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Cicis restaurant



Cicis was began in 1985 in Plano and Texas and today they have 450 restaurants in 32 states. Joe
Croce and Mike Cole is a founder of cicis. In the earliest days they invented unlimited pizza
buffet. Cicis is an American chain which offers different food. Moreover, cicis is a fast growing
pizza chain in the year 2001 the cicis where 380 restaurants. After that 4 years later it expands
500 restaurants.

Furthermore, cicis is a fastest growing pizza chain is the United States. Cicis won many awards
over the years. Zagat and parents magazine announce top family restaurants, In the year 2014
technomic consumers choice award for best kid friendly quick service restaurant won by cicis.


Cicis offers many products Such as pizza, pasta, salad, soup, and a dessert buffet. Cicis pizza
ready with bread which made from scratch. Cicis Salad made with new materials. Eating well
never tasted so good. Cicis Wings are tossed in your choice of four mouthwatering flavors
including Hot Buffalo, Mild Buffalo, Honey BBQ and Garlic Parmesan. Cicis introduce a new
boneless wings which is available in the same delicious flavors as our Traditional Bone-in
Wings. Cicis also have a sides dishes like Cheesy bread, saucy pasta and piping hot soup which
includes in main course. And all Cicis desserts are baked fresh in our restaurants every day. Cicis
also offers value pack meal which includes in family packs, party packs and XL party pack.

Services:Cicis offers different kinds of services like app, email and text. Cicis app is use to get
faster way to free pizza. This app is available for iPhone Android. Some people don’t have a
smartphone so they may login and sign up from Cicis website.

Cicis pizza is plan to expand new franchises near airports in various country’s most highly
visited airports, and they are ready to find well-skilled franchise associates which are passionate
of delivering a brand promise. A variety of pizzas, salads, sandwiches, wings, drinks and a novel
breakfast offer to passengers in Cicis airport and its menu designed for portability. there are
some airports which is expand McCord told Airport World that Dallas-Fort Worth International
Airport which is top of the brand’s wish list, which is closely by Houston, Miami, Los Angeles,
Denver, and Salt Lake City airports.

Changing business environment:

After the general election of 2018 the newly selected government has finally offered a
development package for Karachi they are going to develop city infrastructure, public places,
transportation, and water sanitation. Karachi is in a serious water crisis. The government is setup
to upgrade dhabeji and pipri pumping station. They also think to purify seawater to solve the
water crisis matter. They also planned to improve Karachi zoo, safari park, and manchar lakes
and other public places.

Moreover they have planned green line bus service and circular railway system to develop
Karachi transportation.

Evolving Business Environment Issues

Pakistan and china start a trade program which is CPEC. Pakistan Government is responsible for
providing security to CPEC route and it faces many security issues. There is a IS or al-Qaeda
and other groups may see CPEC projects as symbolic of China and strike against them. Pakistan
government has promised to provide security for all foreign investment in Pakistan, but the port
of Gwadar. The key to the entire CPEC project, lies in Baluchistan. Security challenges come
from the fact that CPEC runs through Gilgit-Baltistan region in Pakistan, bordering the disputed
territory of Kashmir. It is feared that terrorists within Pakistan could seek to threaten Indian
controlled Kashmir through Gilgit-Baltistan Potential terror threats also come from a domestic
group called Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and al-Qaeda. Islamic terrorist organizations such as IS
and al-Qaeda have declared Jihad against China because of Beijing’s perceived mistreatment of
the Uyghur minority in China’s Xinjiang region.

In 2017 there is an increase in the number of terrorist attacks in Pakistan in July a suicide bomber
explosives motorcycle near a police party in the Kot Lakhpat neighborhood, killing almost 28
people and 57 were injured. Lahore police officials killed Nine of these. the responsibility taken
for the attack by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. A suicide bomber exploded a propane-type
cylinder tank IED in April. In this attack several were injured and eight people killed in the blast
and responsibility taken by Central Group of Tehreek-e-Talib Pakistan . In February 13 the
civilians and six police officers remained killed by a suicide bomber in an explosive vest to his
body of protesters outside the Punjab Assembly in the middle of a crowd.

