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Accommodations and Modifications


There are a few students in this class period that have an IEP and need accomodations when
testing. During the pre-test I paired two students up with responsible and trustworthy students
so that the students with IEPs could ask their partners if they had any issues with filling out the
test. I made this accommodation so that these students with special needs could ask any
questions about the layout, or if they had any questions with the wording of the questions. I did
not make this accommodation so that these students could ask their partners for all of the
answers. Furthermore, I made sure to monitor this throughout the test by proximity. Additionally,
there is one student with an aid in the class, so I asked the aid if the student needed any
specific accommodations while taking the pre-test. We decided that it was best for the student
to take the test with the aid in the hallway. I gave this student’s aid a completed copy of the
study guide so that she could help this student with special needs fill out his study guide to the
best of his ability.


In this class, there are three students with IEPs that needed a modification in the study guide for
the unit. I created an enhanced study guide for these students that consisted of more questions
and blanks filled in with the correct answers that I was looking for. It was brought to my attention
that even though I will be filling the study guide out with the students throughout the unit, that
these students with special needs may sit in their seats and not complete the study guide with
me. Therefore, I filled in more of the answers.