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Employment injunctions of Islam and present climate in


This research paper is presentation my hard work and personal findings, which was a result of
the use of primary data research and secondary research while using relating references. The
research contribution of fellow researcher and my confidante and all others who have been a
participated in this research paper has fulfilled any legal and ethical requirements of University
of Management & Technology.

The potential association between religious beliefs, management practices and employment
practices in Pakistan and organizational outcomes has been conspicuously ignored in the
mainstream management research. The paper introduces the concept of Islam and human
resource management. This paper introduces in this special issue, which further explains the
understating and linkage that of Islam and Human resource management and Human Resource
Management in Pakistan. Emphasizes in this paper is laid on the key feature of the Islamic HRM
to be exercised and distinction from that of normative models of HRM. The impact of Islamic
values on HRM practice and organization performances. But a more research is needed to gain a
fullest understanding of the how Islamic beliefs, culture and Norms would affect the practices in
use and creating a spiritual environment and organizations performance.

Keywords Islam, Human resource management, Management research, Practice in Pakistan,

Employee perceptions.

My research Paper is only possible due to the lecturers, family and friend’s support and help I
had been blessed with in the last year and so. And also special thanks to Sir Umer Asif my
Research mentor and adviser. I would like to thank all the lecturers who have shown me their
knowledge in their formal and informal lectures in the last four chapters.

Secondly, the substratum and cooperation that I have received from my dissertation mentor
through the journey of preparation of my research is beyond my expression to acknowledge. He
has resolved all my problems in my study.

Thirdly, especial thanks to Mr. Tariq Seed Bajwa my father, my mother and my family who has
motivated me and encouraged me to complete and work on this study. The source of my
motivation and encouragement in my studies was their support.

Eventually, I wish to thank all those who have rescued some time from their busy schedule to
complete the questionnaires I have provided them with. Without the willingness of the
employees of Islamic banking industry to be associated with my paper, I might have not been
able to triumphantly concluding my primary research.