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March Unit Post-Test

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Directions: Carefully read the words in the word bank. Match each word to the appropriate
definition using the blanks below.

A. Oom-Pah B. Trio C. Strain

D. March Introduction E. Dogfight F. Stinger

1. ____ A section of a march that consists of the melody.

2. ____ A section in the middle of a march that has softer dynamics and a more smooth
3. ____ The relationship between playing on and off the beat in a march.

4. ____ The repetition of the last chord that is played. It usually happens at the end of a

5. ____ A melody in a march that is played loudly by a few instrument groups near the end
of a march.

6. ____ The section of music that occurs before the first strain at the beginning of a march.
Multiple Choice

Directions: Read the questions and the choice of answers very carefully. Choose one option that
best fits as the answer to the question.

1. Which three percussion instruments are the most important in a march?

a. Marimba, Snare Drum, and Bass Drum
b. Marimba, Crash Cymbal, and Snare Drum
c. Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbal
d. Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Timpani
2. What is the purpose of a march introduction?
a. To grab the attention of the band members.
b. To grab the attention of the audience members.
c. To grab the attention of the conductor.
d. To add length to the march.
3. What was the name of the famous band that we listened to in this unit? The band is most
famous for playing American marches.
a. The President’s Own Marine Band
b. The Vice President’s Own Marine Band
c. America’s Hometown Band
d. The Coast Guard Band
4. What are the 3 reasons that marches are written? We discussed these reasons in class.
a. Birthday parties, ceremonies, and for the military
b. Road trips, for the military, and ceremonies
c. Ceremonies, circuses, and birthday parties
d. Ceremonies, circuses, and for the military
5. What style should a strain in a march be played in?
a. Piano
b. Legato
c. Marcato
d. Mezzo forte
6. What style should a trio in a march be played in?
a. Piano
b. Legato
c. Marcato
d. Mezzo forte
7. What is the official march of the United States of America?
a. Kingsbury March
b. Stars and Stripes Forever
c. The Marine March
d. The Navy March
8. Who wrote the official march of the United States of America? This person is known as
the “March King.”
a. John Phillips Sousa
b. Johann Sebastian Bach
c. Bruno Mars
d. Beethoven

Fill in the blank

Directions: Read the instructions carefully. Fill in the boxes provided with words that best fit the

1. Complete the diagram below with the order of march form. Hint: You may want to look
back to the word bank in the matching section to see possible options.