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Ice Cream making has long been an art practiced by the people in the culinary field.
Yet behind the exquisite taste ice cream offers, ice cream actually presents a very
intriguingly complex chemistry enabling such a state to occur. The purpose of this
study is to uncover the complex chemistry behind the creation of ice cream. This
investigation will revolve on using the student’s observation skills and scientific
deduction as to what and how the chemistry behind ice cream making happened.
The major findings that the students ought to find is salt enables the freezing point
of ice to be lowered enabling easier transfer of heat. Another major finding the
students ought to find is the solubility of the ingredients to make ice cream whether
they can actually mix or not properly. The students would conclude that creating ice
cream involves a transfer of heat between the ice and the ice cream mixture with
salt as a catalyst in helping the hardening of the ice cream mixture.