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[Journalist Young Ho Kim from Daily News]
Global top3 digital currency exchange, named ZB Exchange has its main branch in Singapore. ZB Singapore (ZB
MEGA) will launch new business.
The spokesperson of ZB announced that “in 2019 we will open ZB regional branches in all over the world and
push forward localization policy with ZB Global”.
ZB MEGA that has initiated its business in January 5th of this year draws attention in particular, because of its
regional importance. Because it is located in Singapore, financial banking center of South-East Asia.
ZB Global said that it will give full support to ZB MEGA to become the largest digital currency exchange in
Southeast Asian area and also explained that connection between its headquarter and ZB MEGA will be made
after the legal monetary interlocking process is done in late February.
ZB Mega has a corporate vision in creating a digital currency trading ecosystem and it includes trading legal
monetary, currency trading, leverage trading, off-board transactions, wallet and quantitative investment. Among
them, trading legal monetary, currency trading, leverage trading, off-board transactions are done in stock
exchange. Wallet and quantitative investment will be done through strategic investment into SCF Token Wallet.
ZB MEGA is planning to finish outlining its ecosystem plan in March this year.
CodingFly and BUMO officially held a meeting for
technology strategic cooperation. CodingFly is the
world's first chain developer community. BUMO is the
next generation commercial basic block chain. Both
parties will jointly support more developers to develop
application programs based on BUMO and to facilitate
block-chain applications
Recently, CROS and the CodingFly global developer
community have officially signed a strategic
cooperation agreement. The two sides have agreed on
the cooperation about development of ecological
application program and of CROS public chain
On August 2 in 2018, CareerOn entered into a strategic
alliance with CodingFly which is China's renowned chain
technology developer community. Within three months,
community technology experts, registered users exceeded
110,000. What made this miracle is CodingFly. In the future,
CareerOn and CodingFly will take advantage of the benefits
of contributing to application, community building and block-
chain security, promotion of block-chain technology
development, acceleration of the application of industry open
chains, and building a real economy.
Currently, CodingFly is providing block chain technology de
velopment skills, technological group formation or maintena
nce, technical training and public relations skills such as TR
ON, BUMO, Palletone, FIBOS, CareerOn.
After the CodingFly community product was released, more
than 110,000 professional developers came to the develop
er’s community in a short time.
At the 2018 Block Chain NEXT LAB Annual Event, after fi
erce competition, CodingFly has been selected as one of
those more than 30 investment organizations including C
henchuang Investment, Yingnuo Angel Fund and Bertels
mann Asia Investment Fund in “2018 Most Investing Pote
ntial Blockchain Project Award", which cuts off the deliver
y, amount, and capital capitals of the project.
BCEX 2019 Global Quantitative Trading Competition
Global First place with 90.61% of profit

2005 Director of International Bearings Pte Ltd
2012 Executive Adviser at Apple in China
▪ 2015 Coding Fly Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Singapore Temasek Polytechnic /
Singapore Management University
2004 2nd place of award in International University
Students Programming Competition (ACM-ICPC)
▪ 2008 Senior Engineer, Cisco
▪ 2013 Technology Officer, Globe
▪ 2015 Technology Officer, Mynt
▪ 2019 ZB Mega Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

▪ 2002 University of Toronto

▪ 2006 Investor of Royal Bank of Canada
▪ 2008 Risk Manager, Royal Bank of Canada
▪ 2010 Ivy Business School MBA (MBA)
▪ 2015 Coding Fly Partners
Won Allen Sanderborn Humboldt Award
Developed a block-chain system in cooperation
with IBM
Face and fingerprint
recognition, Google No need to do
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Additional security with wallet closed
settings available

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communication” section news is updated
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Users of 4ETH or above
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After 15 days: 1%
airdrop such as TRX,
(recounted at every
deposit or withdrawal)
Activating AI before
We will notify you of
3:00PM today.
the change in interest
Payment on the day after.
rates before one month
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5:00PM on the next day
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Convenience of
Investment(8 types)
specifying Exchange
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Exchange(3 types)

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04M activating AI in Line 1

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S Conditions

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S1 Total revenue from activating AI is $150.000

Owing 3M gaining S1
in 2 different branches

Owing 3M gaining S2
in 2 different branches

Owing 3M gaining S3
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Jointly get 5% global interests