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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region I
Division of Pangasinan I


Prepared by:

JHS Applicant
I. Objectives:
At the end of the 60-minute lesson, the students are able to achieve the
following with 75% level of success:
a. define digestion and explain its importance
b. identify the different processes of digestion that serve to provide energy
to the body.
c. value the importance of digestive system in living organisms
II. Subject Matter
A. Topic: Digestion of food
B. References:
C. Materials : Laptop, projector, Chalkboard
D. Methodology: Activity, Video presentation, Discussion

III. Learning Procedures:

A. Preliminaries
-Checking of attendance
B. Recall
- What are the different organs of the digestive system that work together
to process food?
- How does the food enters the body?
C. Motivation
- Group the students into four and they will performed the activity which
shows how different food are broken down into simpler form.
-Each group will explain their observation among the class.
D. Presentation
E. Lesson Proper
Guide questions:
1. What does digestion mean?
2. What are the different organs that is responsible for digestion?
3. What are the different process/steps in digestion of food?
F. Generalization
- Digestion is the process of breaking down food into smaller molecules
to be absorbed by the body.
- The journey of food starting from the mouth down to the anus can be
summarized by a sequence of events namely: ingestion, propulsion,
digestion, absorption, assimilation,and excretion.
G. Values Integration
- Take good care and protect all the organs in your body.
IV. Assessment
Identify the major digestive process (ingestion, propulsion, digestion,
assimilation, absorption, and excretion) which corresponds to the given
1. Food is broken down into their building blocks through chemical means.
2. Fatty acids accumulate in the cells to form fats, proteins, and
3. Food is being swallowed and taken in by the mouth.
4. Mixing of food with digestive juices is a process called churning.
5. Segmentation helps food to mix with digestive juices to prepare the food for
further degradation.

V. Agreement/Assignment
Make an advance reading on Interaction of the Digestive system with other Body

VI. Remarks: