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No operational loss

Empowering Women Enterpreneurship

Ask for
Vehicle Tracking System
Keep track of your child when
they are on the move.
Location / Property Search Dedicated Parent Relation Team
Search, Approval and Finalisation of to follow up with admission
property is done by Footprints Team.
Infrastructure and Ambience setup is
done according to Footprints Norms Dedicated customer support portal
and team to handle all parent issues,
eventually reducing manpower for
2 weeks Pre-launch training.
Marketing launch
Help in preparing Marketing launch plan Online / offline Marketing is taken
care by Footprints
User friendly CRM, Portal, Apps
Fee collection, follow-ups, Reminders
Teacher & Centre Certification
Ongoing staff training

7 Initial Meeting
& Partner
Launch Evaluation
6 Audit

& Alignment
Commencement Kick-0ff 3
of Project Meeting &
5 Agreement

1 Initial Meeting & Partner Evaluation 5 Commencement of Project

Understand who we are and our value Staff Hiring & Training: Footprints extends
proposition. Footprints holds the right support towards recruitment and training.
to partnership with like minded Post hiring staff will undergo a training
people and passionate towards Early program.
child care and education. Online Marketing: Footprints start its online
2 Term sheet Sign-up campaigns before launch of centre to
Agree on terms and sign up with 20% generate enquiries.
of the consideration value. 6 Audit
3 Orientation & Alignment Quality checks and audit as per Footprints
Getting Aligned with Footprints process norms and standards.
and standards with the team. 7 Launch
4 Kick-off Meeting & Agreement Centre launch after audit and due diligence
Meeting with HODs and execute franchise
Investment Metro Cities- INR 70 Lacs Onwards
Non-Metro Cities- INR 40 Lacs Onwards

Infrastructure & Ambience All included in the investment

Payout Guarantee For First Two years

Internal Rate of Return 25%

Centre can be sold back at 4 times of the profit

Buy back Guarantee
made in preceding 12 months

Agreement period and renewal 9 years ( No renewal fee; done on mutual consent)
1. Why is Footprints investment so high and what all does it include?
Footprints covers initial 2 years of expenses and provides minimum payout guarantee. Footprints
ensures the business profitability.

Total investment includes:

Complete infra development by Footprints approved vendors
Property security deposit
Brokerage of the property
Educational material and toys
Payout guarantee for 2 years
2. How Footprints is different from other Pre schools ?
FP ensures profitability from the 1st year itself
No risk to your initial capital
You can sell back the center at no loss
3. Why is Footprints following High Scope Curriculum ?
Highscope Curriculum is being used by more than 50000 pre school in 20 + countries. Scientists
from Harvard and MIT have done research and development on early brain development. Its an
internationally well researched and proven curriculum for small kids

4. What kind of support will Footprints provide in hiring and training?

Footprints will provide the resume of candidates, Partner to do initial discussion and short
listing. Final approval will be done by Footprints

5. Do I need to arrange working capital over and above the initial amount?
Not required as Footprints provide payout guarantee.

6. What is unique and special at Footprints?

User friendly Dashboard,
Fanatic parent support,
No fear of business loss
Payout Guarantee
Online / Offline Marketing is taken care by Footprints
Parent relation team
7. What all programs does Footprints offer and their duration with age group?
Footprints broadly offers 3 programs – Pre – School , Day care and after school programs
Preschool comprises of
Toddlers ( 9 months – 1.5 years)
Playgroup ( 1.5 Years – 2.5 years)
Nursery ( 2.5 Years - 3.5 years)
LKG ( 3.5 Years - 4.5 years)
UKG ( 4.5 Years – 5.5 years)
8. Why is Footprints share 30%
We are providing growth of 25- 30% which is very attractive
No downside
Attractive Return
No Risk
Easy buy back

9. How would you ensure safety and security of kids?

All teaching and non- teaching staff will be female
CCTV footage
Visitors app
Biometric access
Child safe ambience
Vehicle tracking system

10. Is there any terms and conditions associated with the payout guarantee
We have four performance standards
partner should not be at the bottom 20% of the total centers of that region in the preceding 12
months on the following parameters:
Visit to admission conversion ratio
Customer satisfaction index [Measured through Net Promoter Score (NPS) technique]
Partner should not be at the top 20% of the total centres of that region in the preceding 12
months on the below parameters:
Child attrition
Staff attrition (Teacher attrition, Centre Directress)

11. How much time is required to launch the school?

From term sheet sign up to the launch of the center will take approx. 90 days