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149 Springville Ave, Lower, Buffalo, NY 14226| +1-(716)-603-0527 |


Creative problem solver with specialization in Data Visualization, Analysis and Prediction
• Data Analyst with 5+ years of professional experience in multinational companies.
• Awarded by ‘Synergy Award’ for smart and creative work.
• Strong domain knowledge of E-Commerce and Supply Chain.
• Advanced technical knowledge of Tableau, Excel, SQL/Oracle and MSBI(SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)
• Passionate about data analysis, always keen to find minute insights by spending time in data mining.
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Expected Jun 2019
Master of Science in Management Information Systems
(STEM Designated, CGPA: 3.91)
Relevant Courses: Web Analysis in E-Commerce, Supply Chain Analysis, Predictive Analytics, System Analysis and Design, Statistics
M&T Bank Present
Working with M&T Bank to find customer characteristics that can decide interest rate for them. With the past 2 years of customer
data, finding the relation by doing customer segmentation in Python using Clustering. Tableau story represents the characteristics
that can help in deciding the interest rate for customers and provides ‘AS-IS’ and ‘TO-BE’ Analysis.
Blood Donors Prediction Feb 2019
Participated in Data Science competition by Driven Data to predict the probability of a person to donate the blood in an upcoming
blood donation campaign. In Jupyter Notebook used Python to model the data and did feature selection by analysis of the data.
Used Decision Tree Classifier to predict the probability of blood donation. The model gave the accuracy of approx. 93%. Submitted
the result with log loss of 0.46.
University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Teaching Assistant Jan 2019-Mar 2019
• Assisted Dr. Pamella Howell for Data Visualization class that involves Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, IBM Watson and Excel.
ELI Research India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India
Senior Executive – Operations Dec 2016–Mar 2018
• Managed team of 6 to perform analysis for Healthcare Marketing team using SQL Analytics, Tableau, Excel and SSRS.
• The team was responsible to create Data Warehouse for the Healthcare and Banking teams by developing ETL in SSIS.
ELI Research India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India
Analyst – Operations Mar 2015-Dec 2016
• Co-ordinated with marketing team dealing with US health care data and provided required business reports that contained
YOY sales report and sector-wise growth using SSRS and SQL Analytics.
• Co-ordinated with the department’s account manager for weekly dashboard for deciding the most sold product, the average
cost of campaign per promotion using Tableau and Excel.
Syntel India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
Analyst Programmer – Business Intelligence Dec 2012–Feb 2015
• Created business reports for COO and CEO using SSRS and deployed to Microsoft SharePoint that gave insight about Attrition
Percentage, Average cost per employee for software usage, KPI Analysis, average up-time of the system that can be drilled
down to the employee level.
• Developed ETL using SSIS to maintain Data Warehouse for Operations team.
• Created Data Cubes using SSAS that helped in analysis data and provided reports using SSRS.
Analysis and Visualization: Tableau Desktop, Power BI, Excel, IBM Watson, Google Analytics, Tableau Prep
Machine Learning: Jupyter Notebook (Python) , SAS E-Miner, Azure ML Studio
Database: SQL Server 2012, Oracle 11g, MS Access, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Stack: Microsoft Business Intelligence(SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), SQL Server, Power BI, Excel, Azure ML Studio
• Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate | Tableau Nov 2018
• Google Analytics Individual Qualification(GAIQ) | Google Mar 2019
• Machine Learning with Python | IBM Mar 2019