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Chapter III


This chapter deals with the procedures and methods which will be used to

conduct the study. The data obtained are collected and analysed according to the proper

specification and procedure. Presented here are the research locale, respondents of the

study, research design, research instrument, data gathering and the data analysis.

Research Locale


XYZ FOOD PRODUCTS IN STA.CRUZ, LAGUNA” and was conducted in Brgy.

Callos Sta.Cruz, Laguna.

Respondents of the Study

The information needed for the study were gathered to those person behind the

XYZ Food Products especially the plant manager, Engr. Tolarbas, the supervisor, Engr.

Roman and the maintenance technicians. The relevant data gathered by the researchers

were the past studies or unpublished studies, books, journals and the confidential

documents which was directly given by the employees of XYZ Food Products.

Research Design

In order to arrive at a conclusive result, the researchers used descriptive type

of research. Employing personal interviews and technical analysis of data helped the

researchers to evaluate the problem and draw solutions. Also the researchers conducted an

observation and used pareto chart, root cause analysis and failure modes and effect analysis

to identify the problems.

Research Instrument

At the preliminary phase of the study, the researchers prepared an unstructured

questionnaire that was used during their interview and sought information from the

related studies available in the university library. Other alternatives that may be possible to

apply into this situation was also used. Printed materials such as books, and previous studies

helped the researchers to carefully examine existing condition of the production. Internet

sources were also utilized in best possible in the conduct of this study.

Data Gathering Procedure

Data were acquired through step-by-step procedure which guided the researchers in the

accomplishment of the study.

1. Gathering of data which involved those necessary documents such as letters and

permits for the approval of all the concerned persons.


2. After the permission has been granted, the researchers started gathering important

data on the background of the problem which was acquired through interviews

of XYZ Products, particularly the plant manager, Engr. Tolarbas and Engr. Roman.

3. Other information were gathered from various references such as books, journals

and other unpublished materials related to the study. Library research was also

performed to conform to applicable theories and principles that could be used in the

formulation of the solution.

4. Data and information were recorded, presented and tabulated.

5. The results were interpreted and analysed to come up with the conclusion

and recommendations and make follow-ups to get more relevant information