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Jacob Baggaley


Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment

1. I’ve made a number of different connections with what I have learned between this

Lifelong Wellness class and previous classes I’ve taken, as well as before taking this

class. I think one of the most influential things that I have learned and focused on is the

amount of sleep that I get is really important. As I used one of the assignments to

measure the times that I went to sleep, the activities I did before I went to bed, and the

amount of sleep that I got I discovered some things that I had already known but not

realized how significant they were. When I get a full 8 hours of sleep, I function so much

better and I stay energized completely through a day. When I get less sleep, it really adds

up by the end of the week and I have a difficult time getting through my Friday and

Saturday routines. I haven’t ever taken a different Lifelong Wellness course in college,

but in high school I took a few courses and one thing this really connected for me was

that it is so important to have a good routine for my body that I can follow daily. A good

sleep routine, eating routine, exercise routine and many other things will help my body to

remain in its most healthy state.

2. Something I realized as I took this course that changed what I thought about before is that

my eating habits will honestly play a larger role in my weight loss than simply exercising.

Exercising is great because when you exercise you don’t feel like eating terrible stuff- but

if I’m working out and eating bad, I’m not going to lose weight. If I can take my eating
habits and adapt them then I will be able to lose weight. The readings about weight loss,

as well as about eating habits were most influential in this area for me. And because of

these readings, I’m honestly hoping that I can develop better eating habits in the future.

Being fit isn’t just a think you work towards and then you’re there; it is a lifestyle that

you have to live every single day.


#3 - I have decided to do the suggested assignment, and I'm going to drink more water. I have

decided that I will drink 3 of my 24 ounce hydro flasks a day so that I can get more water to see

how it improves my alertness, as well as gives me more energy. I do feel like it will help me

more, as I realized that I have been slacking a bit in my water drinking.


Drinking more water was revolutionary! It was so awesome with how much it helped me to have

energy, be more focused throughout the day, and I was much happier. I honestly feel that

drinking more water is something that I will continue to do for the rest of my life. Hopefully

after these past couple of weeks drinking more water I can continue to make it a habit!