the US Navy Sea Fighter and cargo are critical. BMT integrates
powering, seakeeping performance, cost
complex assets. project. personnel access systems with its
and availability.
specialist vessel designs to ensure safe
and efficient personnel transfer operations.
The BMT group is an international design, engineering and
risk management consultancy, working principally in the
energy and environment, transport and defence sectors.

With locations in all of the major markets we serve, ours is

an active network that sees us sharing skills and knowledge,
combining disciplines and building international teams to
create integrated answers to the questions of our customers.

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Number of local offices.

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