Foreign hackers are planning to launch cyber-attacks in Pakistan. According to a report by a

government body Telecommunication Authority, Russia and Israel to influence general elections
of Pakistan might launch cyber-attacks. Important voter information might get stolen ahead of
the polls. There are four other countries, Brazil, Sweden, Malaysia and Ireland, where elections
are going to be held this year. Hackers are active in Russia and Israel and intend to steal people’s


Over the years Pakistan is facing many environmental challenges which threats to human health
and life. Pakistan is including in top ten countries most affected by climate change. Climate
change is negatively impacting health, agriculture and overall economy of the country.

Furthermore, one of the biggest issues is the increasing deforestation in the country. Reason
behind deforestation is energy crises, commercial benefits and domestic use. Paksitan new prime
minister imran khan have been launched to increase forest cover which includes Green Pakistan
Program, Billion Tree Tsunami which starts in 2017 but it will take some years for these plants
to grow.

Moreover, air pollution is destroy over environment. They release toxic gases from factories,
brick kilns and carbon emission from transport vehicles are main reasons of air pollution.
Pakistan government and citizens are lack to implement and follow those laws completely.
Another reason for air pollution is increasing deforestation in the country. Air pollution causes
respiratory diseases and skin and eye infections as well.

Moreover, asad umer checked the air-quality monitor he had installed to track the city’s terrible
pollution. The levels of the dangerous particulates known as PM2.5, small enough to enter into
the lungs and bloodstream, they had reached more than 30 times of 1,077 micrograms per cubic
meter. Naseem-ur-Rehman a director at Punjab’s Environment Protection Department, admitted
that the government had bought six air-quality monitors last year but never installed them.

Furthermore, smog is a crisis in Pakistan Air quality. Pakistan exceeds safe limits in all major
cities, according to news Lahore 9x worse than national guidelines.135,000 deaths per year to
from air pollution, they may cause of sickness and death in Pakistan, Smog is a public health
emergency. Pakistan estimated economic burden of air pollution is 5.88% of GDP or $47.8

Global PEST

The year 2017 was not a good year for global politics. In 2016 election Trump victory was held
and they threatened North Korea to destroy them. The US defend itself but China will avoid a
war in the neighborhood. Trump will survive the sexual-assault claims, and the special counsel
Robert Mueller’s research of the Russian affair. China will not become first superpower as of
still, but it will strengthen its power Premier Li Keqiang, China’s second-in-command confirmed
China’s maintenance for the Paris Agreement, that it is an “international responsibility” to fight
against climate change. Trump confirmed last week that the US would exist the landmark
climate-change. In the year 2017 was a remarkable for women’s rights. Early from the women’s
march in January, 2017 has been the year when women finally united globally and clearly in
order to show their frustration and anger. The sexual harassment and violence allegations against
actresses by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. It will take 100 years to close this gap
according to the report of World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap in 2017. Sexual violence
against women and girls is being used around the world, while in Burma, the Central African
Republic, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Education numbers do not look good. In
South sudan, Afghanistan and Chad, only 24%, 55% and 53% girls are going to school and
they are not studying.


United States was a larger economy in the world with $20.4 trillion, the US economy improved
from around $19.4 trillion last year according to International Monetary Fund. China monitors
with $14 trillion, according to the comparison in 2017 they increase $2 trillion. Although Japan
has third place by an economy of $5.1 trillion, which is up from $4.87 trillion in previously year.
The next places take up by three European countries on the list. Germany were fourth, with a
$4.2 trillion economy, United Kingdom is fifth by $2.94 trillion and France is sixth by $2.93
trillion. Which is close behind the UK and France, India’s economy is seventh with $2.85
trillion, and Italy were eight with an economy of $2.18 trillion. Brazil ninth in the list, with an
economy of more than $2.14 trillion, however Canada is 10th with an economy of $1.8
trillion. According to the report of the World Bank. The global economy will grow through $6.5
trillion between 2017 and 2019. America’s GDP is expected to account for 17.9% of this growth.
China’s, however, is predicted to account for almost double this, at 35.2% and India is about

Issues in economic growth is lack of opportunity and unemployment, safety and growth, lack of
education, and corruption is the major reasons and issues of today economic.


