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First exam guide

Name: __________________________________

Units 1-2 | Reading

1. Read the text. Select True or False.

What do you do on Saturday nights? I watch movies on Saturday nights while my son plays games with his
cell phone. (Sharon, Portland, Oregon, US) I work on Saturday nights, but I always text friends and relatives. I
usually talk on my cell phone to my son Herb before he goes to bed. (Hans, Berlin, Germany) I often go to the
gym and then see a movie with my boyfriend, Bernard. (Celine, Montreal, Canada) I go to the supermarket
with my wife, Maria, and then we call our daughter, Alicia. She lives in Miami. (Diego, Lima, Peru) I go to
parties with friends. I sometimes take photos of the parties and email them to other friends. (Matoko, Osaka,
Japan) I always order a pizza for me and my boyfriend, Rui. (Suzel, Oporto, Portugal)

1. Celine exercises on Saturday nights.

2. Sharon's son emails photos to his friends on Saturday nights.

3. Alicia orders pizza for her boyfriend on Saturday nights.

4. Hans plays games with his son Herb on Saturday nights.

5. Alicia lives in the US.

2. Match the names and the nationalities.

1. Rui a. American

2. Hans b. Portuguese

3. Diego c. Peruvian

4. Celine d. Canadian

5. Sharon e. German

1. Rui is Suzel's ____________________

2. Alicia is Diego's ____________________

3. Hans is Herb's ________________________

4. Celine is Bernard's ______________________

5. Maria is Diego's __________________________

Units 1-2 | Listening
1. Listen to the speakers. Select True or False.


1. Tim has two sisters.

2. Tim doesn't live in Boston.

Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

1. Tim goes ...

a. to the gym on weekends.

b. to the gym every day.

c. to the gym on weekdays.

1. Tim isn't American. He's ____________________

2. Tim _________________ music at the university.

3. Tim lives in an apartment with his ___________________

Units 1-2 | Grammar
1. Read the sentences. Select True if the words are correct and False if incorrect.

1. Matt Damon is an actor excellent.

2. These is my house.

3. She often goes to the supermarket.

4. Andy and Marylin are husband and wife. They children are Chuck and Bob.

5. When do you exercise?

2. Match the parts of the question.

1. Do a. you speak English?

2. Is b. you Spanish?

3. Where c. does he live?

4. Are d. do you go to parties?

5. How often e. she Argentinian?

3. Complete the sentences with the correct word.

1. Are you Chinese? No, I'm _________________________

2. ________she American? Yes, she is.

3. What time do you wake up? _______________ 6:30 a.m.

4. When do you go to the gym? ___________________ Fridays.

5. Do you exercise? Yes, _______________________ the morning.

Units 1-2 | Vocabulary
1. Read the sentences. Select True if the words are correct and False if incorrect.

1. Catherine and Douglas are a couple.

2. I always make shave before I take a shower.

3. Messi is a cool soccer player.

4. Lourdes is from Peruvian.

5. This movie is terrible.

2. Choose the correct option to complete each sentence.

1. At 6:30 p.m., I ...

a. go home.

b. go to a home.

c. go to.

2. 7 + 7 = ...

a. forty.

b. forthteen.

c. fourteen.

3. ... is between Monday and Wednesday.

a. Thursday

b. Tuesday

c. Friday
4. The opposite of pretty is ...

a. heavy.

b. ugly.

c. bad.

5. Your mother's sister is your ...

a. niece.

b. aunt.

c. cousin.

3. Match the parts of the sentence.

1. Hilary is from the USA, so she a. his niece.

2. The opposite of big b. is American.

3. My sister's daughter c. her boyfriend.

4. Kevin loves d. is my niece.

5. Joline loves e. is small.