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The Honorable Carl E. Heastie

Speaker – New York State Assembly
LOB 932
Albany, NY 12248

Dear Speaker Heastie,

Construction costs in New York are at crisis levels and are threatening the viability of contractors, and their workers,
across New York state. Research1 shows that inflated insurance costs can been attributed to the absolute liability
standard of the Scaffold Law, which is preventing small businesses from growing and competing in the market

If we want to support New York construction contractors, and the committed workers who depend on them, then we
must reform the liability aspect of the Labor Law §§ 240 & 241, known as the Scaffold Law, while preserving all of the
statute’s important safety provisions. This can be accomplished by enacting A.3737 this legislative session and changing
the law’s standard of absolute liability to comparative negligence – as outlined in CPLR § 1411 – which is the standard
that exists that in every other aspect of New York’s civil justice system. This reform would afford workers and
contractors the ability to defend themselves in court, increase the availability and affordability of insurance premiums
related to construction, thus allowing more contractors an opportunity to meet market demands.

For these reasons, we, the undersigned contractors, urge you to support a safe, fair, and effective scaffold law by
passing A.3737 this session.

Very truly yours,

Matt Stevens Kristen Simmons Alan B. Simmons Brian Herz Edward Heberer
Island Diversified, Inc. K.M. Simmons Inc. BUDCO Enterprises, Inc. Sterling Floor Designs American Wood Installers, Inc.
Calverton, NY Hauppauge, NY Hauppauge, NY Commack, NY Commack, NY
(SD 1, AD 2) (SD 2, AD 8) (SD 2, AD 8) (SD 2, AD 8) (SD 2, AD 8)

Sal Ferro Michael Souto Patrick Bentivenga Victor Sanchez Brian Carroll
Alure Home Improvements Deer Park Stairs Benco Construction Excalibur Electric Inc. Lynbrook Glass & Architectural
Commack, NY Blue Point, NY Bohemia, NY Bohemia, NY Metals Corp.
(SD 2, AD 8) (SD 3, AD 7) (SD 3, AD 7) (SD 3, AD 7) Hauppauge, NY
(SD 3, AD 8)

1 Arluck, J., Geddes, R., Li, X., & Rouhani, O. (2015). The Effects of New York’s Labor Law 240 on Worker Safety.
Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers.

Angela Mumolo Michael Giarraputo Michael Weber John J. Sullivan Daniel A. Barbuto
Maggio Environmental KP Organization, Inc. Island Acoustics Craftsman Storefronts + Glass NuLine Mechanical Services, LLC
Yaphank, NY Ronkonkoma, NY Bohemia, NY Inc. Islip Terrace, NY
(SD 3, AD 3) (SD 3, AD 5) (SD 3, AD 7) Bayshore, NY (SD 4, AD 7)
(SD 4, AD 12)

Paul O’Rourke Bonnie Reich Timothy W Shishko Peter Kaplow Paul Spensieri
E.W. Howell Co. LLC Symmetry Designs Inc. Standard Fire Linden Construction Corp. Spensieri Construction Inc
Plainview, NY Huntington Station, Suppression Corp. Syosset, NY Glen Head, NY
(SD 5, AD 13) NY Dix Hills, NY (SD 5, AD 15) (SD 5, AD 19)
(SD 5, AD 10) (SD 5, AD 10)

Brian Anikstein Michael Levine Wendy Lepkoff Andrew Popkin William Robles
Cord Contracting Co., Inc. L&L Painting Co., Inc. Wendy Interiors Inc. Popkin Electric Metro Fire Inspections &
Woodbury, NY Hicksville, NY Bethpage, NY Hicksville, NY Maintenance Inc.
(SD 5, AD 13) (SD 6, AD 15) (SD 6, AD 17) (SD 6, AD 15) Massapequa, NY
(SD 6, AD 17)

