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The OATI webTrans solution sets the industry standard in North America for the most
reliable scheduling and transmission management. In fact, it’s utilized by more Balancing
Authorities (BAs) and Transmission Providers (TPs) than any other solution. This is
technology you can count on to improve your efficiencies.

After logging into the webTrans system, the User is presented a main page displaying
webTrans. Notices and a top banner of display menu buttons. The number of menu
buttons displayed depends on the various OATI products that the user has subscribed to.
Placing the mouse over each of the Menu buttons will open a list of displays available to
the User.

To navigate to a particular display under a given Menu item, simply place the mouse over
the name of the desired display and click the left mouse button once. Display names will
be highlighted when the mouse is placed over the particular menu item.

The User may open multiple menu items simultaneously by returning "focus" to the main
webTrans page and selecting the next menu item.

Each opened window will have three action controls in the upper right-hand border of the
window to control:

1) Minimize the window (underscore icon),

2) Expand window to full screen (square box icon)
3) Close the window (red X icon).