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Shazam! is by far one of DC’s happier and family-friendly
Photography and Advertising: movies, if they ever had any, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a
Photography Manager:
Hailey Scherer story that’s not only hilarious but about growing and the responsibility that comes with gaining great power. Even though
it was less serious than previous DC movies, I was left feeling ... 
Staff Photographers: Chad Boxley, Jordan
Bennett, and Brian Angus

SMADs Manager: Yves White

08 “FAKE NEWS” IS OVERHYPED The news media has been under fire since it’s birth; however, in
recent years the fire has grown. “Fake news” has become a
For a full list go to wordpress/
popular phrase, mostly due to President Donald Trump, who
frequently uses the phrase to slander journalists and news
WHO WE ARE organizations. The phrase is used when describing the news ...
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outlets. By Dustin Staples
4 | The Tartan Ida Domingo, Managing & News Editor // // News

Delegation From
China Presents
Research at
Photo by Tyler Martin | The Tartan

newspaper, People’s Daily. in the country. They searched Because of the “1.5” policy Zhizhong Zhang
B y J e r e m y M o s e r ’19 He and Liu explained the for all stories containing “family allowing for a second child, presenting on family planning policy for planning,” and categorized should the first child be a girl, Research on Profit
those unfamiliar. Having a long coverage based on what type of there are 30 million more men Model of China’s

our communications history in China, starting back in criticisms if any, that were about than women living in China. Internet Media.
scholars from Chongqing, 1979, the Chinese Government the policy in the government- These men, called Guang guan,
China came to Radford introduced a blanket policy owned publication. which means ‘broken branches,’ In their time here, they
University to present their banning parents from having Reporters Without Borders are unable to find wives, as there visited the Blue Ridge Parkway
research about different forms more than one child. ranked China 176 out of 180 is not an even ratio between and led an Intercultural Studies
of Chinese media. A few years later, the policy countries in their World Press men and women in the country. class where they introduced
Their panel was part of was expanded to what He and Freedom index in 2018; the only The aging population is set students to Chinese culture.
the Virginia Association of Liu referred to as a “1.5” child countries placed lower are three to propose a different challenge; They also said their visit
Communications Arts and policy which allowed for certain Islamic countries and North soon there will not be enough was key to establishing a
Sciences conference that exceptions. Some parents were Korea. young workers to support the collaboration between Radford
Radford hosted Mar. 29-30. able to apply for another child. What He and Liu found aging population. University and Southwest
Jianping He, Juan Liu, Also, if a couple’s firstborn were is the coverage of the policy Even with the expansion University. There is no official
Xiaoping Luo, and Zhizhong a girl, they would be allowed to manifested in five distinct of the child limit now to two statement from the university
Zhang are professors at the try for a boy. In 2015, the policy “stages,” which ranged from children, He and Liu said that about this yet.
Southwest University of Political was updated into a universal full support of the policy, to one of the population concerns Liu did much of the talking
Science & Law in China. Their “two-child policy.” talking about China’s significant raised is the still lowered birth during the interview, while Dr.
School of Journalism and The start of the policy population problems that have rate. Even granted the freedom Shou Yao, Associate Professor
Communications has over 1,100 was a response to rapid risen from the implementation to have two children, many at Radford University’s School
graduate and undergraduate overpopulation in the decades of the policy. women say they are happy with of Communication, was able to
students combined. after the Second World War. According to an NPR one. help translate.
According to Business Insider, interview with Mei Fong, author Liu said that Radford’s
Family Planning Research families were encouraged to have of the book “One Child: The The Trip Here campus “Impressed us a lot,”
He and Liu presented an as many children as possible to Story of China’s Most Radical The Tartan was able to and that she “found the students
analysis of the coverage related strengthen the economy. Experiment,” China is now get an interview with the four quite satisfied being here.”
to the Chinese government’s He and Liu said they chose facing significant population professors to learn more about They each explained just how
Family Planning Policy in the People’s Daily because it is the and demographic problems and their trip coming to Radford. different the two universities
government-owned Chinese largest state-owned newspaper will be facing more in the future. A lot went into planning are, just by the sheer numbers
their visit; before being able to their university has over 26,000
Will ending the one-child policy be enough to boost China’s births? travel overseas, the group had students.
Births, in millions to be approved by the Chinese Nevertheless, they enjoyed
Foreign Ministry. They needed their visit and appreciated the
both business and personal campus and the student body.
passports, and they needed to Liu finished by stating,
get visas from the US Embassy in “This is the reason we want
China. It took three months to to establish the collaboration
plan the trip and get it approved. between these two universities.”

Because of the “1.5” policy allowing for a

second child, should the first child be a girl,
there are 30 million more men than women
living in China. These men, called Guang guan,
which means ‘broken branches,’ are unable
to find wives, as there is not an even ratio
between men and women in the country.

Source: National Bureau of Statistics Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | 5

Tackling the Challenges of a Growing Community

towns. When questioned about
B y C o n s ta n c e A n n a n
this epidemic, Mayor Horton “We work on
that safety net,
expressed his awareness and
concern for the challenges his

A through the
lmost 38 percent community currently faces.