Robert Massina D. Kerry O’Brien Alan Kennemer Albert Procida Benjamin Shavolian
Kelly Masonry Corp. T. F. O'Brien Cooling & COSENTINO Rowan Construction Shelter Rock Builders, LCC
Mineola, NY Heating Hicksville, NY Mineola NY Great Neck, NY
(SD 7, AD 19) New Hyde Park, NY (SD 7, AD 15) (SD 7, AD 19) (SD 7, AD 16)
(SD 7, AD 19)

Laurence Carolan Ben Jackson Ron Saraco Joseph Brazil Jared Bohrer
House of Laurence Ben's General Metrofold, Inc. Mainline Construction Tri-borough Scaffolding and
Merrick, NY Contracting Corp. Rockville Centre, NY Island Park, NY Hoisting Inc.
(SD 8, AD 14) Freeport, NY (SD 9, AD 21) (SD 9, AD 20) Flushing, NY
(SD 8, AD 21) (SD 11, AD 40)

Andrew Drazic Vincent L. Riso Thomas DeVito Alan Nathanson Craig Elka
President L Riso & Sons, Co, Inc Cristom Construction Forsythe Plumbing and Briarwood Organization
A.T.J. Electrical Co., Inc. Bayside, NY Services, Inc. Heating Corp. Bayside, NY
College Point, NY (SD 11, AD 26) Whitestone, NY College Point, NY (SD 11, AD 26)
(SD 11, AD 27) (SD 11, AD 26) (SD 11, AD 27)

Diego Lomanto Kenneth J. Buettner Karen Grando John H. Dierks Steven Grzic
DDS Mechanical Plumbing & York Scaffolding International Asbestos Dierks Heating Company, Inc. Whitestone Construction Corp.
Heating Corp. Long Island City, NY Removal Long Island City, NY Woodside, NY
Woodside, NY (SD 12, AD 37) Woodside, NY (SD 12, AD 37) (SD 12, AD 30)
(SD 12, AD 30) (SD 12, AD 34)

Elizabeth Bifulco Salvatore J. DiLorenzo Joe Campisi Ed Simicic Stephen Gianotti

Total Safety Consulting, LLC Pal Environmental Salvatore Campisi & Sons RWB Contracting Corp. Arcadia Electrical Co. Inc.
Long Island City, NY Safety Corp. Ridgewood, NY Astoria, NY Ridgewood, NY
(SD 12, AD 37) Long Island City, NY (SD 12, AD 38) (SD 12, AD 36) (SD 12, AD 38)
(SD 12, AD 37)

Peter Cafiero Daniel Devita Gerald Maric Theodore Bilihoutis Hercules Argyriou
Island Painting, Inc. Penava Mechanical Maric Mechanical, Inc. Major Electric, Inc. Mega Contracting Group LLC
Long Island City, NY Corp. Astoria, NY Astoria, NY Astoria, NY
(SD 12, AD 37) Maspeth, NY (SD 13, AD 36) (SD 13, AD 36) (SD 13, AD 36)
(SD 12, AD 37)

William Ryan Alex Samilenko Eric Bluestone Maria Wawrzonek John A. Fazio
Tully Construction Group Fred Geller Electrical, The Bluestone All City Install, Inc. Fazio Construction Group LLC
Flushing, NY Inc. Organization Middle Village, NY Maspeth NY
(SD 13, AD 27) Woodside, NY Jamaica, NY (SD 15, AD 28) (SD 15, AD 30)
(SD 13, AD 30) (SD 14, AD 32)

Christopher Yohe Shlomo Chachm Manfred Demenus Anthony Cerrito Esther Schwartz
Superior Plumbing, Heating, SC Prime Energy Ltd. Medco Plumbing Inc. A&R Electrical Maintenance, Imperial Painting & Fireproofing,
& Mechanical, LLC Flushing, NY Flushing, NY Inc. Inc.
Ozone Park, NY (SD 15, AD 28) (SD 16, AD 25) Elmhurst, NY Brooklyn, NY
(SD 15, AD 23) (SD 16, AD 35) (SD 17, AD 48)