In June 1981, scientists in the United States reported the first clinical evidence of a disease that
would later become known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. Its cause, the
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), was identified in 1983.

Since the start of the epidemic around 78 million have become infected with HIV and around 35
million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses. In 2015, there were 36.7 million (34.0
million–39.8 million) people living with HIV.

HIV is found in the bodily fluids of a person who has been infected - blood, semen, vaginal
fluids and breast milk. It can be transmitted through unprotected sexual contact. It is also spread
among people who inject drugs with non-sterile injecting needles, as well as through unscreened
blood products. It can spread from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breast feeding
when the mother is HIV-positive.

In France and Denmark the terrorist attacks held in the countries of North Africa and Middle
East. Fighting against the terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda the international community take
step to tackle them.


Today self-driving cars almost ordinary. Waymo publicly abandoned test drivers after the wheels
of its self-driving cars . it was a big deal. Waymo is beginning a self-driving taxi service in the
suburbs of Phoenix. In earlier the self-driving is started from California to New York very soon
Tesla said that its auto-pilot feature that offers limited self-driving abilities will be ready to drive.
Therefore Tesla already buy a self-driving car which is just put out a software update.

Japanese technological advancement are making human life more easy and useful. Recently
japan invented a elevator that can carrying you from one floor to another for the blink of an eye.

PEST Analysis.

In august 2018 Imran Khan was become a Pakistan's 22nd prime minister. The July 25th PTI
was the single-largest party in the parliamentary election. The new PTI-led union government's
capability to full fill its electoral promises and stated policy schedule which is limited by the
country's weak economic position. An approaching IMF programme will slow economic growth,
increase energy prices and result in further reduction of the local currency.

Corruption is the most damaging effects of bad governance is the occurrence that ultimately
results in lawlessness and the biggest interruption in the way of development. The absence of
neutral and independent accountability has resulted in the growth of this monster. It has become
a norm in our society rather than an exception. Good Governance stands for poverty alleviation.
It has always been a favorite buzzword in our economic and social development circles. Almost
every democratic government has launched poverty reduction programs but all proved futile and
ended in corruption. Accountability is a crucial point in good governance – the rulers and the
institutions of the state are accountable to people. But, it is very hard to find it in Pakistan’s weak
institutional set-up.

In 2017 the Pakistan population is about 197 million. Pakistan looks increasingly unstable
grapples with persistent economic imbalances., the newly formed Economic Advisory Council at
its first meeting discussed measures such as an import ban on cheese and other consumer goods
to reduce the current account deficit, which blown up in FY 2018 due to robust imports
stemming from higher oil prices and projects linked to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
Foreign exchange reserves have been falling as a result and many analysts expect Pakistan may
soon turn to the IMF for a bailout. It could, however, first seek assistance from China or Saudi
Arabia to avoid IMF requirements.

Growth is expected to slow in FY 2019 as the country’s twin deficits continue to weigh on the
outlook. Panelists expect growth of 4.7% in FY 2019, unchanged from last month’s estimate, and
4.8% in FY 2020.

The previous currency rate in Oct 2018 was 132 and the last was also 132 USD While the
previous stock market points were 37647 and the last were 37982.In Dec 2017 the previous GDP
rate was 279 and the last was 305 US billion .The previous CPI rate was 229 index points and the
last rate was also 229 index points .In June 2018 the previous Export prices ware 752 and the
last were 768 index points while the previous import prices were 1286 and the last were 1346
index points.