Photo Courtesy of David Horton - Mayor of Radford Virginia’s Facebook Page

of Radford City’s According to Mayor Horton,
population is under the
poverty rate, but despite the
the student population affects
the city’s poverty rate. Census programming
alarming statistic Mayor David
Horton maintains an optimistic
Reporter states that over 30
percent of Radford’s population
that we have
Mayor Horton has been a
is comprised of the ages 21-29.
Mayor Horton states that the
available, so
member of Radford’s community
for many years, and now as the
poverty rate is challenging to
accurately measure due to the
people don’t
Mayor, he aims to invest in the large percentage of students fall through the
future of his community. Mayor that reside in the city.
Horton seeks to evolve the city This resulting in more
by maximizing Radford’s assets. people officially falling below others in the community. “The
Mayor Horton plans to focus on the poverty rate even though first people affected are those through the cracks. We deal Mayor Horton supporting
things that can be improved, to they may not be in poverty. that are right on the front line. with food and security as much The Polar Plunge sponsored
provide a better quality of life “[...] There are plenty of people People stop eating out as soon as possible through a variety of by the Radford City Police
for his community. who are, and we are working as money gets a little bit tight. different programs. We work for Department to benefit the
Special Olympics.
He noted this at a press to get more resources through So, the people that are waiters, job retraining. We work for a
conference held at Radford programs like new river valley and waitresses, and cooks, and number of issues to try to help
University during Dr. Twange community services, through busboys get hit first and then lift people up, but then we also hoping that it will draw those
Kasoma’s specialized journalism other outreach pieces. Again, that has a ripple effect,” said work to improve the economy, who have resources and
course, on Feb. 4, 2019. Students some of the programs include Mayor Horton. so those that are working can opportunities to start businesses
questioned mayor Horton Bobcat Backpacks which helps Although faced with these advance even further.” in the city.
regarding statistics retrieved with food security for our challenges, Mayor Horton It is not uncommon for a This creating more
from Census Reporter. school-aged children,” said strives to fulfill the needs of community to face challenges; opportunities for jobs, which
Census Reporter states that Mayor Horton. the members of his community. however, Mayor Horton refuses may help tackle some of the
the city of Radford’s poverty rate Mayor Horton presented Mayor Horton states, “We work to let the obstacles hinder the challenges his community
is double the rate of the state the idea that if one person on that safety net, through evolution and improvement currently faces today. The

of Virginia and nearly double in a community is affected the programming that we have of Radford. He aims to make
the rate of the neighboring financially, it tends to affect available, so people don’t fall Radford an attractive place,

The Changing in Perspectives at VACAS

To get a better perspective of from his desire to learn more at Radford University also
B y C o n s ta n c e A n n a n drag culture, Barefoot analyzed about gay rights and the history produced a documentary on media and even had the chance behind it. literacy development. Moore’s
to interview Kristina Dupree “As I got older, I started documentary focused explicitly

adford University Davenport Kelly, a DC-based learning more about activism on the development and
held it’s very first drag queen. […] and a lot of the times, the progress of a literacy student
Virginia Association During his interview with people that were out protesting named Dolma.
of Communication Arts and Kelly, Barefoot asked a series were usually drag queens and Radford University’s VACAS
Sciences (VACAS) conference. of questions focused on the transgendered women […] They conference featured several
The VACAS conference was messages conveyed through Drag were brave to do so […] I applaud different sessions, which
a two-day conference which performances. When questioned and commend them for their were held by both students,
started on Friday, Mar. 29, 2019 about the message she expresses activism, ”said Barefoot. faculty, and staff, as well as
and ended Saturday, March 30, through her performances, Kelly Drag was not the only guest speakers. This year’s
2019. stated that her performances underrepresented group which VACAS conference focused on
Three Radford University convey the message “To live for was featured during this VACAS “Redrawing boundaries.” The

students used media to redefine today because tomorrow is not session.

the boundaries of the different
under/misrepresented cultures
Barefoot used his platform
Trae D. Price, a production
technology major at Radford
Kelly stated
in the media during the
to educate the public about the
many misconceptions and truths
University, produced
documentary on the Literacy
a that her
Blake Barefoot, a Radford about drag queen culture. “A Council of Northern Virginia. performances
University student, composed common misconception about Price’s documentary
a qualitative content analysis, drag queens is, a lot of times showcased the development convey the
message “To
which examined drag queen people believe a drag queen and progress of a particular
culture in contemporary is doing drag because she is student within the center.
American culture. Barefoot transgender […], but that’s not According to Price, “This just
live for today
Photo Courtesy of Artem Gavrysh | Unsplash

expressed his fascination with what drag is. Drag is the act of seemed like a good opportunity
drag queen culture, through
a presentation. “I find a lot of
performing in alter ego,” said
to do something that mattered.
Something that could showcase
interest in any group of people
that might not meet your
Barefoot’s identifies with
the LGBTQ+ community, and as
some underprivileged people
and an organization that could
tomorrow is not
everyday American, lifestyle,”
said Barefoot.
he got older his passion sparked;
Barefoot’s passion stemmed
use all of your attention.”
Shakis Moore, a student
6 | The Tartan Dylan Lepore, Editor-in-Chief & Culture Editor // // Culture

