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Lisa Cantwell

TEC 516

Grand Canyon University

January 31, 2018

Lesson Planning

Terminal Objective (plan 1st) (Learning Target)-I can write my opinion with reasons about a book or topic.
Expectation: Students will be able to distinguish facts and opinions.

(CCSS) - W.2.1: Write opinion pieces in which they introduce the topic or book they are writing about, state
an opinion, use linking words to connect opinion and reasons, and provide a concluding statement or reason.
Introduction Body of Lesson
(plan last)
Anticipatory Set Input  Modeling  Check for  Guided Practice  Who?
How many of you (content/strategy) Understanding
have heard of the “I think In pairs, students will 2/3 M/M
word “opinion”? “Opinion” means chocolate ice Ask students to tell their partner their SDC class
Can you tell us to tell others what cream is the determine if a opinion about the best
where or how you you think about best flavor sentence is an TV show and tell two
heard it? What do something. because it is opinion or a reasons why. Teacher
you think it sweet and taste fact? will walk around and
means? s great on a hot correct/help as
For example, “It is
day”. Examples: needed.
my opinion that
I think chocolate
Chart student Chocolate ice
is the best ice
answers on chart cream is the best I gave two After about 5-7
paper as they flavor.” But not reasons here. minutes, ask for
answer. everyone will have Can you tell students to share out
the same opinion. what they are? what their partner
Vanilla ice cream
said. Be sure that
 is made from
students speak in
(Ask students…. (Now, practice milk.
complete sentences
“Student: What is with another
and use the format
your opinion about student who Ice cream
Objective given.
chocolate ice volunteers to doesn’t taste
(as stated to very good.
cream?” Tell them come to the
they can answer: “I front of the
Today we are
think that class)
going to learn Closure
chocolate ice
how to write an Asks the
cream is
opinion piece. When we students,
speak or write, “What is an
we should use opinion?”
 this format:
Purpose Now, when I tell (have this
my opinion, I need posted for
Students will to give reasons students to
learn how to write why I think the look at).
an opinion and way I do
use facts to
In my opinion,
support their
I think that
______. One
reason for this
is ______.
Another reason
is ________.
This is why I
think _______.

Independent Practice

Students will write a short paragraph about their favorite: color, weather, flavor of ice cream, or animal.
Lesson Planning- Updated with Technology

Terminal Objective (plan 1st) (Learning Target)- I can write my opinion with reasons about a book or topic.
Expectation: Students will be able to distinguish facts and opinions.
(CCSS) - W.2.1: Write opinion pieces in which they introduce the topic or book they are writing about, state an
opinion, use linking words to connect opinion and reasons, and provide a concluding statement or reason.
5a-Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and
accommodate learner differences and needs.
7a-Provide alternative ways for students to demonstrate competency and reflect on their learning using technology.
7b-Use technology to design and implement a variety of formative and summative assessments that accommodate
learner needs, provide timely feedback to students and inform instruction.
1c-Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to demonstrate their
learning in a variety of ways.
6d-Students publish or present content that customizes the message and medium for their intended audiences.
Introduction (plan Body of Lesson (plan 2nd)
Anticipatory Set Input  Modeling  Check for  Guided Who?
How many of you have (content/strate Understanding Practice
heard of the word gy) “I think chocolate  2/3 M/M SDC
“opinion”? Can you tell ice cream is the *Technology: class
us where or how you “Opinion” mean best flavor To check for In pairs,
heard it? What do you s to tell others because it is understanding, students will
think it means? what you think sweet and tastes input these tell their partner
about great on a hot questions into their opinion
something. day”. the Plickers about the best
Chart student answers
App and create TV show and
on a PowerPoint slide
a quick tell two reasons Closure
or using overhead For example, “It I gave two
formative why. Teacher Asks the
projector to display is my opinion reasons here. Can
assessment to will walk students,
what students suggest. that Chocolate you tell what they
check for around and “What is an
ice cream is the are? opinion?”
understanding. correct/help as
best flavor.” But
Share with students to Have students needed.
not everyone Have students
help remind them about (Now, practice hold up cards to
will have the practice
facts and opinions by with another answer if it is
same opinion. After about 5-7 identifying
having students watch a student who fact or opinion.
minutes, ask for facts and
short video on volunteers to Examples:
students to opinions on
Facts and Opinions at (Ask come to the front Ask students to
share out what PBS Kids
Brainpop Jr: students…. of the class) determine if a
their partner website: “Student: What sentence is an
said. Be sure
m/readingandwriting/ is your opinion opinion or a
When we speak that students http://pbskid
communication/factsa about chocolate fact?
or write, we speak in
ndopinions/ ice cream?” Tell
should use this complete games/factso
 them they can Examples:
format: (have this I think chocolate sentences and pinions/factso
answer: “I think
posted for use the format pinions.html
that chocolate is the best ice
students to look at given.
ice cream is cream.
on a Google Slide
displayed on the
Objective In my opinion, I
(as stated to students) Vanilla ice cream think that
Now, when I
Today we are going to is made from ______. One
tell my opinion,
learn how to write an In my opinion, I milk. reason for this
I need to give
opinion piece. think that ______. is
reasons why I
One reason for ___________.
 this is Another reason
Purpose think the way I _____________. Ice cream is
do Another reason is doesn’t taste ____________.
Students will learn how ______________. very good. This is why I
to write an opinion and This is why I think
use facts to support think ___________.
their opinion. _____________.

