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Part – B (5 X 5 = 25 MARKS)
1. Explain Line and staff aspects of HRM.
2. Write short notes on roles of personnel manager?
3. Write brief notes on “Recruitment through Internet”.
4. Explain Job description.
5. Write short notes on Strategic Human Resource Management?
6. Explain the process of Manpower planning?
7. Outline different methods of recruitment? Explain any two methods.
8. Write short notes on Job description and job specification?
9. Differentiate between training and development?
10. Write short notes on transfer and types of transfer?
11. Explain different methods of On The Job training?
12. Explain the Performance Appraisal Process?
13. Write short notes on Piece rate system and Standard Hour incentive plans?
14. What are the components of Employee compensation?
15. What are the basic components of pay structure in India?
16. Write short notes on Fringe Benefits and types?
17. Define Grievances? What are the forms, causes and effects of grievances?
18. Define trade union? Explain various objectives and functions of trade unions?
19. Write short notes on collective bargaining?
20. Explain Effective safety Management?

Part – C (3 X 10 = 30 )
(Answer all questions)
21. Explain the steps involved in the Human Resource Planning Process?
22. What are the different methods of recruitment? Explain.
23. Explain different roles of Personnel Manager?
24. Explain in detail about Selection process?
25. Explain the various methods of training?
26. Write in detail about different methods of Job Evaluation?
27. What is executive development? Explain different methods of Management development
28. What do you understand by incentive plans? Explain various methods of incentive plans?
29. Write in detail about Collective bargaining, its types and process?
30. Explain Job Evaluation methods?
31. Write in detail the types of Fringe benefits provided by organisations.
32. What is Trade union? Discuss the objectives and functions of trade union in India?