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Basic Guidelines for setting your alerts.

The aim of this document is to give you an outline of the basic types of alerts you can setup for your
business with the Repwarn Reputation monitoring software.

These five styles of alerts can be expanded on, of course. Modified – definitely.
adjusted and tweaked to achieve the goals you have for your business when it comes to Social
Media Listening.

When you first log into Repwarn, you can set these 5 types of alerts immediately and you can do
that for every business, brand or product you have.

Alert type 1:

This alert is based around the name of the business itself.

For example if your business name was ABC Engineering
then you will be setting the alert with that name as the primary focus.

So you would set your alert with the different combinations of that specific business name.
And I also like to add the location (For Example: ABC Engineering Brooklyn)

Abc engineering, ABCEngineering, ABC Engineering Brooklyn, ABCEngineering Brooklyn

And in Repwarn, it would look like this;

That will give you great coverage over your business name.

CAUTION: If your business name has a generic component to it (like abc)

I would be reluctant to setup an alert with just THAT term.

if you have something broad, you are going to get a LOT of things that aren’t relevant.

Much better, to make sure your alerts are specific.

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Alert Type 2:
Product Or Brand

If the first alert is all about your business and your business name, this alert can be about the
products you sell. If you have more than one branded or specifically known product that you sell,
you can set up an alert for each of them.

For example, ABC Engineering can be the name of the business, and you sell the specialty widget
called the ‘XYZ Widget’

Again, you would want to setup the alert with every combination of that name that you can.

As it’s written, no spaces, and with all the different options it may have.

XYZ Widget, XYZWidget, XYZ Widget speciality, xyzwidget special, (etc)

And again, it would look like this in Repwarn

And you can repeat for each product, service or brand that you offer.

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Alert Type 3:
Key Personnel

The Key Personnel style of alert can be very useful if people are talking about your PEOPLE as well as
your brand or products. Don’t dismiss this one, although it’s not immediately obvious, this alert can
be very handy. As a quick story, a leading hotel found out their head chef was looking for another
position as he posted his Resume on a job seeking site and Repwarn Picked it up.

Adding in your Key personnel is as simple as putting in their names to Repwarn.

Again, you may choose to combine them
‘Fred Smith ABC Engineering’
Or ‘Georgia Atkins XYZ Widgets’ will get narrower results
than just ‘fred smith’
again, a word of caution here as generic results will get floods of responses and their validity will be
watered down unless you have it dialled in.

Alert Type 4:

Keeping your eyes open (digitally!) for what your competitors are doing.
You can set the same alerts that you have for your own business and products (and even personnel!)
for your competitors!

Find out early about their product updates or launches, know if anything is happening that is being
seen on the web. Get your own systems in place and keep an eye on what those competitors are
doing as well.

Alert Type 3:

The benefit of using a social listening tool like Repwarn is that you can be listening, where people are
talking. And of course – that’s social media.

Have you ever asked your social circles for a recommendation on a product?

Of course!

“Does anyone know a good thai restaurant in Melbourne?”

or “Has anyone got a good dentist?”
Seems to be coming across our social channels almost daily.

And it makes sense, that people who are looking for YOUR type of product, may also ask in their
social circles.
And Repwarn will HEAR It if they do.

Wouldn’t it be great, if when someone asked on Twitter “Does anyone know a good “insert your
product” around here

Reputation Management Software

Just like this person did 56 minutes ago!

(just a random person that typed in, ‘does anyone know….’)

And that you were able to reply instantly -

Hi @customer! We happen to supply that very thing. Here’s our address, bring this Tweet in for 10%

It may not happen everyday.

But… heck – even if it happens once a year, or once in 3 years (depending on your customer value)
then it’s paid for the whole system, time and time again.

In Repwarn, you are going to setup the LEADS style alert with those key ‘social words’ and your
product, or what your product does.

So – that example of “does anyone know a good thai restaurant in Melbourne”

Needs to be tailored to your business and even your location

Alerts can look like these ones

“good engineer in Memphis”

“Anyone that does engineering”

“Know of a talented engineer”

“Can do some engineering work”

And many MANY more variations of the same request.

Repwarn will only spot what it is told – so it may take you a while to set those alerts.
but, again – leads as they come in are worth the wait. Right?

In Repwarn it would look like:

Reputation Management Software

And you can setup different alerts with different variations.

Try and think of the way people talk about your product and service. How they refer to them and
how they could potentially make their needs known to their social circles.

Set those alerts up, and let Repwarn do the listening for you.

I hope this basic guide will allow you to set up those initial alerts and get going with Repwarn

If you haven’t already done so, you can get started with Repwarn by CLICKING HERE

And our team will be on hand to help you get started in the right way.

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss


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