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

Solo Artist Garcian Performing at Bonnieroo

anticipate this to come about. that after all of the success they
B y T yl e r M a r t i n ’20 “I always liked to sing but didn’t began to compile previous songs “Surreal was an amazing project
really think it was going to be he had released and put them
that was never
a big part of my life. I started together for an album.

supposed to
ne of the guests out the way we all do - in the Garcian said, “It was a surreal happen,” said
performing at this year’s shower,” Garcian said. experience (hence the name), Garcian. “It
BonnieRoo is a solo pop He lists some of his biggest and it was a very emotional was a surreal
singer from Chapel Hill, NC, musical influences as Life of journey as I got to see people experience
Garcian D’Cruz. Dillon, Jon Bellion, Ben Howard, enjoy my music.” Needless to (hence the
name), and it was
The Tartan got in contact and Quinn XCII, and says his say, releasing an album has truly
a very emotional
with Garcian via email to see music can connect to those been a huge accomplishment journey as I got
what he is all about, and what who are fans of indie-pop, with for him. “It was a dream of mine to see people
Radford can expect from his artists such as Jon Bellion. that I still, to this day, can’t enjoy my music.”
performance. He says that he enjoys believe it came true,” he stated.
Being from North Carolina, writing songs about personal “I have [been] blessed with such
it seems like a long way from experiences of his own or an amazing music team that the

Photo Courtesy of Garcian D’Cruz’s Facebook

home, but having connections someone he knows, “I like process was very fluid.”
on the inside goes a long way. everything to be based on a true Although as a solo vocalist
“My friend Jason Byrley is the story as they say. I feel like if I and a one-person act in the
one who helped me set it up. don’t write from experience, studio, Garcian does plan to
He knows the event coordinator then I won’t really be able to have a backup band performing
at Radford University,” said perform and feel passionate with him at BonnieRoo.
Garcian. about my own music.” Garcian mentioned that
His journey through music When Garcian performed at some of his favorite songs to
has been quite an interesting Elon University, he released his perform live include, Secrets, he does plan to break out a few You can find Garcian’s
ride, having performed in high very first full-length album last Cocktail Dress, and Overload. covers to get the audience more music on almost every major
school and college A cappella year and has just recently put “Everyone who knows those involved. Featuring possible streaming platform, like Spotify
groups and the all-male group out his latest single Hollow Love songs as the original Garcian covers by Post Malone, The and Apple Music. Moreover, you
Smooth Progress at Elon at the beginning of March. songs and so there is always an Chainsmokers, Jon Bellion, The can find him on social media
University. Garcian said, “Since “Surreal was an amazing amazing reaction when people Jonas Brothers, and Panic! At on Instagram and Snapchat @
then, I have always enjoyed project that was never supposed realize I am about to sing those the Disco. garciandcruz.
singing and performing, but to happen,” said Garcian. The songs,” he stated. “Plus it makes Garcian states that for the BonnieRoo is scheduled for
have stage fright, so it is a love- success of his single ‘Secrets’ is me feel like a rockstar when I rest of 2019, he will be doing his Friday, April 12, from 5 p.m. to
hate relationship.” what brought the idea for a full- sing them; I won’t lie.” best to perfect his craft. He does 11 p.m. so don’t miss out on a
Although having this list length album to life, and thus Although you may not be look forward to working on new free event of arts and music and
of experiences, he did not Surreal came to be. He tells us familiar with his work just yet, music and touring in 2020. lots of fun.The

A Restaurant Review

zucchini, onions, broccoli,

Golden Bowl
of the saltiness that I would for students looking for a good
B y E va n M a s o n ’19 mushrooms, egg fried rice, expect. It was a touch too sweet cheap meal. and yum yum sauce if desired. but still good. The texture of Overall when it comes to
When the meal was ready, I was the vegetables was satisfyingly hibachi food the prices are

olden Bowl offers excited by the smells of a sweet, crunchy and soft as it needed hard to beat. Despite some of
affordable food with a tangy, meatiness. It was mouth- to be. the cons with the dish I tried,
decent taste to go with watering. It looked a little over- The portion sizes for the I would still come back and eat
it. saturated in oils, and the meat price was filling enough to hit it again and try other options.
This was my first time going didn’t look exactly tender but that comfortably full feeling, The calm atmosphere, friendly
to this restaurant, and I am a big still looked like a tasty meal. but I was tempted to try some staff, and proximity to the
fan of hibachi and sushi places, The yum yum sauce added of the sushi. school make it an appealing
so I decided to give this place much flavor to the meal. It The atmosphere was calm choice for Asian dining.
a try. It was a little confusing mixed well with the rice, adding and comfortable. It wasn’t
at first because it wasn’t the sweet tanginess to every bite. overly busy or loud, and it was Overall: 7/10
typical hibachi restaurant The steak and shrimp weren’t easy to have a conversation
where a chef makes the food in very tender, bordering on over- without many distractions.
front of you. You come in and cooked. It didn’t explode with The staff was friendly, and
order the food at the front and juiciness, yet still added flavor everything was tidy. The The hibachi steak and
Photo by Evan Mason | The Tartan

shrimp ($10.00): served

either get carry out or dine in. to the meal that was better design had an authentic Asian
with zucchini, onions,
Of course, I ordered the there than not. restaurant feel. The location
broccoli, mushrooms, egg
hibachi steak and shrimp The oils made the rest of of the restaurant is close to fried rice, and yum yum
($10.00). It was served with the food a little sweet instead the university which is perfect sauce if desired. Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | 7

A Movie Review

dark expectations. It had the When it comes to Billy’s As Ryan Reynolds is THE the story. He isn’t a standout
B y E va n M a s o n ’19 luxury of being carefree, fun, character, you see him evolve Deadpool, Zachary Levi is THE villain by any means, which is
and childlike in its own way, from a person who makes Shazam. When his role comes in ok given the comedic nature of
while also facing adult realities. mistakes, and even breaks the to play, he practically steals the the story.

hazam! is by far one of Billy Batson, in gaining his law, but learns from them, movie being a 14-year-old boy Overall, Shazam! stands
DC’s happier and family- powers to become Shazam he and grows into a stronger, in a superhero’s body. He comes out as a more comedic but
friendly movies, if they must prove that he was the better person form it, all while off hilariously and bounces off strong DC comic book movie.
ever had any, and that’s not right person chosen and was finding out what it is to have a Grazer’s character quite well It humorously establishes its
a bad thing. It’s a story that’s the last hope there is. real family. with all their hi-jinks. Despite place in the DC universe with
not only hilarious but about The main message of the Another standout character some of the slower parts of the references to Batman and
growing and the responsibility story revolves around the is Billy’s foster house room- movie, it’s this team up that Superman while also standing
that comes with gaining great treatment of children and the mate Freddie played by Jack carries the movie well while on its own being unique in
power. Even though it was effects it can have; but also the Grazer. He becomes Billy’s also making fun of cliches in story and lightheartedness. It
less serious than previous choices to decide whom they mentor in discovering his other superhero movies. also gives hope to the future of
DC movies, I was left feeling want to become. Resulting in abilities and moving the Mark Strong plays the DC movies despite the Justice
excited to see more Shazam Billy Batson in being a hero story along with some of the villain Dr. Sivana. The movie League movie falling short of
movies in the future. for good, and the motivations funniest scenes in the movie gives you a reason to feel bad expectations.
This movie seemed not to of the villain which aren’t so and a blossoming of a strong for him and also serves to
have any more substantial or good. friendship. flesh out the larger theme of Overall: 8/10
Watch out, he’ll get
you with his blue eye!

Photo Courtesy of Shazam! the Movie


The tea
8 | The Tartan Jennifer Bennett, The Tea Editor // // The Tea

Editorials and Opinions

Quote of the week
“Life is but thought.” - Sara Teasdale
The Tartan is looking for
dedicated, fast-learning, and
self-suffient student who can
set their own standars or goals
for what they would like to
contritbute to the Tartan.

• Culture Editor
• Assistant Culture Editor
• News Editor
• Assistant News Editor
• Staff Writer
• Staff Photographer

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Velasquez | Unsplash

For more information head to
Tyler Hall Room 025
Monday - Friday
10 a.m to 5 p.m.

“Fake News” is Overhyped
Fact B y B r i a n A n g u s ‘22
professor at the University of
to the easily consumable and
attention-grabbing nature of
have the press reporting the
news, then democracy would fall Dr. Nyphan said that fake social media, 68% of people use apart.
The average person spends 6
news websites (defined as sites it to receive news, according to So, instead of bashing the

months of their lifetime waiting
on a red light to turn green. he news media has been that frequently publish false or a Pew Research Center survey. news media, it would be smart
under fire since it’s birth; misleading claims that favor one That’s many people viewing to support it. Easy ways to show
however, in recent years of the presidential candidates) news on an unchecked source. support are by purchasing a
the fire has grown. “made up only about 2 percent In this article, the term news newspaper or online newspaper
Looking for “Fake news” has become a of the information people media is being used to describe subscription, reading articles
popular phrase, mostly due to consumed from websites.” established news organizations from credible sources, reading
Tartan Archives? President Donald Trump, who To refer to the news media whose works are written by from multiple sources, and
frequently uses the phrase to as the enemy is a very bold and professional journalists and reading from social media less.
Rediscover the history of the slander journalists and news reckless statement when there backed up by fact checkers. The We vote with our attention
Tartan through exploring all the organizations. is little evidence to suggest that news media is different from and money, and by doing these
way back to 1910, when it was The phrase is used when proper news organizations have social media and fake news sites, things, we will be supporting
initially called the Grapurchat
describing the news that consists published misinformation. and should not be roped into honest, informative journalism. The

to when it was rebranded as the


of deliberate misinformation ... The problem of the blame for misinformation.