It’s unfortunate that child labor exists throughout the world even after the presence of multiple
laws precisely legislated to eradicate it. Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries for
children: apart from the dangers faced well before the birth by our babies, the plight of living in
poverty forces the already undernourished children to be economically active to help their
families. The main reasons forcing children to work are limited excess to education, poverty and
injustice. According to different sources more than 10 million Pakistani kids, have to work to
help their families at school going age. Child labor has been controlled to some extent by
legislation in the sophisticated areas but the conditions are not ideal. Even today, most of the
domestic servants in formal sectors are children. Many before the age of 6 are sold as domestic
workers only for sixty to eighty thousand rupees for one year. Working 24/7 becomes their fate
since the buyers take them as a purchasable item instead of a human being. people are frequently
sexually abused by masters and even by people living in surrounding like shopkeepers and
fellow grownup servants.

In Pakistan, domestic violence is the most common form of gender discrimination. The
depressing irony behind the male-dominated society in Pakistan is that; it determines that women
are not given enough independence and power to speak up against the unfair treatment receive.
The rate of abuse women suffer in Pakistan is even higher than most of the world; as 70-90
percent of Pakistani women become victim to unfair treatment. Commonly, the woman accepts
repeated beatings, sentimental whippings and verbal offense under the pressure to keep the
family unite


Technology, including the IT industry, in Pakistan has enormous potential for growth. But
teething problems, especially a lack of funds and encouragement for product development,
have deterred start-ups from moving forward with disruptive innovations or technologies. While
Pakistan’s technology sector struggles to get off the ground, Indian IT exports have reached
more than $100 billion.

Pakistan’s Information Technology industry has demonstrated positive growth trends for the last
four years. During 2016-17, Pakistan’s IT exports were $3.3 billion, which have climbed to $5
billion and are expected to grow to $6 billion in the coming years. Enterprise software has grown
by 17 percent, marketing tech 15 percent, financial services 13 percent, consumer goods 9
percent, retail/e-commerce 8 percent, professional services 8 percent, internet of things/hardware
7 percent, health care 4 percent, media 4 percent and non-profit 3 percent’s.

Pakistan’s IT sector constitutes only 1% of the global IT industry, a negligible share compared
with the accelerating need of robust development and growth of this sector in Pakistan.

Though there are over 1500 registered IT companies in Pakistan, each firm and individual is
unable to deliver its full potential. There also appears to be a lack of support from the
government. The educational sector of Pakistan is also failing to support this industry’s needs.
The courses, subjects and the information imparted at a majority of our existing educational
institutions are all obsolete and fail to inculcate creativity and innovation amongst the students.
In addition inculcating sound and effective communication skills of the students is another pre-
requisite. Nevertheless, majority of the universities in Pakistan persistently produce personnel
incapable of meeting the sectors’ needed communication and interpersonal skills standards. The
sheer number of IT universities in the country is also insufficient to properly promote IT
education in the count. The prevalent organizational politics and personal motives in the local IT
companies also hinder the operation of a smooth flow of work. The focus of the industry
representatives to fulfill their personal interests rather than working jointly for the benefit of
industry and national economy is a bottleneck in the effective realization of IT sector’s
organizational goal. Conducting award shows regularly can also effectively breed healthy
competition amongst the employees, and the issues of IT industry should be properly raised with
the government to overcome unhealthy politics and to promote the interest of the industry at
Stakeholder Analysis of cicis.
Cicis provide there customer Old-style, deep dish and flatbread pizza ready with bucks that ready
from scratch in there restaurants. It also provides her customer salad bar, wings, sides and
Cicis provide a quality management, gainful economic. We are happy to borrow cicis franchise
to expand in growing market. Cicis gives us a chance to grow which can’t I attain somewhere.
Cicis empowering there guests to catch the taste which they are looking for cicis makes life more
favorable. Cicis gives employees free hand initiative to expand their self in public through
unforgettable experiences of dining. Cicis gives opportunities in corporate level or in a particular
franchise or there restaurant to avail and express your skills in there restaurant.
Internal elements
Customer’s issues:
In restaurants customer’s complaints about many things like dirty utensils or table and slow
service. Furthermore, the customer typically have issues with meals and beverages that are
served at the incorrect temperature. These are some of the issues that generally happen in the
Employer’s issues:
Employment is the biggest issue in the restaurant industry. The currently unemployment rate is
stable its record low at 4% this is the lowest in 17 years.
Suppliers’ issues:
The supplier sometime don’t give good quality so taste the product before promising and check
about their meat and food packing dates.

