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October 19-21, 2010

Russian SME
A Visit of Russian
Entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley

October 19-21, 2010

Russian SME
A Visit of Russian
Entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley
Russian SME

Delovaya Rossiya
Delegation of
Russian Entrepreneurs
Delovaya Rossiya Delegation of Entrepreneurs
This delegation features a group of entrepreneurs selected by all-Russian
online competition «Modernization» and summer school emphasizing in-
novation and commercialization of intellectual development «Cre@tovo», a
joint projects of Delovaya Rossiya (“Business Russia” – the association of
medium-sized business enterprises in Russia) and UpSelf, a Russian social
networking and knowledge management technology company.

Organized by

Sponsored by

Delegation Principals
Boris Yurievich Titov, Chairman,
Delovaya Rossiya
Boris Titov is the Chairman of the Russian business associa-
tion, Delovaya Rossiya. He has also served as the Chairman
and CEO of SVL Group since 2002. Mr. Titov was President
of the Nitrogen agrichemical company, a joint venture between
SVL and Gazprom, from 2001 to 2002. He was a member of the
Public Chamber of the Russian Federation from 2006 to 2009
and was Vice President of the Russian Union of Industrialists
and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) from 2000 to 2005.

Mr. Titov was a co-founder of the investment vehicle that later grew into the company
SVL in 1991. From 1983 to 1989, he worked in the foreign trade association “Soyuznefteex-
port”, a state company to export crude oil and petroleum products, specializing in the supply
of petrochemical products and industrial oils in Latin America and the Far East.

Mr. Titov holds a degree in International Economics from the Moscow State Institute of
International Relations (MGIMO). 

Andrey Kolosovsky, Member of General Council,

Delovaya Rossiya

In 1978 Mr. Kolosovsky graduated from MGIMO University

specializing in International Journalism. From early 1997 until
2001 he occupied positions of Vice-President and Vice-Chair-
man of the Board of Directors at Media Most.
Since 2002, Mr. Kolosovsky works as a consultant in the field
of investments and media business.
Currently, Mr. Kolosovsky is a Director of Legal and Corpo-
rate Affairs at Microsoft Rus.

Aleksey Ermolin, Founder, UpSelf

Aleksey Ermolin began his career in 2008, founding the

internet company “UpSelf” and serves as its Business Develop-
ment Director. Aleksey specializes in knowledge management
and hybridization technologies. UpSelf is a developer of profes-
sional social networks with elements of knowledge management
technologies. The company has successfully developed and
launched a number of projects.

Since 2009, Mr. Ermolin has also been affiliated with the Inter-
national Republican Institute. Since 2010, Aleksey has been the CEO of B-smart hi-tech
company, the first developed product of which is NetWatcher.

Mr. Ermolin is a graduate of the world famous Chechov’s Moscow Art Theatre School
IT projects
Russian SME
Innovation IT projects

Online tool for analyzing and optimizing cellular networks

Name, Surname: Alexey Ermolin

City: Moscow
Company name: B-smart

Project Description
NetWatcher is the newest online tool for analyzing and optimizing cellular network
quality, increasing competitiveness of cellular operator communication and reducing
expenses. These problems are solved with a special device and software, NetWatcher,
which provides telecom operators with the latest and most relevant information. The
company’s top management receives the data as well as engineers, which accelerates
decision making and reduces the company’s cost up to 20-30%. As compared to other
products, NetWatcher is more reasonably priced, offers customers hardware setup, and
comes with an easy-to-use interface and technical support.


Aleksey Ermolin began his career in 2008, founding the internet company “UpSelf”
and serves as its Business Development Director. Aleksey specializes in knowledge
management and hybridization technologies. UpSelf is a developer of professional
social networks with elements of knowledge management technologies. The company
has successfully developed and launched a number of projects.

Since 2009, Mr. Ermolin has also been affiliated with the International Republican
Institute. Since 2010, Aleksey has been the CEO of B-smart hi-tech company, the first
developed product of which is NetWatcher.

Mr. Ermolin is a graduate of the world famous Chechov’s Moscow Art Theatre School

+7 916 030 2404

Fine Printing.
High Quality Printing

Name, Surname: Louisa Aleksandrova

City: St. Petersburg
Company name: Fine Printing, Ltd.

Project Description
This project bridges the gap between digital image resolution and the quality of
printed formats. Using a high-resolution printing method, Fine Printing is able to provide
detailed printouts without needing to change printing technology. On-line orders will be
shipped to customers, but in the future, the technology could be sold to bigger printing
and printer companies.
High definition halftone printing (HDHP) is protected by multiple US, GB, etc patents
and some pending PCT patents and confidential know-how.
Project needs $3,6mln. investments for WEB service marketing, sale and scaling


Louisa Aleksandrova has worked in polygraphy for 20 years, the last 16 of which she
has owned various polygraphic enterprises. She is also a founder of the St. Petersburg
Organization of Business Angels.
Ms. Aleksandrova is a graduate of the Moscow Academy of the Press.

