Mosque Craft Mobile

Materials : 1 Black, dark green or orange construction paper (sugar paper) (fold this piece of construction paper into half) 1 piece orange glass paper (able to fit the whole mosque) scissors stapler glue flourescent marker Method : 1. Put the glass paper in between the folded piece of construction paper. 2. Make sure your construction paper is big enough for the mosque after being folded. 3. Staple it on the 4 corners outside.. 4. Let children cut out the shape of the mosque. 5. Remove orange glass paper for later use 6. Staple on the parts that have to be cut out (along dotted lines) 7. Apply glue on one side of the construction paper first. 8. Paste the orange glass paper on it. 9. Apply glue on the other side of construction paper. 10. Paste the construction paper on the orange glass paper. 11. Let children write greeting words using the flourescent marker

Template .

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