Tartan in 1979.
at least it’s supposed to.
In a tweet last year Pres.
misinformation lies in the hands
of internet scammers.
However, that is what has
happened, and distrust between
Misinformation is
Go to and select
the “More” tab to find those Trump went as far as to call the Today, a website can be the media and the public has prevalent in social
archives. news media “the true Enemy of
the People.” However, during
created by anyone to spread
false rumors. There are “nearly
Support for the news
media as well. Anyone
Do old newspapers bore you? Pres. Trump has been making 200 fraudulent domains media has been dwindling, can create a social
Check out our new photo
accusations; he has been a that were nearly identical to and this will only lead to more media account, and
contributor to fake news himself. the publications’ legitimate misinformation. A lack of funds
gallery on Flicker by selecting
A fact-checking database on domain names,” according to will cause the news media to again anyone can
the “photo” tab to wander
our photos taken by our The Washington Post’s website Domain Tools, a domain analyst rely on shaky sources such as spread false rumors
exceptionally phenomenal shows that Pres. Trump has company. For example, there social media instead of original
photographers. made 9,451 false or misleading was a fake news site with the reporting. Reporters and on it. Due to the easily
claims, as of Mar. 31, 2019. domain,, journalists will be laid off too, consumable and
While fake news does exist,
it doesn’t exist in the mass that
mimicking the New York Times
website, These
meaning there will be fewer
people to observe and hold our
Pres. Trump would have you websites look very similar to leaders responsible. nature of social
A study was done by a group
official news organizations’
sites and can trick people into
The Washington
slogan, “Democracy Dies in
media, 68% of people
of political scientists, assessing believing fake news. Darkness,” is very telling of use it to receive news,
information quality in the 2018 Misinformation is prevalent what would happen if we didn’t according to a Pew
U.S. midterm election campaign. in social media as well. Anyone have a free press if we were “in
Among the scientists involved can create a social media the dark.” The reason we have a Research Center
in the study was Dr. Brendan account, and again anyone can successful democracy is because survey.
Nyphan, a Political Science spread false rumors on it. Due of informed voters. If we didn’t Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | 7

5 Underused Resources on Campus History in Every Brick

supporting individuals who seek When it was a residence hall, it housed
B y C h a d B ox l e y ’19 reasonable accommodations so that B y E m i ly S a r g e n t ’19 188 students and was considered modern
those individuals can get a fair Radford for its time.
University experience. Russell Hall was named after

adford University has continued The workers here aim to create here is a lot of history surrounding Elizabeth Henry Campbell Russell, who
to be dedicated to making sure comfortable environments for the center our campus. Most of the buildings was the sister of Patrick Henry. She
that its wonderful students have that are diverse, accessible, and inclusive are dedicated to key figures who was also the wife of William Campbell
access to all of the resources that one which can be found in Russell Hall (3rd- helped shape the university when they’re and William Russell, who fought in the
may need to succeed at this institution, floor Suites 301-327). people who don’t often think about the Revolutionary War and were hailed as
however, here are my top five vital stories behind these buildings; however, heroes.
resources that you should be using now. 4. McConnell Library they make for great history lessons. Washington Hall was completed in
The McConnell Library here at Perhaps the most well-known 1967 and was initially in a low place on
1. Student Counseling Services Radford strives to focus on helping building on campus is Muse Hall. This campus. It was developed in the 1920s in
The counseling center at Radford students and faculty succeed. The building is the largest residence hall a sunken garden surrounded by flowers,
University offers free, confidential wonderful workers often focus on on campus that houses 900 students on trees, and shrubs. For a long time, it was
mental health services for students supporting research, scholarship, and 13 floors. It was completed in 1970 and used for May Day and other outdoor
while also providing many learning they are even open to the consideration named after Leonard G. Muse. Muse was activities.
opportunities for students to grow as of new ideas. the first Rector of the College Board of Ingles Hall was completed in Spring
individuals. During my time here at Radford Visitors. 1950 and was named after Mary Draper
Whether it’s working on relationships University, I’ve overheard many students Tyler Hall was named after Governor Ingles. She was the heroine of the Drapers
with peers or even developing yourself mention how they’ve never stepped James Hoge Tyler of Radford. It was Meadow Massacre of 1755. Ingles Hall
to become the best person you can be, inside of our library, and I am surprised. the first building that was built as a was the first building built across Fairfax
the counseling center can help you. The Being a Library Advisor this semester residence hall. Construction began in Street from Radford University’s original
counseling centers walk-in hours are has helped me understand that the 1914, and the first unit was completed in campus.
from Monday to Friday from 1 p.m. - 3 library is one of the best, if not the best, 1915. The second unit was completed in Draper Hall was constructed in 1959
p.m. in the lower level of Tyler Hall. resource here at Radford University for 1917 and the third unit in 1923. and named after Bettie Draper. Like Mary
students. They have many settings for These three units were separate Draper Ingles, Bettie Draper was also
2. The Harvey Knowledge Center visitors, even if you’re looking for a residence halls for years. The names captured by Native Americans at Drapers
This great resource, formerly comfortable environment to study or a of these residence halls were Tyler, Meadow. Her husband later rescued her.
known as the Learning Assistance and place for a group venture in the library. Norwood, and McGuffey. The whole Moffett Hall was completed in 1965
Resource Center (LARC), is accessible to They are open 7 days a week and they building became known as Tyler Hall and named after Dr. M’Ledge Moffett.
all Radford University students. At the also offer extended hours during exam after 1931, and other buildings were Dr. Moffett was a professor and served as
HKC, workers focus on helping students periods. given the names Norwood and McGuffey. the Dean of Women from 1913 to 1962.
develop their learning skills while also Norwood Hall was built in 1939 McConnell Library was named after
gaining confidence. They also consult 5. Substance Abuse and Violence using funds from the U.S. Public Works Dr. John Preston McConnell, the first
students so that they can navigate Education Support (SAVES) Administration which it was dedicated president of Radford University. It
positively when faced with a tough The SAVES office here at Radford to the family who formerly owned the was completed in 1932 and originally
course or assignment. University focuses on dropping property Radford University was built had two floors. These two floors were
They offer various services for destructive significances related to on. supplemented in 1967 by an annex of
students such as one-on-one assistance, substance abuse or violence through Walker Hall was named after Dr. four floors.
as well as small groups on multiple campus-wide proposals that address Thomas Walker, an early explorer of Young Hall was completed in 1968 as
subjects such as science and math. This issues. Southwest Virginia. Construction began both a classroom and office building. It
center will even provide you tips on how Many students think this office is a in 1935 and also used funds from the U.S. was named after former dean Dr. Robert
to study, as well as time management negative place, but they want students Public Works Administration. An annex Young.
skills when working on your academics; to be successful. They offer some great was completed in 1964 and more than This is just a small part of the history
it won’t do anything but help you show amenities such as educational resources, doubled the size of the building. of our campus. A lot has changed over
progress academically. The RU Aware program, and even Peer Jefferson and Madison Halls were the years, while the buildings themselves
HKC is located on the 4th floor of the Health Educators along with various named after Presidents Thomas Jefferson have remained intact. I encourage
McConnell Library. groups that focus on specific situations. and James Madison, who were from everyone to read about the history of
I hope that this inspires you and Virginia. Both residence halls opened in their school.
3. The Center for Accessibility that you gained some knowledge to take 1967. You may be surprised by what you
Services (CAS) advantage of these great resources here Russell Hall was the second residence learn. The

