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New Work by Alex Hetherington 16.10.10 - 31.10.10 Thursday Sunday 12-6pm

Windscreen 1
Cody M. Walker/Richard Hoyt/Joe Sheridan/Clipper Neptune/Thomas G. Plaskett/ Russell Ray, Jr./ Feu Thérèse.



Two sheets thick (framed images)


Black Glass


3 editions

Windscreen 2
A Standard Nomenclature for Marbled Paper/Fat Malboro/ L.A. Tool & Die/Peaceable Lake Rehabilitation Center/ Ibaraki Prefecture. three


1. Van Cleef and Arpels, Boucheron, Chanel, Chopard, De Beers, Dior, Cartier, H. Stern, Theo Thenell, Vertu, Harry Winston, Leviev, Asprey. 2. “Chick” Austin/ gas, ass, or grass, no one rides for free/ Satin Operator 3. The Eagle: Gold Standard (hysteric, melancholic, degraded, refined) 4. Peter Weir: From Picnic at Hanging Rock to The Cars That Ate Paris

Canadian Rain. in the video projection canadian rain, _______ (sic) appears against a blank background wearing a trench coat. her hair is blowing in the wind. she executes a series of stylized gestures from an entirely invented sign language to bring about a/pluie canadienne/Robert Saint George Dy’renforth (1844–1910) was an American soldier and lawyer. six

A completed screenplay by Efrim Menuck plus celebrities with Tourette’s or Epilepsy/ NTSC and PAL comparisons Godspeed you Black Emperor & Fluxus Whore Van Cleef & Arpels (black) & Crawl Worm! eight


Street sign

Gold Text

Lift yr skinny fist, Mark Pullin, known as Mr Pearl, lapping up the _____ & Cocaine at Studio 54 _____ grease alloy, and Marguerite Ida & Helena Annabel, VS. adore Diana Dors, skinny boy/ rouge Skate’78 lips The Pina Bausch sequence.

Robert Opel/Caddo Nation of Oklahoma/”The West is the future”/Aaron Curry/Black Inches.

Placebo landscape. “Note that I use the term ‘spelunker’ to denote someone untrained and unknowledgeable in current exploration techniques, and ‘caver’ for those who are.” Grotte des Faux-Monnayeurs, Mouthiers-Haute-Pierre (France).

Apple Mac on mirror
five fou r
“Charles Baudelaire Peint”, 1972/”Dites Partout Que Je L’Ai Dit”, 1974/Pink No/Sissy Spacek in Trash/Studflix/Steve Jobs Suicide



two one


sev en

eigh thre e t

Alex Hetherington would like to thank: Sam Stead Mick Reilly Root Creative Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Lorna Shields Premier Windscreens Edinburgh McRostie of Glasgow Victor Boullet Nathalie de Briey Sara Sinclair The Embassy Committee


…Johnny Rotten Begat Bruce LaBruce. Bruce LaBruce Begat Buck Angel. Buck Angel Begat Dee Dee Sharp. Dee Dee Sharp Begat C.C Peniston. C.C Peniston Begat Pete Shelly…
~ from Sarah Winchester Made Me Hardcore, Print edition by Alex Hetherington

works formed from her response to these audio works.
A violent remix of the world, pulling in aspects of queer culture, high art, mass production and the proliferation of the image. The resultant work acts in some way as a spatial representation of the fragmented self.

Alex Hetheringtons practice is rooted firmly within the milieu of contemporary late capitalist culture. Known primarily for his performative video works exploring notions of identity and self through complex appropriations and references to theatre, literature, visual art, mass media and spam emails.

Does a society that encourages the search for the real self make us ‘aware of our essential separate unique identity’ or does it afford us practice in the acting out of Siamesed identities?

or cultures in which some manner of distinctions between self and other, we and they, are not made . . . Self-knowledge – always a construction no matter how much it feels like a discovery – is never altogether separable from claims to be known in specific ways by others.
~ Manuel Castells - The Power of Identity

The construction of identity is at best a fragile process in which we take from the extant signifiers, an accretion of references Is this performance? not the root of all

Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme ~ Hillel Schwartz - The culture of the Copy p.84 Antennas To Heaven marks a new step for In this quote we find the root of Hetherington in an installation in which the problematic logic that lies at the heart performance is hinted at but ultimately of Hetheringtons practice. At once we are denied. told that to be ‘original’ and ‘real’ is the goal A dead set in the best possible way. of our society however this task purely seeks to underline the contradictions of a postConceived by Hetherington as : romantic landscape.

A mask denying the inner self and projecting an idealised representation? Art shares the same fate, attempting to break out of itself but fundamentally dead. Only possible representation. of a mute

a result of a dramatic treatment or scripted scenario based on the idea of the German artist Isa Genzken listening to the Canadian band Godspeed! You Black Emperor and devising

In a society in which individuation is presented as the foundation of meaning Hetherington creates an inversion denying the self and making open the process of the construction of identity.

We know of no people without names, no languages

Linda Levez Vos Elfriede Skinny Rosemarie Fists Jelinek Comme Antennas Trockel to Fratianne Heaven Rebecca Green and Chris McCann as Mr. And Mrs. Dempsey This specially devised performance is a collective response to Alex Hetherington’s Embassy installation and his recent film - Linda Fratianne - made for the CCA. Using improvisation and a series of spoken set texts it creates a bridge between disparate and abrasive forms that explore conventions of performance, the object, glamour, failure, combat, spectacle, defeat and scripted behaviour.
Alex Hetherington performance 31.10.10 7:15pm Roxy hall

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