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New Delhi, 18-20 May 2019

AICF Event Code : 209714/DEL / 2019

Venue: Hotel Caspia, Haiderpur, Shalimar Bagh,


Total Prize Fund : Rs. 18,00,000/-

ELIGIBILITY: The participant shall not have a published Fide
Rating of 1600 or more at the start of the Tournament, nor had
such a rating for at least 36 months prior to the start of the
Tournament. Unrated players are also eligible to participate in
the event.
Tournament Schedule
Arrival 17th May 2019
Rounds 18th May to 20th May 2019

18.05.2019 0930 hrs. Round 1
18.05.2019 1330 hrs. Round 2
18.05.2019 1730 hrs. Round 3
19.05.2019 0900 hrs. Round 4
19.05.2019 1300 hrs. Round 5
19.05.2019 1700 hrs. Round 6
20.05.2019 0830 hrs. Round 7
20.05.2019 1200 hrs. Round 8
20.05.2019 1530 hrs. Round 9
20.05.2019 2000 hrs. Prize Distribution Ceremony

Prizes : Total Cash Prizes: Rs. 18,00,000/-

Main Prizes
1st Rs. 1,00,000/- 2nd Rs. 70,000/-
3rd Rs. 48,000/- 4th Rs. 38,000/-
5th Rs. 28,000/- 6th – 10th Rs. 21,000/- each
11th – 40th Rs. 10,000/- 41st – 50th Rs. 7000/- each
51st – 75th Rs. 5,000/-

Elo 1399 & Below including unrated

1st Rs. 80,000/- 2nd Rs. 60,000/-
3rd Rs. 40,000/- 4th Rs. 35,000/-
5th Rs. 25,000/- 6th – 10th Rs. 20,000/- each
11th – 40th Rs. 10,000/- 41st – 50th Rs. 7000/- each

Best Unrated : 1st Rs 11,000/- 2nd : Rs. 8,000/-

Best Female : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best BPL Player : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Divyang Player : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Veteran (+60) : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Under-15** : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Under-12** : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Under-8** : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Delhi Player : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Delhi Female Player : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Below Elo 1200 * : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-
Best Below Elo 1100 * : 1st Rs 10,000/- 2nd : Rs. 7,000/-

* Unrated players are also considered

** All the players below that age will considered
Indian Income Tax Act and Rules will be applicable
Please note that one player will be given one (higher) prize only.
Special Prizes for Schools :- Top three schools will be given trophies as Best
Schools. To decide the winners, cumulative score of top 5 players score of the
school will be taken. The school fielding the most number of players will also
awarded with trophy.
Entry Fee
All Players : Rs. 5000/- (Including lodging on triple sharing/dormitory )
Maximum entry for Delhi players :Rs. 4500/- (No lodging will be provided)
No request towards waiver of entry fee will be entertained.
The last date of entry: 1st May 2019
Entries with late fee of Rs. 500 from 2nd May 2019 to 17th May 2019 at 1900 hrs.
20 entries on First cum First serve basis from BPL Card Holders will be given free
entry for the event. Such entries will be accepted up to 1st May 2019 only. Entry form
need to be forwarded along with copy of BPL card.
A discount of 50% in entry fee will be granted to all Armed Forces/Para
Military/Police Personnel/Divyang and veterans above the age of 60 years. The
discount will be applicable only upto 1st May 2019.

Tournament Rules:
System of Play:
The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE Laws of Chess and FIDE Swiss
System with 9 rounds.
Time Control :
60 Minutes with 30 second increment from move 1
Tie Break:

In case of a tie, the latest FIDE Rules shall come in to effect. The Cash prizes
however will not be shared and one player will be eligible for one higher prize only.

Entry Registration
All the entries to be forwarded along with entry form and entry fee by DD (Delhi
Cheques will also be accepted) favoring Delhi Chess Association, payable at Delhi.
Address for sending the entries is the Secretary, Delhi Chess Association, C/O Hotel
KC PLAZA, 5588, Basant Lane, Pharganj, New Delhi-110055. Players can also pay the
entry online through our website or pay directly directly to the
following account through NEFT (cash deposit in account strictly not entertained)
and forward the entry form along with transaction receipt by email. Please note that
cash deposit in account will not be entertained.


Bank Account No : 2416101014661
Type of Acct : SB
Bank Address : HSS Kings way camp, Delhi INDIA (DP 2416)
Account NAME : Delhi Chess Association
IFSC Code : CNRB0002416
Those who are forwarding entry by bank deposit are to carry the original proof
of deposit during the event for verification.
Lodging will be provided for participants of this event on triple sharing/dormitory. In
case the player want to avail double sharing accommodation, Rs.1500 each need to

Entry Form

As per FIDE Regulations, Registration and Licensing of Players are mandatory. So it is

mandatory to forward the entry form in the given format with all details for accepting
the entries along with prescribed entry fee. Those don’t have FIDE ID can leave the
column blank. Organiser’s have the right to accept or reject any entry without
assigning any reason.

AICF Registration:
All participants should be registered with AICF for the year 2019-20. Online AICF
Registration is available in the website Before forwarding the entry,
player must be registered with AICF for the year 2019-20.

Electronic Devices:

All electronic items including wrist watches (all type of watches) are not allowed in
the tournament hall.

Default Time:
The default time will be 15 minutes
Reporting :

Players who require accommodation are to report at Hotel KC Plaza, 5588, Basant
Lane, Paharganj, New Delhi (Opposite to New Delhi Railway Station and Near Karnail
Singh Stadium) on 17th May 2019 after 1000 hrs.

The venue of the tournament will be Hotel Caspia, Haiderpur, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi,
110088. The nearest metro is HAIDERPUR on Yellow Line.

Mr. Jitendra Choudhary, IA (Registration) +91-8130875063

Mr. Guru Dayal Prajapati, IA (Registration) +91-9015046005
Mr. Arun Kumar, FA (Registration & Accommodation) +91-9650475257
Mr. Kaviraj Sawant, FA (Registration & Accommodation) +91-7699448044
Mr. Amit Sharma, IA (Registration) +91-9899194411
Mr. Shivakant Mishra, FA (Registration) +91-9810250960
Mr. MS Gopakumar, IA (Chief Arbiter) +91-9868624216
Mr. AK Verma (Organising Secretary) +91-9891468906

Whatsapp : 9868624216
Email: Web site:
Delhi Chess Association FIDE Rated
Chess Tournament (1599&below), New Delhi
Entry Form

Name :

Fathers’ Name :

Address :

Place of Birth & DOB :

Sex :


FIDE Rating :

Telephone no :

Mobile no :

Email id :

AICF id :

Accommodation :
Entry Fee Payment :
Details of AICF :
registration for the year
2019 – 20
I declare that I didn’t participate any unauthorized event listed by
the All India Chess Federation.

Place :
Date : Signature

Received with thanks an amount of Rs.____________ from

Mr/Ms. ___________________ of ________________ to
participate in the Delhi Chess Association FIDE Rated Chess
Tournament, New Delhi from 18th to 20th May 2019.
Authorized Signatory