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Actividad de aprendizaje 4 Evidencia 2

Workshop “Distribution channels”


Oscar Alzate


Actividad de aprendizaje 4

Evidencia 2: Workshop “Distribution channels”

1. Lea cuidadosamente la conversación:

2. Susan: Good morning Mr. White.

3. Mr. White: Good morning, Ms. Susan. Can we start the meeting?
4. Susan: Of course, Mr. White. I have the options on the board.
5. Mr. White: That’s good. Remember, we need to choose the most suitable distribution strategy for
our products.
6. Susan: We have three strategies: Intensive, exclusive and selective. Intensive strategy pretends
to reach the largest possible number of POS (Point of Sale), but unfortunately it’s difficult to
control. That’s because we would have to deal with many intermediaries.
7. Mr. White: What about the exclusive strategy?
8. Susan: It’s different from the first one. Only it’s necessary one POS by each geographic area, no
matter if it’s retailer or wholesaler.
9. Mr. White: Sounds god to me. And the last one?
10. Susan: Well, it’s the selective strategy. It’s the intermediate strategy between the other ones.
11. Mr. White: I don’t know. I like the first one, but I don’t know how profitable it is. Hhhhmmm,
well. What do you think?
12. Susan: Well, I consider that the selective strategy is the best.
13. Mr. White: You’re right. Well done.
Susan: Thanks, Mr. White.

2. Responda T si es verdadero o F si es falso.

a. The Company product is a cake.

T ( ) F ( x)

b. The meeting objective is to choose the product’s price.

T ( ) F ( x)

c. Susan proposes three distribution strategies.

T ( x) F ( )

d. The selective strategy pretend to reach many POS.

T ( ) F ( x)

e. The exclusive strategy is difficult to control.

T ( ) F ( x)

f. Mr. White chooses the intensive strategy.

T ( ) F ( x)
3. Lea el siguiente texto y responda las preguntas planteadas posteriormente:

Economic aspects – understanding of cannel emergence

Economic reasons are the foremost determinant of channel structure. The emergence of the wide
variety of intermediaries can be explained in terms of four logically related steps in an economic
• Intermediaries can increase the efficiency of the process of exchange,
 They align the quantities and assortments produced with the quantities and assortments consumed,
 They make transactions routine, and
 They facilitate the searching process.

Dependence and cooperation

Each member of a distribution channel is dependent upon the behaviour of other channel members.
Four different approaches have been used to assess dependence levels in channel relationships:

 The ‘sales and profit’ approach, which postulates that the larger the percentage of sales and profit
contributed by the source firm, the greater the target’s dependence on the source.

 The ‘role performance’ approach, which assesses the firm’s role performance in carrying out its role in
relation to another company down or up the channel.

 The ‘specific assets –offsetting investment’ approach, which maintains that offsetting investments help to
safeguard the target company against opportunism by the source.

 The ‘trust’ approach, in which a long-term relationship is built on the extent to which companies trust
one another.

 The raise of such many intermediaries, are explained in ___ steps.

 Three.
 Two.
 Five.
 Four
1. Intermediaries make:

a. Process of exchange.
b. Transactions routine.
c. New members.
d. Assortments.

2. A member of a distribution channel depends on:

a. Other channel members.

b. The retailers.
c. The wholesalers.
d. Intermediaries.

3. The ‘trust’ approach is based on:

a. The role of another company.

b. The percentage of sales.
c. How much companies trust each other.
d. Channel members.

4. The ‘role performance’ approach assesses:

a. The firm’s role performance.

b. The other channel members’ behavior.
c. Retailers.
d. Wholesalers.

4. Describa en inglés un producto de su preferencia, asígnele una marca y presente, tanto las
características como los costos de dicho producto, luego seleccione un canal y tipo de estrategia de
distribución según la clase de producto.



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