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Read the following passage carefully!

Human resource management is the science and art of relationship and the role of labor
in an efficient and effective way thus achieved the goal with the company, employees and the
community. According to Mutiara s. Panggabean

“MSDM is a process that consists of planning, organizing, controlling and management

activities related to job evaluation, job analysis, procurement, development, compensation,
promotion and termination of employment relationships in order to achieve the objectives that
have been set. From the above definition, according to Mutiara s. Panggabaean that, the
activities in the field of human resources can be viewed from two perspectives, namely from
the work and from the side of the workers.”
Operational functions operational Function within the MSDM human resource
management is the basic (Basic) implementation process the MSDM efficiently and effectively
in the achievement of the objectives of the organization/company. The operational function is
divided into 5 (five), is briefly as follows:

a. Procurement Functions is the withdrawal process, selection, placement, orientation, and

induction to get employees to match the needs of the company.(the right man in the right

b. functions of the development is the process of improving technical skills, conceptual,

theoretical, and employee morale through education and training. Education and training
must be given in accordance with the needs of the present and the job of the future.

c. Compensation Function is the provision of immediate retribution and not directly shaped
the money or goods to employees as a convenience service (output) that he has given to the
company. The principle of compensation is fair and worthy match the achievements of and
the responsibility of the employee.

d. functions of the integration are activities to unite the interests of the company and
employee needs, thus created a matching cooperation and mutual benefit.Where the
integration is important and difficult in the MSDM, because unifying the two
aspiration/interests that flips between employees and the company.

e. the maintenance Function is an activity to maintain or improve the condition of the

physical, mental and loyalty of employees in order to created a long term relationship. A
good maintenance program is carried out by the HSE (Health and Safety work).

Read the following passage carefully!

Financial management is the management of the financial functions. Financial
functions include fantasize obtain funds (raising of funds) and how to use these funds
(allocation of funds). Financial managers are concerned with the determination of the amount
of eligible assets from investments in various asset and choose the sources of funds to finance
these asset. To obtain funds, financial managers can obtain it from inside and outside the
company. Sources from outside the company comes from the capital market, could take the
form of debt or equity capital. Financial management can be defined from the duties and
responsibilities of the financial manager. The principal tasks of financial management include
investment decision, financing and business operations of a company dividend, thus the task
of the financial manager is to plan to maximize the value of the company. Another important
activity that should be done regarding the financial managers of four aspects:
Financial managers must collaborate with other managers who are responsible for the
general planning of the company. Managers should focus on investment and financing
decisions , and various things related to it. Financial managers must work with managers in the
company so that the company can operate as efficiently as possible Financial managers must
be able to connect the company with the financial markets, where companies can obtain funds
and securities companies can be traded. Another important aspect of the company's goals and
objectives of financial management is the consideration of social responsibility which can be
viewed from four aspects, namely : If financial management led to the share price, it needs
good management and efficient according to consumer demand. Successful companies always
put efficiency and innovation as a priority, resulting in a new product, invention of new
technologies and the expansion of employment
External factors such as environmental pollution, product safety assurance and safety
become more important to consider. Fluctuations in all levels of business activity and the
changes that occurred in the conditions of financial markets is an important aspect of the
external environment. Cooperation between industry and government is needed to create
regulations governing corporate behavior, and vice versa company comply with these
regulations. The company's goal is basically corporate value by technical considerations .
Basically the goal of financial management is to maximize corporate value. But behind these
objectives is a conflict between business owners with funding providers as creditors. If the
company goes well, the company's stock value will increase, while the value of corporate debt
in the form of bonds is not affected at all . So it can be concluded that the value of stock
holdings could be an appropriate index to measure the level of efektifitias company. Based on
this reason, the goal of financial management is expressed in the form of stock ownership
enterprise value maximization, or stock price maximization. Aim to maximize the stock price
does not mean that managers should strive to seek increase in value of the shares at the expense
of bondholders.

Question for 2 passage!

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