Independent Practice
Students will write a short paragraph about their favorite: color, weather, flavor of ice cream, or animal on a digital
format, such as a Google Slide on their Chromebook. Students will write a paragraph, typing the information into
Google docs, making sure to include at least 2 reasons why, and using information to support their opinion.

I shared my lesson plans with a fellow teacher who works with the same grade level of students.

She was very excited to review the lesson as we often share and teach the same subjects. She offered

her feedback on the lesson plan. Overall, she said the lesson plan would be appropriate for our

students. She liked the addition of the Brain Pop Jr. video to help with introducing the terms. She felt

that there were a variety of activities to support the learning objective, but perhaps breaking it up into a

few days would prove to be more beneficial. She was interested in the Plickers application and

wanted to know more about it and was interested in applying it in her own classroom.

After reviewing the lesson plan and her suggestions, I found that her suggestion about breaking

the lesson up into a few days sounded very logical. I could see the time restraint of trying to get my

students to log onto their Chromebooks and get access to the short video quiz at the end of the lesson.

I also know from experience when using the Plickers’ cards, that it takes a little bit longer to get the

students’ answers and we most likely would discuss each result about why it may or may not be a fact

or opinion. I felt that it would most likely be necessary to discuss the information and review it on the

same day, but begin the actual writing of the Google Slide would need to take place on a separate day

after a review of the information.

My use of ISTE-Educator standard 5a was based on adapting a lesson that would allow students

to work independently and aligns with the standard to differentiate the lesson based on the needs of my

students (ISTE, 2018). Although this lesson was created for my students, it could also be used for

students in the same grade level, regardless if they are in general education or special education.

Using the Plickers Application allows students to show me what they understand by using a formative

assessment, which fits with ISTE standard 7b. By using this application, I can determine who knows

the information or what part of the lesson needs to be reviewed. In addition, the ISTE standard of 7a,
allows my students and myself to see immediate feedback from the answers while using the Plickers

cards and the PBS kids short quiz.

For the ISTE Standards for Students, the standard that most fits with this lesson is 1c, which

allows the students to get an immediate response for their answers through a visual representation

from the Plickers data. Lastly, ISTE standard 6d, allows students to write their opinion and customize

their paragraph on a google slide that can be shared with their fellow classmates and myself. This

allows the students to demonstrate their competency with the information and to elaborate by applying

the information to something that interests them. By adding the technology aspect to the lesson,

students will be motivated and engaged. Additionally, they will be able to work collaboratively to

share responses and independently at their own pace.


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