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Task 1. Timecard
Task 2. Journal 2

Regarding Classroom Management)

1. Take pictures of your classroom when it is empty. You will use these in your PowerPoint (more information to follow). No need to include this in
your journal but you will need it later.

Have it saved for later

2. Do you think your teacher has successfully created a productive learning environment? Why or why not?
Yes, she has recently switched from individual desks to tables with 6 per group. This allows for better peer collaboration. One thing I love that she does is start
out with a positive interaction. First, she greets them at the door, then during attendance, she says, "Good Morning Sarah." If Sarah is there, she answers
back "Good morning" if not it is quiet. It is more positive an interactive than just calling names and getting "here" in return. I will be stealing this for sure.

3. What techniques does the teacher use to keep students actively involved in academic activities?
She uses a variety of different resources. Technology, peer collaboration, constant teacher feedback, blended learning, and project based lessons. She has a
great way of keeping the lessons fun but still educational and under control.

4. How is your teachers “withitness?”

She is completely with it. She spotted things from across the room that I had no idea were going on and I was sitting with the students who were misbehaving.
She has an amazing understanding of each and ever student and is aware of who needs what at all times.
5. What types of “punishments” are used in your classroom?
Although I don't like to refer to them as punishments, I refer consequences, she has a red chip system. On the board there is a chart with each students
name. For a warning, she will tell them to put up a red chip by their name. 2 red chips is loss of Dojo points which are class participation points that are viewed
by their parents. 3 red chips is a refocus form, which is a paper you fill out in hopes refocus and correct the behavior. Refocus forms are a school wide system
so for multiple refocus forms, there are other consequences that are given by administration.

6. How or where are the rules posted in your classroom? How were they created? By the students or the teacher?
The rules are posted in the front of the room. The teacher drew them up by hand to make them more attention catching.

(regarding curriculum)
7. Give an example of when the teacher used integrated curriculum across subjects (i.e. combining science and language arts)
One lesson I observed that used integrated curriculum was a reading assignment that taught historical fiction going along with their Civil War unit.
8. Give an example of when the teacher used hidden curriculum
When they are working on their spelling words, they are also learning studying skills and how to successfully study them.

9. Does your teacher used differentiated instruction?

Yes, she made all the appropriate accommodations and modifications for the students who had any form of learning barrier. I observed her shortening an
assignment for a student who has learning disabilities, reading instruction to a student who struggled with reading. I observed an amazing incident last week
where one of the behavioral kids was causing a disruption, and instead of getting in a power struggle with him like he wanted, she just ignored him. Once he
realized he wasn't getting a reaction, he started working. She immediately rewarded him for working. I was very impressed by this. If things like this continue
for this student, it may eliminate the negative behavior by getting rewarded for positive. She is so aware of each of the children's learning abilities and how to
successfully challenge and motivate them all.
10. Can you tell what kind of learner the teacher is from his/her instructional preferences?
Yes, she is a very hands on learner. She loves to do projects and learn through exploring instead of just reading and doing worksheets.

11. Do you think the teacher adapts the curriculum to the types of learners in the classroom?
Yes, as stated above, she makes the appropriate accommodations and modification for each student who needs it and is aware ahead of time so it does not
cause frustration and behaviors.

12. Does your teacher like the curriculum he/she is teaching?

Yes, but adds modifications where curriculum is lacking.

13. What would they like to see added in the future?

I asked her this and she stated, "Million dollar paycheck, smaller class sizes, respect from parents."

Task 3. Journal 3

(regarding Technology)
1. What kind of technology was used in the class(es) you observed? Was it effective?
In both classrooms I observed, they used Chrome Books regularly. They follow a blended learning curriculum so there is a good portion of their classwork that
is done online through software such as Google Classrooms or Pearson Realize. They were also used to keep track of their grades and missing assignments
on Infinite Campus, which is also accessible to their parents. They also used the smart board daily. I think that the technology used in the classrooms are very
effective. The only issue I found was those who didn't finish their work in class and don't have Internet access at home could not complete it as homework.

2. What type of technology might you use when you start your teaching career?
I plan to use the Chrome Books since it is already implemented here and this is where I plan to teach. That is how they do the majority of their school work. I
like that their parents can monitor their grades, missing assignments, as well as tardies through Infinite Campus. I will also use the smart board.

3. Do you think it is harder or easier to incorporate technology into your classroom?

For me, I think it will be slightly harder at first, but only because I am not too computer savvy. It may be a bit of a struggle at first, but I think the more I get the
hang of it the more I will like it. It makes for less paper copying because the assignments are in the programs they use.

(regarding diversity)
4. How diverse was your class(es) you observed?
In the classes I observed I feel they were very diverse. They were many different cultural backgrounds as well as academic levels. One thing I liked about the
5th grade classrooms is that they divide their intervention times up into different levels with different teachers so you are teaching everyone close to the same
level of understanding.

5. What did your mentor/teacher do (or not do) to create a diverse classroom?
Both teachers were very good about treating everyone equal. I did notice that they made modifications to some of the students' assignments that struggle
academically. Not once did they ever make anyone feel less of themselves. They were always uplifting and accepting of all questions and answers and
encouraged any feedback. There was one incident that really stuck out to me: one of the 5th grade students has a really rough home life and was really
struggling. The teacher I observed offered her lunch to sit down and eat with her in the classroom and just talk about anything she wanted. It really helped her
feel like someone cares. I want to be that way with my students. They all come from different backgrounds, but you wouldn't know by the way they are treated
in the classroom.