Porter five forces:

Threats of competitors:
Threats of competitors are very high in Karachi because there are many restaurants who are
offering pizza like Broadway pizza, California pizza, penny pizza, pizza hut and 14th street pizza.

Threats of substitution:

Threats of substitution is very high in Karachi because many restaurants like COSMOPOLITAN,
NANDO’S, COCOCHAN and THE DELI are offering different as compared to cicis.
Threat of new Entrants:

As discussed earlier the threats of competitors in Karachi is high because many chains offer
franchises already so it can be that threat of new entrants.

Threat of Substitute Products:

There are many Grocery and supermarket chains in Karachi the restaurant industry which are
enormous substitute so the expected supply power will be lower to presence of many.
Mckinsey’s framework


Cicis offers demographic leadership style Cicis employees are self-determining spirits with the
effort to make a scratch on their community by creating memorable dining experiences so
in future cicis Karachi also follows these styles.
Poster value chain analysis

Inbound logistics:

In Karachi there are many grocery stores like SUBZIPHAL, AGHA’S SUPERMARKET,
HYPERSTAR and K&N CHICKEN cicis buy products from SUBZIPHAL because of their

Outbound logistics:

Cicis is a self-service restaurant and they provide services like app, email, text and online order.
Cicis in case of Karachi also provide these services.


Cicis in Karachi they also provide comprehensive training program at our Support Center
because this course already provide in Irving, Texas.


Cicis provide quality product and services to their customers it provide value packs ,buffet
pizza, salad bar, and Wings, so Cicis Karachi also provide such kind of quality products to our
Sales and Marketing:

Cicis release a new products for key sales creativities to develop year-round marketing.
Marketing Specialist who provides counseling when needed. Cicis also works with local real
estate dealers to categorize a right site for new restaurant.
Risk management
Restaurant business can be a risky one. Aside from the huge personal risk that comes with
opening your own restaurant, even when you have been in business for many years, you are still
not out of the woods yet. From fires and kitchen accidents to dirty bathrooms and slip and falls,
are such common risk during the operations. Moreover Workers in kitchen using sharp knives
are always at the risk of cuts and injuries.

Furthermore, Foodborne disease is a common but preventable burden of illness worldwide.
The Cicis is a fast food restaurant which is well known all over the America because of its
matchless and household taste. In this project a study about the opening of the Cicis franchise in
the Karachi city is determined in a manner of feasibility research through different analysis
including (PEST) and have analyzed the current political, economic, social and technology
condition of both Pakistan and world. During the study the positive and negative aspects are also
observed and some recommendation are also given from all over the project.
Pakistan and India are facing issue on Kashmir to resolve this issue by declaring Kashmir an
independent state or on regional basis by dividing State into four zones by likely pattern of
Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries for children. It’s unfortunate that child labor
exists throughout the world even after the presence of multiple laws exactly passed to eliminate

There are seven Solutions to stop child labor which is laws, reduce poverty, Education, look after
you employees, Ethical consumerism, be alert and ready to act, and donate to charities.

Over the years Pakistan is facing many environmental challenges which threats to human health
and life. Pakistan is including in top ten countries most affected by climate change.

There are some of the solutions which make help us to make climate clean. Forego Fossil Fuels,
Infrastructure Upgrade, Use less transportation, Stop Cutting Down Trees, Unplug the gadgets
when not in use. these are some of the main solution of making climate good and clean.