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How Our

Education is
Failing Us
Jackson Anderson period:7
History Behind Our Current Education
Our current education system is
formally known as the ¨Common
Core¨ standards. A system created
with the intention to up the
standards and raise student
knowledge and testing scores.
Within the last few years it has
seemingly appeared out of nowhere,
A major part of Common Core is
but has been in the works since at something called the No Child Left
least 2008. The idea was first started Behind Act. It basically promotes
by former Arizona Governor standardized testing that every
Janet Napolitano. student is required to take, and only
allowed to focus on specific
information. There is a big focus on
keeping everyone up to speed, even to
the extent of holding other students
Potential Pros To Common Core

1. It creates national consistency. Beforehand, states could decide
themselves what should be me mandatory to learn but now going from one
state to another will show less differences
2. School districts now do not have to spend extra money on making tests.
Now each state can share the same tests and curriculum rather than make
their own
3. It has created a professional network of development for teachers and
administration. Now there is a wider source for assistance if a teacher ever
needs it
4. Learning is now based on empirical methods. Meaning that students can no
longer just present the final answer without demonstrating how they came
to that conclusion. They must defend their answer to prevent cheating
The Cons to Common Core

1. It has forced the teachers to teach based off of student performance
rather than learning. Meaning students are praised more for their
accomplishment of a certain test grade rather than the
understanding of the concept
2. Teacher salaries depend on test results, meaning the more perfectly
students know specific answers, the higher the teachers get paid
3. Textbooks have been updated for the new curriculum. And with
new, bizzare ways to solve simple problems(Ex. right→), it pushed
many experienced teachers away from this career path
4. With most states having been forced to switch curricula. Many of
which whom had higher and more rigid educational standards, have
been pushed backwards in learning quality to become more
consistent with the rest of the country
Current Test Scores Vs Past Test Scores

The American College Test, or As seen in the picture (left), there

better known as the ACT, is one are states and districts who have
of the biggest factors colleges adopted the Common Core
look at to see whether a not a standards that are decreasing in
high schooler is acceptable into quality. With students whose
their school. Within the last few composite scores tanked
years however, it has seemingly drastically, their futures can be
become more difficult for greatly affected by this. For
universities to decide whether or example, often times the lower
not any financial aid may be given the testing scores, the less likely
to these students. And that is colleges will give academic
strictly for the reason that the scholarships. And by not doing
average student’s ACT score is so, financial crisis can lead to
dropping. various other problems.
America Compared Internationally
Testing scores are not everything. But they can at times
provide a good indicator to where the takers knowledge is
at. Currently, in tests involving mathematics and reading
comprehension, America is far behind its other 1st-world
counterparts. As seen in the picture, the United States is
less than ideal at the 14th spot in reading comprehension.
And in an even worse position, 25th place in comparison to
other countries understanding of math, which is concerning
in an ever-growing world of technology and science

A possible reason for us falling behind, is to

exactly how our education is structured. Besides
the No Child Left Behind Act, our curriculum is
based on a more specific and structured means of
learning. As opposed to other systems, of
focusing on a more broad knowledge of math and
reading, rather than specific and unrelastic
America’s Overall View On Our Education
In conclusion, the United States’
Board of Education has a problem
on their hands. Regardless of
exact statistics of student
performance, many parents and
past students are frustrated with
the outcome of our current means
to teach our youth to learn. Other
countries with far less resources
are competing and/or
outperforming our students in
basic tasks and understanding of
topics. With college dropout
rates being at an all time high, and As seen in the chart above, parents at home
young adults lacking basic for the most part disagree with Common
knowledge, we are now seeing the Core Standards and wish for them to be
results in the technological race changed. While the minority of less than a
between modern countries. third agree with it.
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