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Madhav Chavan Rijuta Ghate "

Colours by Madhav Chavan © Pratham Books 2004 Fourth Edition: 2009 Illustrations: Rijuta Ghate ISBN: 81-8263-013-4 Registered Office: PRATHAMBOOKS 633-634, 4th 'C' Main, 6th 'B' Cross, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bangalore 560 043 ({) 080-25429726 / 27 / 28 Regional Offices: Mumbai ({) 022-65162526, New Delhi ({) 011-65684113 Typesetting and Layout by: Trimiti Services Printed by: Shubhodaya Printers Published by PRATHAMBOOKS,www.prathambooks.org
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Tell me ... now!!

Written by

Madhav Chavan
Illustrated by

Rijuta Ghate


Why is the sky blue?

Why are leaves green?


They are not always green. Are they?

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Why are bananas yellow?

Ripe bananas are yellow. Raw bananas are green.


Why are umbrellas black? .,1 I II I




Why is blood red?

There is iron in the blood. That makes it red.


Why is salt white?

I don't know.

Learn through interesting questions and answers.

Tell me ... now!
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ISBN 81-8263-013-4

Age Group: 3-6 years Colours (English)
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