Shri Attri John Russo Chris Tsamasiro Vincent Liguori Thomas Tsamasiro
Attri Enterprises, Inc. Metro Erectors GNT Mechanical LLC Finest Painting & Decorating, MCT Mechanical LLC
892 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY Inc. Staten Island, NY
Brooklyn, NY (SD 21, AD 59) (SD 22, AD 46) Staten Island, NY (SD 24, AD 63)
(SD 18, AD 53) (SD 24, AD 63)

Dawn Varrone Steve Parrino Joseph J. DiCanio Michael Early Joseph F. Azara
Construction Resources Corp Linear Contracting Inc. Centre Street Systems, M. Early Plumbing & Heating C.D.E. Air Conditioning Co.,
Staten Island, NY Staten Island, NY Inc. Corp. Inc.
(SD 24, AD 62) (SD 24, AD 63) Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY
(SD 25, AD 51) (SD 25, AD 51) (SD 25, AD 51)

Michael Gatoff Patrick Oates Donald Matheson John M. Alessio Teesha DeRossi
Metro Mechanical Group, Inc. Jacobson & Company, Inc. Phiden Construction American Spray-On Sweet Construction Corp
New York, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY Corp New York, NY
(SD 26, AD 66) (SD 26, AD 65) (SD 26, AD 52) New York , NY (SD 26, AD 65)
(SD 26, AD 65)

Michael Patti Richard Correll Deborah A. Miele David Stack Russell Dodson
Patti & Sons Inc. SanJon Inc. Vulcan Installations, Inc. Archstone Builders LLC Yorke Construction Corp
Brooklyn NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY
(SD 26, AD 50) (SD 27, AD 73) (SD 27, AD 75) (SD 27, AD 75) (SD 27, AD 75)

Donal O’Sullivan. Lee R. Zaretzky Ralph Drewes W. Scott Rives Ken McGuigan
Navillus RONSCO, Inc. Strauss-Creative Finishes, Woodworks Construction Co., Superior Acoustics, Inc.
New York, NY New York, NY Inc Inc. New York, NY
(SD 27, AD 73) (SD 27, AD 75) New York, NY New York, NY (SD 27, AD 75)
(SD 27, AD 75) (SD 27, AD 75)

Maurice Regan Allan M. Paull Michael Goldberg Devinya Rogers Vincent C. Massina
J.T. Magen & Company, Inc. AECOM Tishman Truline Construction Services, Inc. Glenn Partition, Inc. H.M. Hughes Co., Inc
New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY
(SD 28, AD 75) (SD 28, AD 73) (SD 28, AD 73) (SD 28, AD 73) (SD 28, AD 76)

John J. Dragone Ari Zervoudis Mark Papadimitriou Les Lerner Peter Palazzo
Casa Building Materials Galaxy G.C. Group Themis Chimney Inc. LAL Property Management LRC Construction
Bronx, NY Bronx, NY Bronx, NY Corp. White Plains, NY
(SD 32, AD 85) (SD 33, AD 81) (SD 33, AD 86) Bronx, NY (SD 35, AD 93)
(SD 34, AD 81)

Joseph Pizzichemi Louis Tantillo Peter Blandeburgo Simranpal Singh Chris Murphy
The Berlin Steel Construction Mastercraft Masonry Northeast Structural Rock Group NY Corp Murphy Brothers Contracting
Company I, Inc Steel, Inc. Mt. Vernon, NY Inc.
Yonkers, NY White Plains, NY Yonkers, NY (SD 36, AD 89) Mamaroneck NY
(SD 35, AD 90) (SD 35, AD 92) (SD 35, AD 90) (SD 37, AD 91)

John R. Peckham Harold F. Smith Jonathan Wohl Leonard R. Train William F. Helmer
Peckham Industries, Inc Innovax-Pillar, Inc. Wohl Diversified Services Custom Exterior Systems, Inc. Helmer Cronin Construction Inc.
White Plains, NY White Plains, NY Inc. Sloatsburg, NY Stony Point, NY
(SD 37, AD 93) (SD 37, AD 93) Port Chester, NY (SD 38, AD 98) (SD 39, AD 99)
(SD 37, AD 91)

