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Employment injunctions of Islam and present climate in Pakistan

Saman Naeem (UMT)


The potential association between religious beliefs, management practices and

employment practices in Pakistan and organizational outcomes has been
conspicuously ignored in the mainstream management research. The paper
introduces the concept of Islam and human resource management. This paper
introduces in this special issue, which further explains the understating and linkage
that of Islam and Human resource management and Human Resource Management
in Pakistan. Emphasizes in this paper is laid on the key feature of the Islamic HRM
to be exercised and distinction from that of normative models of HRM. The impact
of Islamic values on HRM practice and organization performances. But a more
research is needed to gain a fullest understanding of the how Islamic beliefs, culture
and Norms would affect the practices in use and creating a spiritual environment and
organizations performance.

Keywords Islam, Human resource management, Management research, Practice in

Pakistan, Employee perceptions.