+7 962 725 9998
Russian SME
Innovation IT projects

Informational-analytical internet system

Name, Surname: Elena Churina

City: St. Petersburg
Company name: «The Center for the
Examination and Commercialization of
Innovative Technologies»

Project Description
This semi-automatic system selects information, ratings, and risk estimates for
financing projects in science, economy, and business with the use of internet search
engines. The report produced includes information on the reliability of the sources
consulted as well as other steps intended to maximize the objectivity of the risk assess-


Elena Churina has been the chairman of the Expert Council on Economics for the
Commission on Industry, Property, and Economics of the Legislative Assembly of St.
Petersburg since 2008. She is also a member of the advisory council to the Federal
Antimonopoly Service (FAS). Since 2010, she has been the chairman of the Expert
Community on Innovative Technologies of the Russian Federation. Ms. Churina has
authored numerous papers and books while also running business training sessions on
investment, innovation, crisis management and communication.

Ms. Churina graduated from Leningrad State University with a degree in physics, in
addition to having completed coursework in economics and management at the Baltic
Institute of International Tourism and in government and municipal management at the
Northwest Academy of Government Service.


Sound Printing.
Interactive audio software & hardware for print applications

Name, Surname: Michael Podgayets

City: St. Petersburg
Company name: Sound Printing Ltd.

Project Description
As competition between print and electronic media increases, SOUND PRINTING
considerably improves the functionality of print media such as maps and books by
“animating” them and making them interactive. Possible applications include personal
book-reading experiences and packaging industry.

The project needs $4.8 million in investments for marketing, sale and circulating


Michael Podgayets has 30 years of experience in software development, including for
Motorola, Freescale Semiconductors, ABN AMRO Bank, NAVTEQ, etc. From 2002-2005,
Mr. Podgayets worked on a start-up “Nroute Inc. US,” where he was responsible for on-
board computers and software development. Since 2009, Mr. Podgayets has been Chair-
man of the Board of Experts of the St. Petersburg Business Angels Organization.

+7 905 217 0773 Russia
+1 857 488 2130 USA
Russian SME
Innovation IT projects

MediaCollage. New approach to visualization and related fields

(advertising, animation, video, design, etc.), greatly improving the
productivity of both professionals and amateurs while reducing costs

Name, Surname: Anna Generalova

City: St. Petersburg
Company name: ArtExpert Ltd.

Project Description
The wide use of graphic, composing and animation programs is limited by their high
complexity, expensive licenses and the need to use several programs to create a final
media product. These factors dramatically narrow the range of users and impede the
work of professionals.
MediaCollage is a client-server Internet product, created on the basis of a new ap-
proach to working with media products. It is the result of researching how people use
software tools for creating media. MediaСollage easily combines different types of digital
content (raster and vector graphics, text, animation, video, sound), creating “media-
collages” and animating them. It improves the productivity of professional creators of
media products by 2-2.5 times and reduces their licensing expenses and training efforts.
MediaСollage also covers the unsatisfied market demand of amateurs and office work-
ers for creating media products. Its functions cover about 50% of professional tasks and
80% of amateur ones.
Necessary investment totals $5.3 million, which includes creating a prototype
MediaСollage ($0.4 million); marketing, promotion and creation of a fully functional
version of MediaСollage for the entertainment market ($1.4 million); expanding the
functionality of MediaСollage system for business applications ($0.8 million); and mar-
keting and promotion for business applications ($2.7 million). MediaСollage has already
passed the research phase, is supported by the St. Petersburg organization of business
angels, and has won a grant from Bortnik fund in Russia.


Anna Generalova is a highly qualified architect. She graduated from the St Peters-
burg Academy of Arts and has worked on many major projects, including churches,
commercial and residential buildings, both in Russia and the United States. Most of
Ms. Generalova’s architectural work is in computer visualization.

+7 921 942 7534 Russia
+1 773 996 0427 USA

IT-platform for evaluating media communication and advertising

Name, Surname: Vladimir Vayner

City: Moscow
Company name: Advertising Research
Centre “Grand Prix”

Project Description
Project “SocResponse” aims to create an effective low-cost IT-platform that enables
users to test, evaluate, and make prognoses regarding the effectiveness of media com-
munication and advertising.
The tool also allows making recommendations for modifying and implementing media
products so as to achieve statistically measurable improvements in their effectiveness.
An off-line version of SocResponse has proven to be effective based on over 5 years
of use in media and advertising content evaluation.
The on-line version of SocResponse will be integrated in the most popular social net-
works such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, WAP-resources, and iPad, iPhone, etc.
Necessary investment totals $970,000.
A prototype of the platform has been created and is now functioning at www.socre-


Vladimir Vayner is one of the founders of professional fundraising, social marketing,
and the industry of in-game advertising and new media in Russia. In 2004, Mr. Vayner
co-founded the Advertising Research Centre “Grand Prix,” which specializes in advertis-
ing audit and market research in Russia. Since 1997, he has worked as the professional
manager for start-up projects that have been implemented with support of the Soros
Foundation, Eurasia Foundation, CAF-GB, Mangrove & ABRT and others. From 2005-
2009, Mr. Vayner worked as President of the high-tech advertising agency “EnterMedia:
In-Game Advertising”, which is the first company in Russia that specializes in in-game ad-
vertising. Mr. Vayner is the founder of the first website about social advertising in Russia, He is also a member of advisory committee of PSA development coalition,
the Marketing Union of Russia (SOMAR), and the Workgroup for the Civic Chamber of
the Russian Federation. He teaches course on new media at the State University –
Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

+7 915 322 3355
Russian SME
Innovation IT projects
Roadshow ( is an on-line avatar service

Name, Surname: Vitaly Akimov

City: Moscow
Company name:

Project Description is a website that allows you to create on-line avatars, “infs,” who can chat like
real people. With the help of simple tools on the website, you can develop your inf’s
conversation skills and personality. You can post your inf to your website, blog or social
networking page so that it can do all the talking for you. The website now has over 1
million users.


Mr. Akimov began his career working on a web startup that provided social wishlists.
Several months into his own project, he was invited to develop’s business pros-

+7 926 625 1471

Online network for professionals to conduct discussions on modernization
strategy for Russia

Name, Surname: Elena Ivanova

City: Moscow
Company name: UpSelf

Project Description
The project aims to assist in Russia’s modernization by creating modern internet
resources that can initiate and organize expert and professional discussions on the in-
ternet. creates an expert network for professional communication in order
to develop strategies, forecasts and road maps for modernization. The system provides
a variety of services and opportunities for users.

The project launched on September 1, 2010. During its first year, it is expected to
unite approximately 2,000 experts in the field of innovative development of territories
and modernization of the main industry sectors, including social services, law, etc. The
project requires $300,000 in investments.


Elena Ivanova has been a member of the Board of Directors and Editor-in-Chief of the
website for OOO “UpSelf” ( since January 2008. The company spe-
cializes in web-projects, knowledge management, and social mechanisms. Ms. Ivanova
has also been publisher and editor-in-chief of the publishing house “Obrazpress” since
January 2003. The company specializes in children’s educational periodicals.

+7 925 544 79 54
Russian SME
Innovation IT projects

Decision support system

Name, Surname: Alexey Kolokolov

City: Yekaterinburg
Company name: RechelGroup, Ltd.

Project Description
The “Decision Support System OLAP-Expert” allows top managers to evaluate their
business’s efficiency through information gathered from their company’s databases
and information resources. This compiled information is presented in an on-line format
that contains customized reports designed by the user, mathematical tools for modeling
and forecasting, as well as a situational center that contains schedules, diagrams, and
contact information.

The project is aimed at government organizations and private businesses. Similar

projects already comprise an $800 million market, with an estimated 20% growth in
the coming years. Currently, “Decision Support System OLAP-Expert” has two major
public customers in the Ural Mountains, but an additional $600,000 is needed to further
develop the project and to expand into a wider market. The payback period is 2.5 years,
and the projected revenue by 2014 is $4 million.


Alexey Kolokolov entered the world of information technology in 2006 in web design
and later in ERP-system development. After graduating from university, Mr. Kolokolov
founded RechelGroup, Ltd. with several friends in order to market these technologies.

Mr. Kolokolov studied at the Ural State Technical University in the Physics-Technical
Department. He is currently working on a PhD in innovation management.

+7 343 213 7278, +7 950 637 6337

An innovative mobile informational platform offering a full

scope of informational services for conferences and other

Name, Surname: Maxim Kopysov

City: Izhevsk
Company name: Business-Technology

Project Description
The mobile informational platform “Mobile Kre@tovo” consists of a number of highly
integrated services that offer full connectivity and instant access to information for
conference participants and organizers. The platform includes a JAVA-based application
that offers direct information exchange between all participants in the event, a tailored
WAP-service, an interactive event map, stationary Bluetooth transmitters to allow file
exchange between conference participants, mass message (SMS, MMS, Voice, IVR,
WAP-Push, Bluetooth) platforms, as well as an event website template that can be
easily customized for each specific event. Once created, the system can be re-used
extensively. The estimated price of one such platform package is $67,000.


Maxim Kopysov has a degree in Natural Resource Management and Ecological
Cartography from the Udmurt State University. He is the head of “Business-Technologies”
LLC, which focuses on providing high-technology informational platforms and services. He
is a member of the Council of Young Scientists, Innovators, and Specialists and is on the
“Russia’s Golden Young Cadres” list.

+7 912 466 3886
Russian SME
Innovation IT projects

Search engine software based on conceptually new algorithms.

Name, Surname: Tatiana Koval

City: Tomsk

Project Description
This software product is based on conceptually new algorithms for the abstrac-
tion, description and search for knowledge and meanings. These algorithms employ
semantic technology that makes it possible to operate using meanings of a text rather
than its keywords as is the case with current search engines. It significantly enhances
the relevance of search results. This software will make it possible to find and abstract
key information from multiple sources regardless of the language in which the material
is written, structure information automatically, increase situation modeling and control
speed, and significantly accelerate and simplify the process of information search.


Tatiana Koval is the assistant chairperson of the Presidium of the Tomsk Scientific
Center SB RAS and founder of the Tomsk Scientific Town Community Foundation. Ms.
Koval serves as a science advisor to the Russian competition “ModerniZAtion” and is
the head of marketing for Kre@tovo, an innovative business summer school.

Ms. Koval received her degree from the International Department of Management at
Tomsk State University and is currently writing her dissertation on “Designing an image
of the native land in a modern Russian society.”

+7 913 800 8833
+7 916 577 7822

New form of education-distant learning helps create suc-

cess situation for each student.

