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Yzzabel Denise L.

a) Trunk Diameter

-16.07 inches

b) Approximate Tree Height

-55 feet

c) Weight of the tree above ground

-3550.87 lbs. green weight above ground

d) Total green weight of the tree

-4261.04 lbs. green weight (roots included)

e) Dry Weight of the Tree

-3089.25 lbs. dry weight

f) Weight of Carbon in the Tree

-1544.63 lbs. carbon

g) Weight of Sequestered CO2 by the Tree

-5663.53 lbs. CO2 sequestered

h) CO2 sequestered by the Tree per year

-566.35 lbs. CO2 sequestered per year

3) Reflections Paper (Individual):

If you have planted the number of trees mentioned in your Rappler’s Carbon Footprint calculator
results required to offset climate change, how many pounds of carbon dioxide (total per year) will
you have sequestered from the atmosphere? Support your reflections with the science behind
carbon dioxide sequestration of trees and how these are again released into the atmosphere
when are trees are cut and killed. (No need to show your solutions in this paper)

27 trees
Throughout the years, we have lived a life full of ease and comfort. Big thanks to
technology that it was born and helped the lives of the later generations to be improved.
Things were made stress-free and simpler. The activities that require more amount effort
in the old times are already possible to be accomplished easier at present with the help
of technology. There was a minimization of the effort needed on the tasks people are to
make. But, as we enjoy the benefits and advantages of technology, we slowly and
continuously forget its major impact to our dear environment. We take for granted all the
good things technology has done to us and thus closed our ears to hear the voice of the
environment crying and begging for the attention of man. Our dear environment has
silently been crying all these years because of the comfortable living of humans. And this
sad reality has to change now for we still have time. We still have the chance to do things
right and be sensitive for the welfare of our environment. Therefore, we already must
recognize our lapses and do the corrective action to help our nature. Our actions may not
instantly change and solve the current problem of our environment but will definitely help
and lessen its suffering through our everyone’s given efforts.

As I calculated my carbon footprint and my household’s as well, it has become

clearer how big the impact of the family I belong to the current state of our loving nature.
The results have become the evidence on how am I contributing for nature to suffer as I
enjoy the ease of life with the technological inventions in my era. My annual carbon
footprint is 10 tons which is actually more than the average of countries Europe, China,
and India, and the world as a whole. In addition, my household emits 217.7 kilograms of
carbon dioxide a month. Although my personal emission amounts lower compared to the
countries I mentioned, still I have to be more sensitive now that I was able to know my
carbon footprint. Now, I already need to do something about it and show my care for our
loving Mother Earth because as Pope Francis said in his encyclical letter, Laudato Si,
“Our relationship with the environment can never be isolated from our relationship with
others and with God.” Therefore, everybody has the responsibility to make a change
because helping the environment or our nature is helping the vulnerable as well. It is not
only the cry of the Earth that is being heard when calamities and unfortunate events
happen but the cry of the poor as well (Laudato Si’ #53). It is also those who are poor that
will most likely to suffer when nature takes back at us because of our irresponsible
actions. Hence, it is not only the nature that will benefit if we take a leap in reducing our
carbon dioxide emissions because our ecological approach will also lead to social
According to Laudato Si’ #4, both the human environment and the natural
environment wane together and we are not able to sufficiently battle with the degradation
of nature unless we identify and act to the causes related to human and social
degradation. It is also for a fact that the continuous deterioration of the society and attacks
on nature affects the most vulnerable people on the planet or to put in simpler terms,
those who are poorest. Therefore, those who are fortunate to not be included on these
vulnerable people like me should give utmost care to these communities. We must be all
reminded with what Pope Francis also mentioned in his letter that those who protect and
care for our common home which is Mother Earth, are blessed. Just by simply avoiding
the use of plastic and paper, reducing water consumption, separating refuse, cooking
only what can reasonably be consumed, showing care for other living beings, using public
transport or car-pooling, planting trees, turning off unnecessary lights, and reusing
something instead of immediately discarding it (Laudato Si’ #211), we all can make
change for the better and for the benefit of many. Let our duty as God’s creation always
remain in our hearts in order for us not to forget to give care for all the other creation that
includes care for the poor, care for the planet, care for nature, care for the communities,
care for people, and care for our common home. Let us always fulfill this duty in order for
us to become responsible creations of God that give love to the environment and society.