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cay 7. (a) Briefly outline the concepts of superpave, 5 (®) Outline the spevffcations of materials to bbe used in concrete for paving work as per Rc. 8. Write short noes on any 0 5x2 (0) Optimum binder content in bituminows mix (4 Road making pares in india _, li) Lig bitaminows materia opi work. Acton aroma Mate) 10 Now 2008 Foal Pages (Set-L) M.Tech-Ist Pavement Materials Full Marks: 70 Time :3 hows (Q. No. 1iscompulsory and answer any five from the rest The figures inthe right-hand margin indicate marks 4, Answer he following questions 2x10 (a) Whatis Group Index? (®) What do you mean by modulus of subgrade reaction? (6) State the characteristics of expansive soil under moisture variation (2) Whatare the possible mix structures for binary ageregates (@) Whatis meant by combined flakiness and ‘elongation index? ay (What is rote ofceriin percentage of ait ‘void inthe bituminous mix? (2) Differentiate between hydrophobic and hydrophilic sugregats. (8) Whats the main advantage of cutbacks over emulsion? (@ What is the prime role of filter in ‘bituminous mix? °"() Whatis the minimum flexural strength of concrete for CC sab a per mix design? 2. (a) State the functions of subgrade, Give brief specification of soil including unit weight ‘and compaction requirements of soil in subgrade. 5 (6) Brief discuss the unified and 1.. soil classification systems. sf A (@) List out the factors which control the strength characteristics of soil, Describe the procedure for CBR test in laboratory. $ Gs) (6) Discuss riety the varios properties of road aggegacs. 4. (a) Whatere the methods of designing agerezate sradation? Discuss Rothfuteh’s method in ‘etl (6) State the requirements ofpaving bitumen as perlS: 73. What are the advantages of ‘modified binder over VG bitumen? 5 (a) Whatdo you mean by theology ? Explain the eteep and relaxation behaviours of standard solid model with sketches and equations. (6) What are the indirect tests to give an idea of viseosity of binder? Discuss the ‘elationships between viscosity, penetration ‘and temperature with equations and graphs. of 6 (@) Diseuss the mechanical properti bituminous. (6) Discuss fatigue performance of bituminous ong with the concept of cumulative atigue damage, Maren Mart) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 (mow)