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Montana Difford

Federalist v. Anti-federalist Cartoons

Option 1: Create three separate cartoons with three scenes

depicting the Federalists and Anti-federalist arguing over

different principles being applied to the new constitution. Use

the cartoon below as a guide for how your cartoon should look.

• Cartoon #1 - Separation of


• Cartoon #2 - Necessary &

Proper Clause or Supremacy


• Cartoon #3 - Federalism

• Each cartoon should depict

accurate viewpoints and

arguments from both the

Federalist and Anti-federalist.

• Turn this assignment back

into iTunes U when it is


Option 2: Create an animated cartoon

using the same directions from above. If

your up for something a little more creative

you can download the Puppet Pals 2 app

from Self-Service and create an animated

cartoon. If you choose this option, you will

only have to complete TWO cartoons

instead of THREE. Your free to choose

which topic you want for your cartoons,

and you may work with a partner.

Cartoon #1 - Separation of Powers

For this government, I say we should divide the

government's powers into three separate

branches- a legislative, an executive, and a

judicial . It’ll help to keep the government from

becoming overbearing as well as creating a

checks and balance so that we can be sure that

the government stays in balance with each

branch working together so that the government

stays working.

That’s absurd! We only need one

branch! Legislative. If we

separated the branches and

created an executive branch with a

president in charge, then it’ll soon

become a monarchy and it’ll be

Great Britain's tyranny all over!

Hmm. I think the federalist are onto something here. The separation of

powers would help to make this government stronger. And if it creates

a checks and balance system then it’s not likely that the government
will become a second Great Britain's tyranny. The branches will keep

the others in check so that no branch will become more powerful than
the other two and if we define the powers for the branches carefully to

make sure that the branches work together to build our government
and keep it a country for the people.

Cartoon #2 - Necessary & Proper Clause or Supremacy Cause

The necessary and proper clause is a

must. It’ll allow for our government

to adjust for whatever the future

may bring, which can prevent the

need to have to rewrite the

government again for the future


If we give the government this clause,

then it’ll just become corrupt and make

whatever laws it feels that are

‘necessary’ and ‘proper’. The states are

going to lose power, and the peoples’

rights are going to be violated!

Not necessarily. From what I understand

the “Necessary and Proper clause” only

allows the Congress to make laws and

perform powers related to the ones we

list in the Constitution, so the peoples’

freedoms and rights should be safe from

such abuse. I say we use it.

Cartoon #3 - Federalism

We need a strong central

government! This will allow for a
better protection of our people and
country! And the powers will be
shared equally so that the national
government can actually perform
their duties!

Absolutely not! We must have a weaker

central government, or else we risk the
abuse of our people’s freedoms and rights. We
cannot have a stronger central government,
what about our states' powers?! The
freedoms and rights of the people should be
our first priority and with a stronger central
government, all that we’ve worked for are at
risk if we go through with this! You all saw
what happened with Great Britain!

Well, while you make a valid point with the fact

that we must think of our people, you miss the
point that the power will still be divided between
the state and national governments. States will
still hold power, it’s just that the central
government will be stronger this time then it was
last time, allowing for it to effectively run our