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Section 86

Title/sub-title Violation Penalty

Unauthorized Fishing To capture, gathering of fish, fry 1.P50,000 to P100,000 for small-
or fingerlings of any species or scale commercial fishing
fishery products without license 2.150,000 to P500,000. For
or permit medium-scale commercial
3.1M to 5M for large-scale
commercial fishing
d. The Boat Captain & 3 highest
officer 6 months and
confiscation of catch and gear
and twice the amount of the
admin. Fine.
Section 87
Engaging in Unauthorized To exploit, occupy, produce, P500,000. To 1 M
Fisheries Activities breed or culture fish, fry or Dismantling and removal of the
fingerlings of any species or structure and rehabilitation of
fishery products, construct and the affected areas and
operate fish corals, fish traps, confiscation of the stocks.
fish pens, fish cages or fishponds
without license, lease or permit
Section 88

Failure to Secure Fishing To fish in the high seas, in the 1.2M to 9M for small-scale
Engaging prior to Engaging in territorial seas, archipelagic commercial fishing
Distant Water Fishing waters, and Exclusive Zones of 2.10M to 15M for medium-scale
other states using Phil. Flagged commercial fishing
fishing boat without first 3.16M to 20M for large-scale
securing permit from the commercial fishing vessels less
Department and authorization than 750 GT, 25M to 45M for
from the coastal state. large-scale form commercial
vessels 750GT or more.

Owner or Operator and 3 highest

officers of the commercial
fishing vessel

Section 89
Unreported Fishing 1.P5,000 for Municipal Fishing
provided that if offender fails to
pay the fine, he shall render
community service
2.100,000 for small-scale
3.200,000 fishing for medium-
scale commercial fishing
4.500,000 for large-scale
commercial fishing

Unreported fishing committed

beyond national jurisdiction
The owner, operator and the 3
highest officer of the cfv
penalized with admin. Fine to 5
times the value of the catch or in
the amount indicated below;
1.2M to 9M for small-scale
commercial fishing vessels
2.10M to 15M for medium-scale
Commercial fishing vessel
3.16M to 20M for small-scale
commercial fishing vessel less
than 750GT, 25M to 45 GT for
large-scale commercial fishing
for 750 GT or more.

Section 90
Unregulated To engage I unregulated fishing 1.P5,000. For municipal fishing
waters within and beyond provided that the offender shall
national jurisdiction render community service
2.P100,000 for small-scale
commercial fishing