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Statement of Concern

To: Augusta County Board of Supervisors

Virginia Department of Transportation
Department of Environmental Quality
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

We the residents of Augusta County North River District are concerned and have many
questions regarding the purchase of Seawright Springs by Flow Beverage. The manufacturing
operation which includes water extraction and hauling has the potential to impact residents
negatively. Concerns include zoning in line with the county comprehensive plan; the
environmental impact on surface and groundwater resources; traffic and public safety; and
noise pollution.

We expect:

1. That the county ensures that all zoning and permitting requirements be enforced per county
ordinances and consistent with the county plan. We expect to have participation in a public
hearing regarding Seawright Springs.

2. That VODT conducts an impact study regarding traffic and public safety as part of any
special permit application reviews.

3. That Augusta County will engage with residents on projects creating greater transparency
and allowing for citizen input on a project with impacts on the community.


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