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Phu Quoc Ecological Tourist Area There are some tourist destination in Vietnam

Referring to ecotourism in Vietnam, Phu Quoc pepper

garden ecotourism area cannot be missed, Coming to
Phu Quoc pepper garden in addition to visiting the
green pepper garden. Visitors also heard gardeners
introduce techniques of planting and caring to produce
Phu Quoc pepper products. If you wish, visitors can
contact the garden owner to buy some dried pepper as
a gift.

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In addition to pepper gardens, Phu Quoc has many
tourist attractions for visitors such as fish cage
farming, snail breeding, crab farming in Ham Ninh
commune; sim wine production establishments, fish
sauce production houses; model of garden ecotourism
in Cua Duong communes, Duong To, Bai Thom ...
Discover primitive forest in the ecological
conservation area of Da Ngon stream or Ganh Dau

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If you are adventurous, you can try diving and
snorkeling. If you are a sports enthusiast, the games on
the sea such as boat surfing, windsurfing, kayaking,
flying water boards ... In the evening at Phu Quoc, if
you don't go for a walk at night, try the night squid 1.Phùng Thanh Hằng
fishing on the boat. Guests will be instructed how to 2.Trịnh Đức Hoài
catch squid. Each destination brings its own memories 3.Trần Lê Gia Bảo
and impressions. 4. Nguyễn Gia Khánh
The development of Ecotourism in Vietnam Mai Chau Ecolodge Area community ecotourism Kotam
Ecotourism is a type of nature-based and indigenous Located in northern Vietnam, Mai Chau is an alluring KoTam eco-tourism site is located at Km4, Highway
cultural tourism associated with environmental velley in the Hoa Binh Province. Not far from Hanoi, the 26, Tan Hoa ward, Ea Tu commune, Buon Ma Thuot
education, which contributes to conservation and area is hemmed in by hills, disconnected from the chaos city, Dak Lak province. Who has come here, can not
sustainable development efforts with active of the city. This secluded haven offers travelers forget a Kotam imbued with Tay Nguyen cultural
participation of local communities. breathtaking scenery in Mai Chau accompanied by the identity with a large wooden house in the center of the
warm hospitality of the local community. We invite you resort, with a capacity of about 1000 people.
to explore unique opportunities in this captivating
environment and experience the traditional culture of the
indigenous White Thai people.

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Vietnam is a country in the monsoon tropical climate
with the advantage of a pristine coastline and
This is the place to organize cultural events, meetings
mountain forests with many nature reserves, national
as well as the wedding of the Ede ethnic people. There
parks and many forbidden forests, which are natural
is also a stilt house where the national paintings and
heritages of country, full of potential for ecotourism
musical instruments showcased the cultural identity of
development. Not only that, Vietnam has a high
the Ede, the place of the Central Highlands gong
biodiversity with about 14,624 species of plants
Soure: Internet festival, the festival of offering elephants, offering
belonging to nearly 300 families. In addition, the
water docks ...
animal world in Vietnam is also diverse, about 11,217
species and subspecies (birds , animals, amphibian Here, visitors will experience ecological activities.
reptiles, marine fish, freshwater fish, etc ...). Besides, Immerse yourself into the local nature and culture. Ride
mammals in Vietnam have up to 10 typical tropical a bike down thin winding paths or through lush rice
species such as: cheo, hill, flying fox, civet, loris, paddies. Participate in traditional dances or try your hand
gibbon, pangolin, elephant, tapir, rhino and special at brocade weaving. Eco Activities include: Hiking,
There are 5 species of large mammals newly Trekking, Biking, Farming Cooking Classes Traditional
discovered in Vietnam. Dancing Bamboo Rafting, Brocade Weaving,… Soure: Internet
Here visitors can participate in the cultural activities of
the Ede: riding elephants on festivals, drinking wine,
playing Gong and some ethnic instruments of the Tay

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