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Pollution refers to the uncleanness of the earth's surroundings by things that

affect with human healthiness, value of life or the normal functioning of the
environments. The main types of pollution contain water pollution, noise
pollution, air pollution. Air pollution is a severe universal community healthiness
problem that is managed most efficiently by cooperative action to regulator
emissions of together primary air pollutants and originators that respond to form
secondary air pollutants.
1. Vehicles Emissions – It is a form of fossil fuel emissions along with air
pollution. The pollutants emitting from vehicles like from cars, trucks, trains
causes huge amount of pollutants.
2. Agricultural Activities – In Punjab farmers usually sow crops such as wheat
but before doing this farmers usually set fire on the field as to clean the
land for planting.
3. Deforestation – This process effects the whole environment in a very
severe ways. Forest act as usually sinks for whole carbon dioxide which is
called as carbon sequestration.
4. Dust and wildfires – In our country very large areas are of majorly open
land along with constuction area that are particularly very dry due which of
lack of precipitation, so this usually cause the dust strome in the
atmosphere which futhrer affect the health of living beings.

 Forest fire in Indonesia for getting Palm oil which is used in many different
products like in maggii, biscuits etc. Due to this many animals have died in
last few years all the fires are set with the reason of earning more and more
 US and Russia uses Syria’s land for testing of their bombs and amunation
which is also a big reason cause of air pollution in the world.

 HEALTH ISSUES – Air pollution is a big reason for cause of many health
issues like asthama, cancer, damage to both nervous along with respiratory
 GLOBAL WARMING – There is regular increase of temprature of the whole
eco system due to which rise in the level of sea and melting of ice from all
the cloder regions are happening.
 EUTROPHICATION – In this process many chemical compound like sulphur,
phosphate get dissolved in the oceans due to which many marine life
animals get affected and futher. For example – Huge amont of fish have got
mutated in near Pacific Ocean due to which their colour have been get
affected and got white.


1. Use of public transport more – By using more of public transport it will help
the whole environment in reducing the temprature along with helping in
using fuel in an efficent manner for the futer generation.
2. Conserve energy – Using the energy in proper manner and futher swithing
off the machines and lights when not in use will help in futher use
conserving the energy.
3. Planting more trees – Planting more and more trees help in futher reducing
the temprature and help in maintaining the overall health of the
4. Even an Dutch scientist, Daan Roosegaarde who is developing a smoke free
tower by which it will be cleaning the air and making jewelry of carbon
from it which will be an environmental as well as economic way to help our
planet. ( ).
5. Green building is an effective way of reducing carbon foot prints from the
environments along with making the environment more healthy for every
So by this I can conclude that human should work on conserving more energy and
should plants more and more trees to make our environments more clean and
reduce the health issues like Asthama, Cancer etc.