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Things I Like Student’s Name

_____________ is one of my favorite

_______________________. I like
____________, ____________ and
_________. I like to ___________.

I enjoy ___________, _________,

___________, and _____________.

This year I was ________________

for the first time and ____________
it. Add your student’s photo here

In school I like _________________,

________________ and ________.
In ___________ I like __________,
__________________________, Nothing About Me
and _________________________.
Without Me

START Project
Add your student’s photo here Add your student’s photo here

1. Student is a/an _______________ learner.

If he/she can ______________________ it,
often he/she can understand it. Needs and Concerns Hopes

2. Student is a/an _____________________ 1. ______________________________ is a 1. Student hopes to ________________. Our

communicator. He/She best communicates by concern especially during ________________ family will support this desire. He/She dreams
__________________________________. times of the day. of being a __________________________.

3. Student has a/an ____________________ 2. Student likes ______________________. 2. Student hopes to ___________________
personality. He/She is good at ____________ It is important to be responsive to _________. in school. We would love to see him/her
__________________________________. __________________________. We hope
3. When Student ___________________ , it that he/she can be successful participating in
4. Student has an incredible ability to is a form of communication that something in __________________________________.
___________________. This is evident when Student’s program needs adjusting.
he/she _____________________________. 3. Our hope is that Student can___________
4. Student needs ______________________ __________________________________.
5. Student is persistent in _______________. for success. Providing Student with _________
He/She works well when ________________. is helpful. ______________________ is not 4. We want Student to become ____________
helpful. __________________________________.
6. Student is very eager to ______________.
He/She enjoys ________________________ 5. If things are __________________ there 5. We hope that Student is ___________ and
and does a great job at ________________. will be problems. Student needs ___________ able to ____________________________
__________________________________. and _______________________________
7. Student identifies his/her needs by _______ 6. Some days Student can be _____________ when finished with school.
__________________________, _______ and expectations need to be adjusted. Student
_________, and _____________________. should be encouraged to ________________.


My child’s strengths, abilities and interests (academic and social):

Insert Picture Here

What my child has learned this year (in school and outside of school):

My child’s interests and activities outside of school:

What is difficult for my child to do in school:

What helps my child learn:

My goals for my child for the next school year:

My questions or concerns: