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This Agreement made and entered into by and between:

FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY, existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with
office address on Nicanor Reyes Sr. St., Sampaloc, Manila, represented herein by its Associate
Dean, Architect Raquel L. Baquiran, hereinafter referred to as ACADEMIC INSTITUTION;

– and –

Type in company name here, if individual architect, type in his/her name, existing under the laws
of the Republic of the Philippines, with office address on type in address here, represented herein
by its Manager, type in the name of your manager - he/she must be an architect, hereinafter
referred to as INDUSTRY PARTNER.


WHEREAS, the ACADEMIC INSTITUTION is offering the B.S. in Architecture program, has instituted an on-the-job-
training Program, wherein qualified students undergo practical training prior to graduation in order to be
adequately familiar with actual office and industrial operations and management to complement their formal

WHEREAS, the ACADEMIC INSTITUTION proposes that its students be allowed to undergo on-the-job training at
the INDUSTRY PARTNER’S facilities and offices, which proposal was accepted/approved by the latter, subject to
terms and conditions provided for in this Memorandum of Agreement;

WHEREAS, the INDUSTRY PARTNER agrees to accept students of the ACADEMIC INSTITUTION as interns at its
various facilities in support of such Internship Program and complement existing B.S in Architecture curriculum to
match industry demands;

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, the ACADEMIC INSTITUTION and the
INDUSTRY PARTNER agree and stipulate the following:


1. Designate a Program Coordinator/Adviser who will supervise the internship program and
coordinate with the INDUSTRY PARTNER various activities under this Program;

2. Pre-select and recommend qualified students who will undergo the internship taking into
consideration the requirement of the INDUSTRY PARTNER in terms of qualification and
number of interns needed, it being understood that only students taking courses wherein
internship is an academic requirement will be recommended;

Architecture OJT, AY 2018-2019, Summer Semester – Document updated March 5th, 2019
3. Submit to the INDUSTRY PARTNER, the resumé and all other documents required under this
program, which shall serve as the basis of the INDUSTRY PARTNER to screen, select and deploy
specific students for Internship;

4. Orient students about rules, proper attitude, behavior and work ethics inside the internship

5. Monitor attendance, activities and performance of students during the internship program in

6. Monitor compatibility of job circumstances with the internship course requirements for the
students’ attainment of advanced standing in the program through regular interaction with
the student-interns and regular visit to the internship site;

7. Together with the students and parents concerned, renounce and waive any claim against the
INDUSTRY PARTNER for injury that the students may sustain or loss that they suffer, personal
or pecuniary, arising from negligence in the performance of their duties and functions while
under training. The waiver of the student-interns and their respective parents shall be
submitted to the INDUSTRY PARTNER prior to commencement of the internship.

8. Hold the INDUSTRY PARTNER free from any claims or suits and shall forever defend the
INDUSTRY PARTNER from any such claim or suit whatsoever in connection with this


1. Screen, select, and deploy student-interns to the different offices and operating units of the

2. Designate from among its employees an Industry Supervisor who will be assigned the
following responsibilities:
a. Serve as mentor to the student-interns;

b. Give the student-interns course-related work assignments and expose them to

learning experience on actual operations and management;

c. Expose the student-interns to real situation problems and bottlenecks thus

enabling them to analyze and apply scientific as well as empirical approach to the
solution of technical problems;

d. Arrange a conference with the Program Director when student-intern problem


3. Deploy the student-interns to the different operating units of the INDUSTRY PARTNER for a
fixed period of time which will depend upon the course taken by the student-intern and as
agreed upon on a case to case basis by the INDUSTRY PARTNER and the ACADEMIC

Architecture OJT, AY 2018-2019, Summer Semester – Document updated March 5th, 2019
4. Adhere to all regulations regarding labor laws pertaining to internship or learners programs,
as well as health and safety laws;

5. Provide safety instruction throughout the internship period;

6. Accomplish the necessary forms required by the ACADEMIC INSITUTION in connection with
the internship of their students;

7. Shall evaluate/rate the student interns based on the following criteria:

 Attendance/Punctuality
 Competence/Dependability
 Accuracy/Effectiveness
 Design/Bldg. Science Technology
 Manual/Electronic Drafting
 Site/Basic Urban Planning
 Others
 Interest/Cooperation
 Personality/Interpersonal relations

8. Issue certificate of completion to student-interns who successfully finish their training under
this program;

9. Adopt and enforce rules that will govern the conduct of the program. Said rules shall be made
known to the ACADEMIC INSTITUTION and student-interns before the start of the training.

C. Under this Memorandum of Agreement, the following terms and conditions are likewise included:

1. It is expressly understood that there will be no employer-employee relationship between the

INDUSTRY PARTNER and the student-interns of the ACADEMIC INSTITUTION;

2. The student-interns will be personally responsible for any and all liabilities for damage to
property or injury to third persons, which may be occasioned by their intentional or negligent
acts in the course of the internship;

3. The student-interns and the ACADEMIC INSTITUTION shall abide by the INDUSTRY PARTNER’S
rules and regulations and comply with those imposed for the program; otherwise they shall
be excluded from further participation;

4. The student-interns are required to accomplish only a minimum of 240 hours to complete the
internship since it’s only a summer offering.

5. The ACADEMIC INSTITUTION may pull out any student from the INDUSTRY PARTNER on
reasonable grounds after a written notice sent to the INDUSTRY PARTNER requesting such a
pull out;

6. That both parties shall exert all efforts necessary to achieve the objectives of this joint
undertaking; and

Architecture OJT, AY 2018-2019, Summer Semester – Document updated March 5th, 2019
7. That neither of the parties shall be liable to any one in any way for the failure to observe or
perform any provision of this Agreement if such failure be caused by any law, rule or
regulation of any constituted public authority or shall be to any cause beyond the control of
the party in default.

D. Duration:
This Agreement shall take effect immediately upon signing hereof and shall continue thereafter, provided
however that any provision of this Agreement may be amended by written consent by both parties herein
provided further that the INDUSTRY PARTNER or the ACADEMIC INSTITUTION reserves the right to withdraw
its participation in the agreement upon written notice.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereof have signed this Agreement on this __th day of _______, 2015 in Manila,


By: By:

(Type in company here, if individual architect, type

his/her name)

Architect Raquel L. Baquiran, UAP,


OIC Dean/ Associate Dean Architect or Human Resources Manager


Arch. Marie Grace A. Patadlas

Program Head, B.S. Architecture Staffing Representative

Name of student/s & student no/s. in this OJT.




Architecture OJT, AY 2018-2019, Summer Semester – Document updated March 5th, 2019



BEFORE ME, personally appeared the following persons:

Name TIN/Passport No. Date & Place Issued

who are known to me to be the same persons who executed and signed the foregoing instrument and who
acknowledged to me that the same are their free and voluntary acts and deeds.

WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL, at the place and on the site first above written.

Notary Public

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Architecture OJT, AY 2018-2019, Summer Semester – Document updated March 5th, 2019