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a culture in which people are very ready to go to law

over evenrelatively minor incidents in the hope of gaining compensation

It is often viewed as political correctness gone mad. People claim for compensation for
an injury in which no-one was to blame. These claims are often made for spurious
reasons and in situations in which common sense should have prevailed.

The fact remains that many people are injured every year as a result of an accident which
was not their fault. This causes stress and misery for both the victims and their families
and is a life changing experience.

If this applies to you then you have a right to pursue a claim for compensation for your
injuries. Despite what public opinion think many people who make a claim do so for not
the money but the chance of rebuilding their life.

The issue is one of taking personal responsibility for our actions and how they affect
other people. This means drawing a fine line between cases where an injury has occurred
due to negligence and those which are merely an accident or carelessness.
Accident or negligence?
This is the main issue in any compensation claim. You can make a claim for
compensation but only if there is evidence to show that your injury was caused by
someone else’s negligence

If you have sustained an injury which was not your fault and may be attributed to
someone else’s negligence then consider a claim for compensation.

You need to make a decision about whether to pursue a claim or make a complaint. There
is a difference between the two.

Abandoned son of police spy sues Met for compensation

A man whose father abandoned him as a child while working as an undercover police
officer is suing the Metropolitan police for compensation. he has suffered psychiatric
damage after discovering at the age of 26 that his father was a police spy, and not the
radical protester he had been led to believe. in the high court, Mr Justice Nicol ruled
against an attempt by the Met to have the lawsuit dismissed. He told the Guardian he had
suffered distress because he had grown up without a father figure. Finding out that this
father figure “was denied to me because of the actions of the police is even more
distressing because they are supposed to be upholders of the law … But they quite clearly
are not,” he said. The Metropolitan police agreed three years ago to pay his mother,
known only as Jacqui, more than £400,000 to settle a lawsuit she had brought.

Ben Arfa suing for compensation over unhappy spell with PSG

PARIS (AP) — French midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa is seeking up to 8 million euros ($9.1
million) in compensation from Paris Saint-Germain for not playing him during the last 15
months of his largely unhappy spell with the club.

The player's lawyer, Jean-Jacques Bertrand, said in an Associated Press interview on

Monday that the suit was filed on Friday with a Paris labor tribunal.

Bertrand said Ben Arfa's contract at PSG was heavily weighted with performances
bonuses, so his earnings took a hit from the club's decision not to play him. The suit also
argues that PSG's treatment of Ben Arfa amounted to workplace harassment.

The lawyer alleges the club's aim was "to make him crack," and PSG "did everything to
push him to leave."

In response, PSG expressed confidence that it will be vindicated and said it regrets the
"stubbornness" of Ben Arfa and his attorney.

Ben Arfa joined PSG in 2016. But after scoring twice in a French Cup quarterfinal in
April 2017, he never played for the PSG first team again to the end of his contract in June
2018, an exile of nearly 70 matches.