Name, Surname: Svetlana Pavlova

City: Moscow
Company name: “Dist-tutor”,
Moscow secondary school #156

Project Description
“Dist-tutor” (Distant Tutor) is an educational portal for organizing distant learning and
an on-line classroom for holding web-seminars, and a training tool for distance learning
tutors. The sys¬tem uses computer technologies to stimulate students’ activities and to
help transfer students’ initial goals (obtaining computer skills, gathering information from
the web, spontaneous chat communication) into educational aims and tasks. Distance
learning allows for consideration of each student’s personal features and goals and
helps build each student’s individual educational strategy.
Project “Distant Tutor” helps maximize the effectiveness of education through on-line
communication with teachers, knowledge systematization to eliminate gaps in one’s
education, and usage of different methodologies to increase student’s motivation. The
project “Dist-tutor” was created about two years ago and many professional tutors (more
than 200 people from Russia, Canada, Germany, etc.) have since adopted the system.


Svetlana Pavlova graduated from the Moscow State Open Pedagogical Institute in
1994 with a specialization in Russian language and literature. Ms. Pavlova has been
working in the school system since 1992 (in 1992-2009, at Educational Center #1694 in
Moscow; from 2009 – at Moscow secondary school #156).

+7 903 231 1123
Russian SME
Innovation IT projects

Communication platform for nanotechnology specialists

Name, Surname: Andrey Ivanov

City: Saransk
Company name: UpSelf

Project Description
This infrastructure component for the innovation market, NanoUp, connects profes-
sionals, companies, projects, and knowledge in the field of nanotechnology through a
unified communication platform. Due to its use of social mechanisms and its progres-
sive approach to working with information and communications technologies, NanoUp
can become a unique platform for interaction between nanotechnology market partici-
pants. Through a variety of services, NanoUp users (individuals and companies) can
create professional resumes, communities, projects, as well as organize knowledge and
information about supply and demand.

NanoUp launches on December 1, 2010. The project is expected to connect

100,000 professionals (from scientists to managers) and 10,000 companies in the field
of nanotechnology within 2 years. The project will require $500,000 for market entry.


Andrey Ivanov is Director of Development of the internet company UpSelf, which has
specialized in web-projects, knowledge management, and social mechanisms since
2008. He has also been the owner of Saransk-based advertising agency Vershi since
2007. Mr. Ivanov has worked in media and advertising industry since 2004. He holds a
degree in Economics and Management from Mordovia State University.

+7 927 276 8485

Air Advertising

Name, Surname: Maxim Kamanin,

Svetlana Vakholkova
City: Astrakhan
Company name: DisplAir Company

Project Description
“DisplAir” is an innovative system of static and dynamic image-foration in the air. The
invention makes it possible to project full-color high-resolution videos or still images in
the air, without sacrificing the integrity of the image. The air screen consists of water
particles which are not physically felt and do not leave any wet footprints.

The main applications of “DisplAir” are advertising and entertainment media indus-
tries. Mini-versions of “DisplAir” (up to 50 inches) with interactive features can be used
in restaurants (for example, as “air menus”), shops, workplaces, and other every-day
settings. Any company can combine “DisplAir” with its design solutions for image ad-
vertisement. The advantages of “DisplAir” are: the new technology of particle extraction
and processing, possibility of large size advertising, and low cost of production.

Necessary investment is $650,000. Five million rubles ($163,600) is needed for the
production of a prototype and 20 million rubles ($654,500) for market entry.


Maxim Kamanin graduated from Astrakhan State Technical University in 2010. He is
an expert in information protection. Mr. Kamanin is also strongly interested in innovation.

+7 917 099 6858
+7 988 592 6900
Russian SME
Innovation IT projects

StarLook.Ru – is the first and rapidly growing social

shopping project

Name, Surname: Alena Popova

City: Moscow

Project Description
StarLook.Ru – is the social shopping portal with unique Marketing research tool for brands
and recommendation system for female audience. Our slogan- try and buy. Participants of the
community are united in the social network together with best stylists, visagistes, photographers,
dietarians and other experts from the beauty world. StarLook.Ru gives to users the practical and
full information about cosmetics and clothes: product’s news, shopping places (shops and brands),
sales, actions, and ways of application and a combination. Launched in march 2009
has more than 800 000- 1 million unique users(only targeted group: females 18-35 year old) per
month. Starlook also launched the fashion sets (using only brand goods from StarLook catalogue)
partner program with the Runet market leader We have more that 100 female cosmetics
and clothes brands and more than 45 effective cases in the market of $120 million a year.
Our aim is to solve two main problems of each woman: what and where to buy to look great and
how can I create my own style for less budget.
We would like to be the leader in female Runet and spread our experience in other countries
with the potential growth of female audience.


Graduated from Moscow State University. Faculty of Journalism.
Professional activities: venture advisor, online producer, a venture capitalist, an expert in the
field of start-up businesses. 
Founder and leader of the Internet Project, animation studio and the company
Videosnack BrainStorm AV.Ideologist and leader of the project Duma 2.0
Member of Russian delegation Russian American Collaboration. The creator of the international
online school for startup in Russia with the support of experts of Silicon Valley. 
In 1998 began working on the 4th channel Ekaterinburg
In 2001-2003 – Parliamentary correspondent in the State Duma. Political analyst news agency
in the Federation Council.
In 2004 – beginning of the active producers of my own projects for radio and TV: youth show on
TV (Culture, RTR-Sport, CTC), discussion radio program (City FM and others).
In November 2004 founded my own company BrainStorm AV and began to develop projects in
the field of mobile and Internet TV.
In March 2009 BAV launched project
In December 2009 started working with project Duma 2.0
Projects that I develop in Russia:

+7 916 555 5115

Triaxes Vision.
3D Television

Name, Surname: Andrey Nikitin

City: Tomsk
Company name: Triaxes Vision

Project Description
Despite research showing tremendous growth in the 3D technology market in the next 5
years, there are still many technical problems in the field. Triaxes Vision is a startup com­pany
from Tomsk, Russia addressing problems which impede the development of 3D televi­sion.
These problems are caused by a lack of equipment for the broadcasting, reception and prepa-
ration of 3D-video. With the products of Triaxes Vision, 3D-television becomes available directly
at your home.
Triaxes Vision was founded in 2008 by the heads of a leading IT company in Tomsk - Ele­
card Devices. Elecard Devices has been working in the field of digital video for more than 20
years; since 2001 it has specialized in digital television systems. The specialists involved in the
project are experienced in IT project management and in developing applications for video.
The basic competitive advantage of Triaxes Vision is that the technology allows direct
broadcasting of 3D-video, both with glasses and without. The technology, including the direct
broadcasting of 3D-video without glasses, has already been shown to be effective at various
exhibitions in Russia and Europe. In April 2011, Triaxes Vision will demonstrate its technologies
at the NAB Show 2011 in Las Vegas.
The project has already been supported by a state grant, but an additional $2.3 million is
needed for finalizing development and promotion. We are offering investors up to a 50% a
share in the company.


Andrey Nikitin began his career working for a small consultancy in 2007 in business and stra­
tegic planning. In 2009, Mr. Nikitin joined the marketing team of Elecard. Since the beginning of
2010, he has worked on Triaxes Vision’s 3D television project (a sub-company of Elecard), devel-
oping a business and marketing plan for the product as well as winning the “Modernization” prize
for his work. Mr. Nikitin also has experience working on projects for the European Commission as
well as the Russian government.
Mr. Nikitin graduated from Tomsk University in 2007 with a degree in economics.

Akademicheskiy Prospekt 10/3, Tomsk
+7 382 249 2609, +7 906 948 3848
Nano- and Bio- technologies

Bazalit .
New protective coating material for industrial applications

Name, Surname: Boris Y. Titov

City: Moscow
Company name: Bazaltoplastic

Project Description
This project provides for the production of a series of barrier-type coating BAZALIT.
The project is based on the innovative production technology of microscale basalt filling
material, which can be used for a broad range of composite materials. These materials
are used for corrosion protection in machinery and structures that are affected by a cor-
rosive environment.

The material’s main applications include: pipeline transport; storage reservoirs for
corrosive substances; transport constructions (bridges, tunnels); naval hydraulic facili-
ties; and chemical production machinery. The goal of the project is import-substitution
of industrial protective coatings on the Russian market. In order to achieve this goal,
production of BAZALIT protective coatings should be 3,200 tons per year. Necessary
investment: $6,000,000.

Research institutes and organizations participating in the project are: Tomsk National
Polytechnic Research University, department of nanodisperse silicate systems; Ku-
ban State University, department of inorganic chemistry; Institute of Chemical-energy
Problems, Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences; Momentive Performance
Materials (Switzerland); Dr. Alain Lejeune, Wacker Fine Chemicals (Germany).


Boris Titov is the Chairman of “Delovaya Rossiya”, All-Russia Public Organization.
He is also Chairman of the Board of ZAO “Abrau-Dyurso”. Mr. Titov graduated from
Moscow State Institute of International Affairs (MGIMO) with a degree in international
economics in 1983.

tel +7 495 775 3682
fax +7 495 775 3683
Russian SME
Innovation Nano- and Bio- technologies

Innovative material to protect against electromagnetic radiation

Name, Surname: Roman Vakhitov

City: Izhevsk
Company name: Control and Safety LLC

Project Description
This is an innovative material that protects against the electromagnetic radiation that
so many common electronic devices produce. This patent-pending material made from
minerals fixed to fabric with polymeric connecting can be used in PCs, microwaves,
cell phones, and TVs. Potential uses include furniture, clothing, stickers, and cell phone
cases that protect people from electromagnetic radiation.


Roman Vakhitov founded Control and Safety LLC in 2009 as a result of winning the
“Start” competition in Moscow to develop a small scientific business enterprise.

Mr. Vakhitov has two degrees from the Izhevsk State Technical University.

+7 919 917 7779

Fiber-optic sensors and system

Name, Surname: Ivan Shelemba

City: Novosibirsk
Company name: Inversion Sensor

Project Description
Inversion Sensor was developed at the Center for Commercialization of Fiber Optics
Technologies at IAE. The company has received government grant (~$80,000) from the
FASIE (Russian Foundation for Achievement Support of Small Innovative Enterprises)
for the development of FBG sensor technology. In 2009, the company developed a sys-
tem for structural integrity monitoring – measurements of deformations in critical points
of buildings, bridges, dams and other structures to prevent crashes and other accidents.
Implementation of these systems into several buildings under construction in our region
is currently underway.

The company is rapidly developing, and the main aim is to move to the mass produc-
tion stage at the facilities of the Technological Park of Academy Town, Novosibirsk. The
company is presently looking for venture investments to achieve this goal.


Ivan Shelemba became director of Inversion Sensors, Inc. in August 2009.

Mr. Shelemba graduated from the department of physics at Novosibirsk State Uni-
versity in 2008, where he also worked in the fiber optics laboratory at the Institute for
Automation and Electrometry (IAE).

+7 913 892 9630
Russian SME
Innovation Nano- and Bio- technologies

Innovative packaging material for Russian market

Name, Surname: Artem El’kin

City: Tomsk
Company name: INTERFTOR

Project Description
The project “INTERFTOR” aims to create a flexible polymeric packaging material
with an antibacterial surface and reduced permeability of gases and moisture for the
Russian market. The project is based on technology that directly fluorinates polymers.
Possible applications include food packing, medicine, petrochemical industry, mechani-
cal and aircraft engineering. Necessary investment: $ 7 million. The project won the
“Start” competition by the Bortnik fund and has received $20,000 in state subsidies.


Artem El’kin is a full-time student of Seversky Institute of Technology “National Re-
search Nuclear University MEPhI.” Mr. El’kin began his work in innovations 2 years ago
after participating in the innovation educational forum “Seliger 2009”.

+7 952 886 4654

Development and production of non-cryogenic metal


Name, Surname: Valery Zarubin

City: Novosibirsk
Company name: Virus Scientific and
Technology Center CJSC

Project Description
The project includes the research, development, and production of a new type of su-
perconductor using nanotechnology. These superconductors would not require cryogen-
ic technology to operate. This results in significantly lower production and exploitation
costs, higher electrical conductivity, as well as full compatibility with existing supercon-
ductor systems. There is no analogous product on the world market and this supercon-
ductor will create and dominate a whole new niche. Demand for superconductors just
on the Russian market amounts to 100,000km yearly. Currently, the Virus Scientific and
Technology Center has completed the first successful prototypes of the superconductor.

The cost of additional research, production technology development, and production

is $10 million. Return on the investment is expected in 4 years.


Valery Zarubin has degrees from Tomsk State University and Tomsk Institute of
Automated Service Systems and Radioelectronics. He currently serves as Innovation
Projects Director at the Virus Scientific and Technology Center CJSC, a research-based
company that develops patents for new technologies in medicine, industrial production,
energy, and others.

+7 903 049 0624
Russian SME
Innovation Nano- and Bio- technologies

Development, manufacture and implementation of innovative navigation

Name, Surname: Grigory Zhuravlev

City: Tomsk
Company name: NPK INTEK (Scientific and
Production Company “INTEK”)

Project Description
The main idea of project TRIO is the development, manufacture and implementation
of the navigation chip-receivers that use three global navigation systems: GLONASS
(Russia), NAVSTAR (USA), and GALILEO (the European Union). TRIO navigation chips
will make modern navigation devices more reliable, precise and functional. Implementa-
tion of the TRIO project will boost high-quality consumer navigation technology that sup-
ports GLONASS. The project is currently at the stage of R&D. Necessary investment:


Mr. Zhuravlev attended Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics.
While at the university, he and his partner won a business incubator competition with
their project “Cold pasteurization.” Mr. Zhuravlev’s thesis was on satellite navigation. After
graduation, Mr. Zhuravlev became Head of development of innovative projects at the
Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics. In 2009 he left this position to
concentrate on his project, “Hardware-software complex for testing and training of storage
batteries ‘CSB.’” Mr. Zhuravlev currently works at an innovative scientific and production
company “INTEK” (“NPK INTEK”).

+7 952 802 7565

Psychotropical antioxidant for medicine

Name, Surname: Evgeny Plotnikov

City: Tomsk
Company name: “PlasMed”

Project Description
As a main aim of modern psychopharmacology, scientists try to develop new thera-
peutic options with measurable results and few side effects. Specialists in the psychia-
try department at the Siberian Medical University and in the chemistry department at
Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed and patented a new antioxidant complex.
Research has shown that this complex combines the characteristics of a psychophar-
macological preparation and of an antioxidant while still being safe for use in patients.
Antioxidants have gained importance in medicine in recent years because of their
ability to inhibit lipid peroxidation. The new complex has potential applications in fighting
bipolar psychosis, Alzheimer’s disease and alcoholism. It can be used, for instance,
in decreasing free radical activity in Alzheimer’s patients and can diminish withdrawal
symptoms, as well as dependence on alcohol, in alcoholics.


Evgeny Plotnikov has been the head of the research laboratory Fibr-Med Corporation
since 2006, where he helped develop a new silver-based drug, Silverol. Mr. Plotnikov is
the director of PlasMed, a social organization devoted to medical innovation in Tomsk,
particularly in the field of psychiatry. Since 2009, he also been the director of Polyant, a
research enterprise focused on antioxidant analysis and development. He is the author
of 20 scientific papers and has 3 patents for his work.

Mr. Plotnikov graduated from the Siberian State Medical University with a degree in
chemical engineering. He is currently working on a PhD in analytical chemistry at Tomsk
Polytechnic University.

+7 952 886 1086
Russian SME
Innovation Nano- and Bio- technologies

New drug for treating infectious diseases among farm animals

Name, Surname: Nikolay Badulin

City: Tomsk
Company name: OJSC Innovative Managing
Company “FiBr”

Project Description
Silverol is a new silver-based drug that is proven to successfully treat infectious
diseases among farm animals. The product treats a wider range of pathologies than its
current analogues, can be used instead of a number of other drugs, and costs less.

Silverol will be produced by FiBr-Vet, a company specializing in innovative methods

for the treatment of various infectious diseases in farm animals and poultry. Silverol’s
clinical testing is almost complete, but the project requires additional investment of
$400,000 to cover government registration, production development and market intro-


Mr. Badulin is Director General of OJSC Innovative Managing Company (IMC) “FiBr”.
He has also been Founder and Director General of OJSC Investment-and-Financing
Company “Samotlor-Invest” (Nizhnevartovsk city, Tyumen Region) since 1993. Mr.
Badulin was one of the members of the Selection Committee for the Russian Technol-
ogy Tour-2009. In 2010, he was nominated Business Angel of the Year by the European
Business Angel Network.

Mr. Badulin holds a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering from Tomsk Institute
of Construction Engineering; a degree in Jurisprudence from the North-West Academy
of State Service under the President of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg); and a
degree in Economics from the Academy of National Economy under the Government
of the Russian Federation (Moscow). He is currently a candidate for a higher degree in
Technical Sciences.

+7 952 886 1086

Equipment for on-the-go sanitary preparation of infant


Name, Surname: Olga Oshurkova

City: Ekaterinburg
Company name: Mobile Dairy Kitchen

Project Description
The Mobile Dairy Kitchen helps those tasked with feeding infants by providing all the
necessary equipment for preparing infant formula in a matter of seconds while still ob-
serving hygienic standards. This product removes the need for a kitchen to clean bottles
or wash hands, making feeding time much more convenient. The Mobile Dairy Kitchen
is aimed not only at parents, but also at hospitals, nurseries, and anyone else who might
need to feed newborns.


Olga Oshurkova spends much of her time improving household appliances and
developing new ways to solve domestic problems, with a particular focus on making life
easier and more convenient.
Olga is an author of 12 inventions and more than 20 ideas on improvement of exist-
ing subjects and technics. Some workings out are already realized.
The winner of the All-Russia competition «Modernization-2010» in a nomination busi-
The winner of competition «Best Start-UP 2009».
In a three of the best projects across the Russian Federation in the international
competition of innovative design «James Dyson Awards».
In the first twenty of the best projects of Russia in competition from open innovative
The winner of competition «Niotan-Evrazija 2010» in a nomination “the best business
The winner of regional convent 2010 in a nomination “a recognition innovators”.
The winner of competition «MIF-2010». The grant is received.

+7 903 080 3843

Modal filter.
New technology that protects radio wave transmittal devices from interfering

Name, Surname: Ivan Bevzenko

City: Tomsk
Company name: “Begaz Modal Technology”,

Project Description
The modal filter device can be used to protect radio wave transmitters from interference. The
device provides protection against short impulses with a dangerously high voltage in transmission
lines connected to the equipment. The estimated investment needed for the project is $334,000.


Ivan Bevzenko has a degree in Electronic Defense Systems Support from the Tomsk Control
Systems and Radioelectronics State University. He is currently pursuing a degree in Television and
Control Systems at the same university.

+7 923 414 8485
Russian SME
Innovation Microelectronics

System for Fetus Audio-monitoring offering real-time,

high-quality monitoring of a fetus’s heartbeat

Name, Surname: Olga Antonova

City: Verhnyaya Pishma
Company name: “NKI-T”

Project Description
The Holter’s System for Fetus Audio-monitoring allows healthcare professionals as
well as mothers to monitor the heart rate of a fetus with great precision and in real time
during the whole duration of the pregnancy. The technology is portable, inexpensive,
and can send messages to healthcare professionals and patients regarding the condi-
tion of the fetus and the mother.

The project requires additional research in the types of sounds that reflect the health
of the fetus and the mother, the testing of a variety of microphone technologies, as well
as the development a system for data coding and transfer. This would require $135,000
in investment, with a projected net profit of $72,500 over 3 years and a 40% expected
return rate on the investment.


Olga Antonova is a 4th-year student at Ural State University. She has a strong inter-
est in innovation and has been working on various innovation projects for the past 3

+7 963 448 6228
Social projects
Russian SME
Innovation Social projects

Revival of Cossack Culture

Name, Surname: Igor Budnik

Village Odesskoe, Omsk Region
Company name: Committee on Youth,
Physical Culture and Sports of the Odes-
sa municipal district of Omsk region

Project Description
The project aims to revive Cossack traditions, restore the indigenous Cossack
ethnicity, identity, culture and history to the village of Generalovka. These goals can be
achieved by working on the socio-economic development of Generalovka through three
interconnected modules: industry, culture, and education. The industrial unit includes the
development of crop, cattle, fishing, horse and dog breeding. The cultural block includes
organization of tourism; construction of recreation facilities for adults and children, a
complex for commercial and sports fishing, and a cultural and ethnographic center. The
educational block includes development of a Cossack Youth Center, a children’s and
youth tent camp, a primary school, and construction of an Orthodox Church. Necessary
investment for the project is $440,000.


In 2000, Mr. Budnik graduated from the Siberian State Academy of Physical Culture
and Sport with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. In 2002 he received a Mas-
ter’s degree in Physical Education. Since 2001, he has been Head of the Committee on
Youth, Physical Culture and Sports of the Odessa municipal district of Omsk region.

+7 38159 2 15 37 (work),
+7 38159 2 22 30 (home)

Promotion of Siberian art

Name, Surname: Denis Efremov

City: Novosibirsk
Company name: Sbagrie’s

Project Description
This project aims to expose the global art market to the unknown artists of Siberia
and their work through the organization of exhibitions, auctions, and art fairs around
the world. Six large fairs are planned, and funds would go primarily to renting exhibition
spaces, travel expenses, and insurance.


Denis Efremov is the founder of the Siberian Youth Art Club, which is now the larg-
est association of freelance artists in Siberia. He has organized over 50 various events,
including art exhibitions.

Mr. Efremov is a 2010 graduate of the Institute of Youth Policy and Social Work.

+7 952 942 9949
Russian SME
Innovation Social projects

High-tech learning, training and administrative tool for

educational institutions.

Name, Surname: Alexey Korshunov

City: Moscow
Company name: The Institute of New

Project Description
The “Education: Constructing Knowledge” project provides schools the tools stu-
dents can use to build their knowledge and to achieve their educational goals in the
knowledge-based society. State support is needed for research and development work.
Necessary investment: $8,000,000.

The project aims to achieve a number of objectives and priorities, such as: creation of
Russian-made interactive learning tools for educational activities at all levels, as well as
for the training of persons with disabilities; improvement of teaching laboratories by ex-
panding the spectrum of digital measuring devices and creating open-source software;
creation of a time-flow visualization tool for processing historical data and corporate and
individual time management.


Alexey Korshunov has been the Head of the Center of Social Projects and Youth Pol-
icy at the Moscow Institute of Open Education since 2008. Mr. Korshunov is also Deputy
Director of the noncommercial organization “Institute of New Technologies,” which spe-
cializes in modernizing the educational environment. Mr. Korshunov has worked in the
educational system for over a decade. He specializes in youth policy, physical training
and sports development. Mr. Korshunov also has a degree in law.

+7 917 511 1149
+7 495 502 6567

Educational program that provides business training and

education for young entrepreneurs

Name, Surname: Evgeny Kudryavtsev

City: Izhevsk
Company name: Udmurt Republic Center for
Young Entrepreneurs, NGO

Project Description
“From Ideas to Business” is a program run by the Udmurt Republic Center for Young
Entrepreneurs. The program provides business training for young Russian entre-
preneurs, including conferences with business practitioners. Since the program was
launched in 2008, over 70 young entrepreneurs have successfully completed it, subse-
quently creating over 20 new companies and 80 jobs.

“From Ideas to Business” 2010-2011 plans to offer training to another 110 young
Russians, with the expected result of 30 new companies and over 100 new jobs cre-
ated. Its projected total budget is $30,000. The Udmurt Republic Center for Young En-
trepreneurs is looking to raise $10,000 for improving the participant selection process,
developing new educational materials, as well as launching internet-based training.


Evgeny Kudryavtsev is currently completing his degree in Finance and Investment at
the Moscow State University for Economics, Statistics, and Informatics. He is a member of
the Udmurt Republic Youth Parliament and heads its economics and youth entrepreneur-
ship development committee. He is the founder of the “From Ideas to Business” project.

+7 341 261 3227
+7 909 061 1111
Russian SME
Innovation Social projects

Ranking of schools and municipal educational systems

in the Republic of Buryatia

Name, Surname: Olga Kurguzova

City: Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia
Company name: Ministry of Education
and Science of Buryatia

Project Description
In order to improve the school system in the Republic of Buryatia, a ranking system
has been created. It identifies leaders that deserve support in development among over
500 schools in 23 school districts on a quarterly basis. The system monitors schools
based on 70 criteria in 5 spheres (economy, quality of education, staff, management,
infrastructure) and ranks them and their districts based on the received scores. The
project is innovative as the electronic online system makes monitoring accessible for all
schools; professionals and the public are involved in assessing the effectiveness of the
educational system. The monitoring data and ranking lists are open to students, parents,
teachers, and managers who can offer comments and suggestions for improving the
The project was started in November 2009, and monitoring started in January 2010.
The project is now at the stage of creating a “Regional Fund of Education Quality.” Intro-
duction of the system in other regions of Russia will be voluntary and at the expense of
interested regional governments. Necessary investment: $100,000 (3 million rubles).


Ms. Kurguzova has worked at the Ministry of Education and Science of Buryatia,
where she is responsible for federal and regional educational projects, consulting for
schools and organizations, and school project competitions since 2007. Ms. Kurguzova
holds a degree in education and has worked in the field since 1997. Prior to her current
position, she taught English, managed the Department of International Relations of a
higher educational institution, and ran a small, educational business. She has been an
active participant in trainings, summer schools, professional competitions and educa-
tional trips (including to Finland and South Korea). In 2009, Ms. Kurguzova became in-
terested in building online systems of educational monitoring and now works on several
such projects. She is also studying project management for a PMI certificate.

+7 924 452 1100
+7 301 221 3793