CAS focuses on serving and at Radford University! The

Tartan hall built on campus and opened in 1928.

How Much Sleep Do College Students Really Get

Due to this, you may end four to five hours,” Abraham to increased fat storage and a projects,” Marvin said. “Being a
B y O l a E l s h a a r ’22 up getting a couple of hours of said, “ It’s really exhausting, higher risk of type 2 diabetes.” senior is hard enough, not to get
sleep if you have an 8 a.m. class and I know it’s not healthy, but Sleep deprivation is a any sleep, we’re always running
the next day. sometimes that’s what you have common issue for most students. around trying to get our projects

leep plays a significant You also may experience a lot to do to get things done.” If you’re a full-time student who done in time.”
role in any college student of the negative sides that comes According to an article works and is striving to find a We as students already have
life. You either feel good with the lack of sleep such as, published on MedicalNewsToday. balance between classes and busy, exhausting lives. Even if
because you got a good night’s headaches, fatigue, not being com, they state, “A lack of sleep catching up on assignments and we want to pause everything and
sleep, or you’re cranky and able to focus on academics, hard can affect body weight. Two studying for exams, then you blow off some steam, we do it at
exhausted due to lack of sleep. to memorize things, and it being hormones in the body, leptin relate to my struggle. the expense of our quiet hours.
With the pile of assignments difficult to pay attention. and ghrelin, control feelings of Deja Marvin, a senior We should start trying
you may have and the quizzes Jered Abraham, a freshman hunger and satiety, or fullness. Business Major, said, “I don’t to balance school, work, and
you need to catch up on, since Sociology Major, said, “ I think The levels of these hormones think any full-time student our hectic college lifestyle to
we’re approaching finals, you the average I get is around five are affected by sleep. Sleep gets the required eight hours maintain a healthy academic
might have to stay up late to get to six hours of sleep in weekdays. deprivation also causes the of sleep, it’s hard with classes, life. The

all these done. In exams week, I’d say I get from release of insulin, which leads assignments, work, and
10 | The Tartan Davis Byrd, Sports Editor // // Sports


RU an established, or
Coach Mike Jones is Here to Stay
fledgling journalist? Or Some of his honors include Radford made a good playoff
maybe you just love to B y S t e v e n F i e r r o -R a m i r e z ‘22 2017-18 NABC Coach of the year run by making it to the final for
write, and this might be as well as the Big South Coach of the second year in a row. The
your first time showcas- the Year in the 2017-18 season. Highlanders beat Presbyterian

ing your hidden talent? fter a successful He has also taken Radford to in the quarterfinals, Charleston
season in which four winning seasons, meaning Southern in the semi-final,
Want to bring your opin- Radford University’s that they got more wins than and in the final game of the
ions and unique views Men’s basketball head coach losses in a season. tournament they came up short
to the masses? Love the Mike Jones took Radford to a Jones led Radford to two to Gardner-Webb.
idea of reporting on and second consecutive Big South back to back seasons where the Two of Coach Jones’ players
Championship game; Coach Highlanders won more than 22 received season awards, Senior
off campus news, voicing
Jones has been handed a games (2013-14, 2014-15). Ed Polite Jr. won Big South
your opinion on topics
contract extension for three Before taking the head Defensive Player of The Year, and
ranging from movies,
more years (until the end of the coach’s position with Radford, Sophomore Carlik Jones made
laws, and on the many 2024-25 season). Coach Jones was an assistant the first team all-conference.
fun, and sometime’s un- Coach Jones was given a coach for numerous teams, In the 2017-18 season Coach
usual, attractions going contract extension in 2018, but most notably was his time with Jones achieved a school record of
on around campus? Then after a superb season as head VCU. It was there (in VCU) were 23 wins in a season. In that same
give Radford Universi- coach for the Highlanders, he Coach Jones was part of VCU’s season, Coach Jones became the
ty’s Student-run News- was offered another contract impressive run to the Final Four third coach in Radford’s history
paper a shout and email to keep him on board for a few of March Madness in the 2010- to reach 100 wins as well as
the Editor-In-Chief! more years. 11 season. picking up the Continental Tire
Coach Jones has been In the 2018-19 season Coach Las Vegas Classic title.

Radford’s head basketball Jones took Radford to an overall It’s safe to say that Coach
coach since 2011. Since then, record of 22-11 and 12-4 vs. Jones has left his mark in
Jones has led the Highlanders Big South opponents. Not to Radford Basketball history and
to 138 victories which makes mention that Radford also got with this contract extension
Coach Jones the third all- two wins vs. Notre Dame and Coach Jones is surely ready to
time winningest coach in No.17 Texas. keep building onto his legacy
program history. He has also This impressive record was here at Radford University

Photo Courtesy of Radford Athletics

led Radford to two consecutive enough to see Radford share and keep on developing the
Big South championship game the Big South regular-season championship mindset that the
appearances (2017-18, 2018-19) championship with Campbell Radford community wants to
as well as the programs first- University and it also gained see. The

ever NCAA March Madness Radford the second seed in the

Victory over LIU Brooklyn. Big South playoffs.

When I lived in a dorm, one of the
favorite intramural sports was water
Huffman: Big South Pitcher of the Week
fights. Dousing and bombarding one stood as the fourth best in the outs. The Highlanders went on the Highlanders pitcher.
another with water from squirt guns, B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19 Big South’s conference rankings. to defeat the Cavaliers with a Huffman has consistently
glasses, balloons, even wastebaskets. The 5ft 7inch King William, final score of 6 to 4 displayed her will to be a
Va. native, has undoubtedly Huffman’s impressive week dominant player inside the

Since each room had a sink, there
was endless ammunition. The most ayla Huffman has been an exciting player over the would continue as her second circle, and she has also shown
frequent target was the Resident dominated from the past two weeks for the Radford save of the season, came during that she can put the team on her
Assistant. pitcher’s mound over University Softball team. Her the first game of the three-game back and lead them to victory at
the past four years, and while impressive gameplay has earned series against the Presbyterian any given time.
Approaching his room one afternoon, she is currently in her senior her the Big South pitcher of the Blue Hose on Mar. 30. During Huffman is currently
he noticed his door was ajar. Looking season, it’s shaping up to be an week award for the week of April that contest, she was responsible showing no signs of slowing
up, he saw a pail of water balanced on unforgettable one. 1, making it the second straight for 89 pitches which produced down; in fact, it seems as if she
the door’s edge, ready to fall on him. In 2018, as a junior, Huffman week she’s received this honor. eight strikeouts, two runs, has turned it up a lot at this
As he took down the pail and emptied had a remarkable season Huffman played a significant three hits, and no walks. The point in the season because she
it into his sink, he thought, “Those that earned her Big South role in every victory the Highlanders went on to sweep is on fire.
crazy guys actually thought they could All-Conference Honorable Highlanders secured. She went the Blue Hose, claiming victory If you would like more
fool me with that old gag!” Mention honors, as she made on to pick up her first two saves in three straight contests. information on Kayla Huffman
30 appearances and 14 starts of the season during her dynamic Throughout the entirety of and would like updates on the
It was then he realized we’d removed leading the Highlanders to an stretch of games this week. her remarkable week, Huffman Radford University softball
the drainpipe beneath the sink. 11-5 record while being the Her first save came during the would only give up a total team, follow @RadfordSoftball
--- only pitcher in the Big South game against The University of of eight hits, one walk, and on Twitter and Instagram
The math professor says, “Pi R that did not allow a triple. She Virginia Cavaliers on March 26. four runs while picking up an and like Radford Softball on
square,” also led the Highlanders with During that game, she also was impressive 11 strikeouts in the Facebook. The

an impressive 2.01 ERA which responsible for three straight 13 total innings she served as
But everyone knows “Pi R ROUND”! Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | 7

Szamski & Bryant Slide into Honors Once Again

B y L u c a s C a r r ‘20 for Big South Conference Szamski tallied two homers, On the series, Szamski went cake in the final inning. Szamski Freshman Player of the Week for three doubles, and 12 RBIs 10-13 (.769) from the dish hit a walk-off two-run homer in
the second time this season as over the four-game stretch. In pulling his season average up to the bottom of the ninth as the

he Highlander Baseball well. the second game of the series .390 which leads the Big South. Highlanders took the victory
team has had an up and Both Bryant and Szamski against Winthrop, he made He also leads the conference 20-11 in the second game.
down season thus far but have aided the Highlanders in a Radford program history going with 68 total bases, tied for the Highlanders also defeated App
had a strong week with Senior turnaround during this stretch 6-for-6 with two doubles, two league-lead with 33 RBIs, second State Tuesday.
outfielder Andrew Szamski and of the season. homers, eight RBIs and 14 total in slugging (.648) and third in Szamski and Bryant both
Freshman infielder David Bryant Bryant had an impressive bases on the day. on-base percentage at .460. led the Highlanders on a seven-
claiming individual awards. four-game streak, hitting in all Szamski doubled in The Highlanders recorded game win streak, which evened
Andrew Szamski, the Glenn four games as well as driving in consecutive at-bats in the second 21 hits for a season-high mark out their record at 13-13, as well
Arm Maryland native #8, has two runs in two different games and third innings. He also added in the contest. They scored two as an impressive stand within
been named the Big South against Winthrop. His season home runs in successive at-bats runs in the bottom of the first the Big South Conference at 7-3.
Conference Player of the Week batting average was raised to in the fifth and seventh innings. to get on the board at the start. The Highlanders are now
for the second time this season. .307 after hitting .462 through Szamski is now tied with Junior Both teams traded runs in the just playing under .500 ball
Szamski also earned national the stretch. Infielder Spencer Horowitz with first inning, but it wasn’t until after dropping a game to ETSU
recognition for ‘Performance From the plate, Bryant went six home runs apiece. Szamski knocked his first extra- in Johnson City, TN in a highly
of the Week’ from USA Golden 6-for-13 and drove in six total The six hits and 14 total bases base hit into center field that contested game, dropping the
Spikes this past Tuesday, April 2, runs over the four games. He tied the Radford single-game sparked their run streak. game 5-6. The Radford Men
following a series sweep against also stole two separate bases record. Szamski will forever be Scoring six runs on five hits participated in a home series
Winthrop. and racked up 15 assists from inscribed into the Highlanders’ in the bottom of the eighth put against USC Upstate for another
The man at second base, the center of the infield at Baseball history books with this the match out of reach, and Big South Contest.
David Bryant, was also dubbed second base. spectacular feat. Szamski put the icing on the

Photos by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan

Radford Tennis Defends the Homefront
B y D e v i n S t u bb s ‘19 Matko Varga, a junior from The victory over the USC 7-0, defending their home turf. coming. Dzeubou came back to Croatia, won 6-4, 6-3. Upstate Spartans gave Radford The match started in doubles the court first, winning 6-3, 6-2
Michiel Meekers, a redshirt men’s tennis their 14th overall where the Highlanders gained on court 2. Belyaeva returned

ednesday, April 3, both senior from Belgium, pushed season win. The Highlanders are the early lead. Drousile Dzeubou, to court 1, giving Radford a 3-0
Men’s and Women’s Radford to a 3-1 lead after his 14-4, and 5-1 in the Big South a junior from Italy, and Tyler lead with her 6-4, 6-4 victory.
Tennis hosted USC 6-3, 6-3 victory. Needing just conference. They are only two Blalock, a sophomore from Gaining the overall match-
Upstate. Both teams prevailed, one more point to win the wins away from tying their most Abingdon, VA, defeated they’re winning point, Blalock gave
improving their overall and Big overall match, the Highlanders conference wins from the 2012 rivaling opponents. The women Radford their 9th win of the
South records. The matches pushed on. season. came out victorious 5-4. season with a 6-4, 7-5 win on
were hosted at the Radford The point was found by Radford will be hosting their Malin Falk, a freshman from court 4. Already having won
Tennis Complex and proved an Alexandros Caldwell, a senior senior/alumni day on Sunday, Sweden, and Katey Fruehauf, the match, the final two singles
entertaining sight. from Greece, who earned his April 7. The Highlanders will be a freshman from Milton, GA, matches gave the Highlanders a
14th win of the season after his taking on Presbyterian, a Big took the court soon after. The full sweep.
Men’s Tennis 1-6, 6-3, 6-0 victory on court 3. South foe. Next, they will be freshman duo made quick work Fruehauf returned and won 0-6,
Radford men’s tennis began the Rodrigo Magalhaes, a junior traveling to their final Big South of the Spartans, defeating them 7-6 (7-4), 6-4. Falk finished up
match with doubles. Ultimately from Portugal, added to the match against Campbell in Buies 6-1. the match with a 6-2, 6-7, 10-5
losing that point to the Spartans, winning effort with a 6-3, 6-7 (6- Creek, NC. Campbell is currently The final doubles match to win and gave Radford their final
the men came back with a 8), 10-5 win on court 1. Wrapping the league-leader. take place, Jeanine Acierto, a point.
vengeance in singles. up the match and giving Radford sophomore from Chantilly, VA, The Highlanders will be hosting
Andres Silva, a freshman from their final point, Yevhn Sirous Women’s Tennis and Anastasia Belyaeva, a junior their final three matches of the
Venezuela, swept his opponent took the court. The sophomore Radford’s women’s tennis team from Russia, clinched the final regular season at home. Radford
6-0, 6-0, on court 6. Silva tied the from Ukraine went into three proved to be an unstoppable point with a 6-2 victory. will take on Bluefield State on
score 1-1, with his teammates sets with a 7-5, 3-6, 6-4 win on force against USC Upstate. The Moving onto singles, the April 10 and NC Central on April
coming up and adding while court 2. Highlanders swept the Spartans Highlanders kept the intensity 13.
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