Charles F. Winter Jr. Brian Albanese Scott Wiley Jeff DiStefano William P. Tehan
Andron Construction Forno Enterprises, Inc. Hoosick Valley Harrison & Burrowes Bridge The Pike Company
Corporation Trout Creek, NY Contractors Inc. Constructors Inc. Albany, NY
Goldens Bridge, NY (SD 42, AD 122) Melrose, NY Glenmont, NY (SD 44, AD 108)
(SD 40, AD 93) (SD 43, AD 107) (SD 44, AD 109)

David Hollander Peter Reale John Klassen William C. Gaetano Kristine S. Putrelo
Sano-Rubin Construction Reale Construction New York Drilling Charles A. Gaetano Putrelo Building Ent. Inc.
Services, LLC Co., Inc. Services, Inc Construction Corp New Hartford, NY
Albany, NY Ticonderoga, NY Saugerties, NY Utica NY (SD 47, AD 101)
(SD 44, AD 109) (SD 45, AD 114) (SD 46, AD 102) (SD 47, AD 119)

Christina Schneider John Ciovacco Thomas M. Oot Jeremy R. Doran Donald Kasper
Purcell Construction Corp. Aztech Geothermal, Oot Brothers Inc Stone Hammer Homes Kasper Construction Co.
Watertown, NY LLC East Syracuse, NY Syracuse, NY Skaneateles, NY
(SD 48, AD 116) Ballston Spa, NY (SD 50, AD 127) (SD 50, AD 126) (SD 50, AD 126)
(SD 49, AD 112)

Andrew Martin Robert F. DeForest III Daniel Barnaba Mary Lou Cherinko Americo DiCamillo
Martin Custom Homes Cordelle Development Eldan Homes KHM, Inc. Andrew R. Mancini Assoc. Inc.
Syracuse, NY Corporation Liverpool, NY Binghamton, NY Endicott, NY
(SD 50, AD 127) Manlius, NY (SD 50, AD 127) (SD 52, AD 122) (SD 52, AD 123)
(SD 50, AD 127)

Michael Asterino William Camperlino Lisa Z. Lavin Jeremy Thurston Ashley M. Delaney-Olson
JMG Custom Homes Eagan Real Estate Harrington Homes The Hayner Hoyt Corporation The Wesson Group LLC
Cicero, NY Syracuse, NY Jamesville, NY Syracuse, NY Johnstown, NY
(SD 53, AD 127) (SD 53, AD 129) (SD 53, AD 127) (SD 53, AD 129) (SD 53, AD 129)

David M. Bragg Kevin Cannan Daisy Davis Brandon Clark Mauricio F. Riveros
Elderlee, Inc. AAC Contracting, Inc. Finger Lakes Service Cannan Alexander & Scott LECESSE Construction
Oaks Corners, NY Rochester, NY Group, Inc. Pittsford, NY Rochester, NY
(SD 54, AD 131) (SD 55, AD 138) Fairport, NY (SD 55, AD 133) (SD 55, AD 137)
(SD 55, AD 135)

Michael Caccamise David Shields Susan Wilston Nickolaus Osinski Dawn Tabaczynski
M.L. Caccamise Electric Corp. The L.C. Whitford Industrial Welding & Union Concrete and Besroi Roofing and Siding
Rochester, NY Company Fabricating Co. Construction Corp. Lancaster, NY
(SD 55, AD 137) Wellsville, NY Jamestown, NY West Seneca, NY (SD 59, AD 143)
(SD 57, AD 148) (SD 57, AD 150) (SD 59, AD 142)

Cheryl Engasser Christopher J. Hogan David Knauss Matt Squires David Clark
Engasser Construction Corp RP Oak Hill Building Lehigh Construction Manning Squires Hennig Clark Rigging & Rental
East Aurora, NY Company Inc., Group. Batavia, NY Corp/Niagara Erecting
(SD 59, AD 147) Buffalo, NY Orchard Park, NY (SD 61, AD 139) Lockport, NY
(SD 60, AD 149) (SD 60, AD 142) (SD 62, AD 144)

CC: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins