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Sarah Hecker

Dr. Lidstone/Dr. Kaninjing

Spring 2019 Internship

Journal Week Fifteen

4/21/19 9:00-6, 9 hours; 4/23/19 9:00-4, 7 hours; 4/24/19 9:00-4,7 hours; 4/25/19 9:00-4, 7

hours; 4/26/19 9:00-6, 9 hours; 4/27/19 9:00-3, 6 hours, 4/28/19 9:00-6, 9 hours; 4/29/19 9:00-4,

7 hours; 4/30/19 9:00-4, 7 hours Total hours worked for the week: 68 Total hours cumulative:

487 hours

I will be complete with my internship hours by the end of Tuesday the 30th. It is crazy to

think that this internship is already going to be over! This last week I have been working with my

site supervisor Candace on first aid kits that she will be providing to the elderly community. My

job was to relabel the boxes with Roswell Urgent Care, throw out any expired first aid supplies,

and restock the first aid kits with the appropriate materials. I really enjoyed working on this task,

knowing that it was going to benefit a population that needed these the most. Some of the

supplies in the first aid kit were saline drops, Advil, Tylenol, antiseptic wipes, bacitracin, band

aids, a safety pin, and some other wrapping materials for cuts.

As far as seeing patients go, we have seen a lot of the patients come in with symptoms

related to seasonal allergies. There have been a lot of strep throats and sore throats from post

nasal drip irritating the back of the throat. We have also been seeing a steady pace of UTI’s

which as I have mentioned in journals before is common to see in the warmer months where

people are swimming and sweating. We have also been seeing a lot of STD’s, which one of the

medics on my site explained that this is not uncommon for this time of the year. People tend to
not want to get STD checks on a regular basis, purely off the fact that they have no obvious

symptoms. Having no symptoms does not mean that there aren’t any STD’s present, which is a

lot of time why they get spread to other people. The reason that we are just now seeing so many

is because we are right after spring break. The medics say that people tend to want to get

checked after spring break knowing that a lot of reckless behavior was happening. I am not

usually allowed to go into the rooms when STD’s are being discussed, usually just because the

patient feels uncomfortable sharing that personal information with numerous people. The medics

on site do a good job at relaying the information to me afterwards, without giving away identity

or identifying factors. We send STD tests off site, so we don’t usually know the diagnosis until

three or four days later, and then we call the patients with the results from the lab.

I have been enjoying my last few weeks with the staff on site and feel as though I am

continuing to make great connections with them. I traveled with the medic on site Mary to stores

to pick up supplies for the urgent care on Tuesday, which gave us a lot of time to discuss my

future career endeavors. It has been very enjoyable to work with these people throughout this


I added hours for next Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday onto this journal, because they will

be my last days of this internship. I wanted to clarify the hours that I will be ending on, since a

journal will not be written for the next week.