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It is important to me that my classroom is a safe space for my students.

I mean this in a
political, social, emotional, way, and also in an educational way as well. I want my students to
feel like they can ask questions and they will not be made to feel stupid for it. If I can create an
environment where they can speak without being ridiculed by me or other students, they will be
willing to participate and will enjoy the class a lot more. I also want my students to know that I
can always be used as a resource, whether it is for homework help, or if they simply want to use
my classroom during lunch for a quieter time.
While completing my observations I came across a teacher who mentioned believing in
“innocent until proven guilty” and how they choose to extend this belief to their students and
their actions in the classroom. I also intend to run my classroom in this way, I do not want to
treat my students as if they are criminals immediately after meeting them simply because there is
an assumption that teenagers are bad and lazy. I know that they can be bright and eager to learn
if you give them a chance. I also witnessed a teacher ask take the first few minutes of class to ask
about their day, and I saw that this put many of the students at ease. I want to implement
something similar that will give students a chance to shake off anything that happened in the
previous period or at home. I know that colleges are becoming more and more competitive but I
want to instill in my students that their mental well-being is the most important thing.
I know many young people feel as if school does not teach them any actual life skills
therefore I want to make sure that I can frame history in a way that matters to them, by making
sure to include any history that includes their demographic so they feel some connection to what
they are learning. I also want to always relate what is happening in the lesson to something that
has happened recently so they recognize that the past is not just something that happened, there
were actions that were taken that lead to events. I believe that students would find history more
interesting if we were not always teaching the same history, as a high schooler I felt as if my
World History and European History classes were mostly identical and I actually found U.S.
history to be pretty dull because I had already learned about most of it multiple times throughout
my schooling. My opinion changed when I took Ethnic studies classes in college and I learned
history on people most of my textbooks in high school simply took a paragraph to explain. I
would like to have students bring in recent news that is happening either locally or worldwide, I
want to make sure that my students know what is going on in their world at that moment.