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Briefly explain the main ethical issues that are involved in the

following situations.
a) An aggressive advertising campaigns.

Advertising includes all those activities which are involved in presenting messages to an
audience about a product or organization”. In today’s competitive market most advertisers and
media recognize the importance of maintaining consumer trust and confidence which is very
important to gain. There is high degree of consensus among the respondents regarding the
ethics issues related to public policy about advertising. Majority of the customers are in favour
of a regulatory body to enforce ethics in advertising. Besides that, it is essential for
governments to limit on the amount of money a company can spend on advertising to curb
aggressive advertising campaign which is harmful to the people. For instance, some companies
lie the quality of product or services they deliver to clients when they are making advertising.

Ethics in advertising is a set of principles which rule the ways of communication take place
between the seller and the buyer. In today’s global market ethics has become one of the most
important attributes of the advertising world. Since there are lot of benefits of advertising but
as the coin has two sides, there are some things which don’t match or satisfies the ethical
criterion of advertising. Surrogate advertising is advertising which involves a brand or product
message inside an advertisement which is telecasted for another brand or product. Surrogate
advertising came into existence after the Government took initiative to ban advertisements of
products that are injurious to health or body.

b) Employee redundancies

Employee Redundancy is a form of organizations use when they want to downsize their
employees. Organization mostly dismiss their workers when there are in tough economic
situations such as lack of cash, loss of profit or macroeconomic problems like inflation.
However, organizations should use fair polices when they are terminating their workers.
Employers are not allowed to discharge workers because of their gender, age or disability.

If employee is being made redundant, he/she might be eligible for certain rights, including:
redundancy pay a notice, period consultation. Employee redundancy should be handled
ethically because it is not good for the economy as a whole, and it may contribute to increase
unemployment level in the economy. For this reason, companies are needed to fill a from
explaining the reason behind the dismissal and procedures they are going to conduct these

c) Payments or gifts to officials who have the power to help or hinder the payees’

It is not good for employers or managers, teachers or even government officials to take
gifts from their subordinates. Certainly, most laws prohibit public officials, public
employees, candidates for public office, and members of their immediate families from
soliciting or accepting gifts because there is widely believed concept that such gifts could
trigger corruption. For instance, when a manager received a gift from an employee, the
manager cannot be able to supervise that employee well since there is private issues
between them.